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I am in the early planning stages of a trip to Ireland for next Spring.
We plan to stay in Dublin for 2-3 nights and then rent a car to tour the countryside. We hope to be in Ireland for 7-8 nights
One of the things we want to do is to stay in a castle and are looking at either Ashford Castle or Dromoland Castle for 2-3 nights
Which castle is better as far as accommodations, activites and closeness to sites?
Also we are not sure what other area to stay for 2-3 nights, Cork?

Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated.
Jun 9, 2012, 3:37am   #2
Peter Bannon
The Merrion in Dublin is great. Great location and a super hotel. The Westbury is also nice but more corporate. The Dylan is retro if thats your thing. I prefer Ashford to Dromoland, the lakes around ashford make the difference for me. If you are visiting the cliffs of moher The Lodge at Doonbeg is not far from there. If you are going to visit Killarney, The Killarney Park hotel is right in the middle of town as is the Ross hotel which are both great hotels.

Happy planning
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