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If ever there were something that’s worthy of the label “fashion person problem,” it’s the difficulty in keeping your American, British, Italian and French currencies separate during the month-long seasonal jaunt through the world’s four flagship Fashion Week’s. (Ok, strictly speaking, there are only three currencies at play here – France and Italy are both on the euro. But, whatever, just go with it. PRETEND. FASHION IS ABOUT FANTASY.) As we begin hurtling toward New York Fashion week at what seems like an ever-increasing rate of speed, the New York Times was kind enough to alert us to this special edition of the Smythson Currency Case, the British company’s two-sided, double-zippered answer to all of your dollars-to-pounds-to-euros-to-more-euros issues.

Even if you don’t do the full, month-long fashion circuit every six months (And who does? Vogue editors? We don’t, and I, for one, couldn’t imagine it.), this travel accessory would make a nice wardrobe addition to a fashion fan in need of organization. Just because it’s called a currency case doesn’t mean that it’s allergic to other slips of paper, naturally. Know an international traveler, fashion-focused or not? This piece would probably make a great carry-on addition for her as well.

Maybe you are doing the fashion month thing, though – since there’s only three currencies between those four cities, how will you use the Paris pocket, since it’s the last on your jaunt? My recommendation, of course, would be for the storage and safe-keeping of all your Laduree receipts. Bring me back a macaron. Buy through Smythson for $357, according to the NYT. (For my part, I can’t find this model on the brand’s site, just the non-city-stamped version for $285.)

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do like them....
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