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Nab Megan Hilty’s Free Endearment bag at 20% Off

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Jul 25, 2012, 3:03pm   #1's Avatar
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Are any of you major Smash fans? I was skeptical of yet another music-centric TV show, but I started watching and fell in love. There is a great plot filled with drama and intrigue happening on top of fantastic voices, one of them which belongs to the talented Megan Hilty. I started off the show thinking that I would really be against the blond bombshell, simply for the fact that she is a little bit of a mean girl in the beginning, but her character has grown on me and in interviews (aka real life), Hilty seems completely down to Earth.

Recently, Megan was spotted in Las Vegas with one hand holding her boyfriend’s hand and the other carrying her Free Endearment Jessica Tote.

You may remember Free Endearment from a giveaway we did with them and singer Shontelle. The aesthetics of their bags are laid-back and cool, easy to wear, and the price is very affordable. But I have better news. The folks at Free Endearment are happy to give PurseBlog readers a little extra perk. Simply add PURSEBLOG20 at checkout and you will get 20% off your Free Endearment purchase. There are quite a few other bags worth a gander, but the Jessica Tote might be my personal favorite because of its laser cut leather. Buy via Free Endearment for $395. [photo credit via CashmanPhoto]

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