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Color is a bit of a tricky proposition for cooler months; brights can feel inappropriate, and as much as I’m a fan of aggressive season-pushing when a piece is amazing and just must be worn immediately, the reality of winter is that even most people who love brights have to embrace darker, more neutral colors, at least for a few months. Fall has spring beat in the texture department, but what’s a color-lover to do?

This year, jewel tones are the way to go. In particular, oxblood was nearly inescapable on the Fall 2012 runways, and it’s a beautiful alternative to more mundane neutrals like brown. It’s richer, more noticeable and combines well with gold hardware, all of which makes burgundy and oxblood ideal for fall handbags. Brands from Louis Vuitton to Madewell have jumped on the bandwagon, and we’ve combed online retailers to find your best bets for fall’s biggest shade. Check out our picks after the jump!

Fendi Small Messenger, $985 via Neiman Marcus

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love the color not liking these bags
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