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Coquelicot 20 57.14%
Orange Brule 15 42.86%
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Apr 10, 2012, 12:44pm   #16
Originally Posted by LaLafashionista
Lynx, I do LOVE both colors, especially the red. I just love red. However, I've had several red bags in different red tones from different brands, BV, Bal, Ferragamo, Chloe, Chanel, LV, and always end up selling them. I sold them ALL. I know lots of ppl say every woman should have a red bag in her handbag collection and red is the new neutral bag, but I guess I just feel so self conscious when carrying one. I keep wanting one and after I got it, I sold it after just a few uses.

I think I will go ahead and get the OB just because I think I will use it more and keep it longer. I still love Coq. though but maybe just on others. I have a feeling that OB is more versatile for my style and clothings.

Thank you again for whoever voted and responded. Much appreciated!
If coquelicot will make you uncomfortable to wear right now, then OB is the best choice. A red bag will always be there for you in the future when you feel that you want to carry one. You really can't go wrong with either color but OB will be difficult to obtain in later years. Can't wait for your reveal!
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