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i understand that small night markets and street markets in obscure places in asia can get away with this but i am curious how mainstream clothing companies and very prominent shops online get away with things like this?

is there some kind of creative freedom clause that allows small companies to use other people's logos as long as you dont try to pass it off as an authentic piece?

for example this is from Obey a very big company with a huge following

or this one from Crooks & Castles

its obvious they are going for Gucci's signature color scheme. does Gucci have any control over that?

and how about these 2 pieces which are both from very popular clothing companies which prominently feature the chanel logo
again maybe considered a satirical piece titled "F*cked"

& the YSL logo incorporating it into a 'satirical' design "You Seem Lost"

i know there is some sort of legal loophole regarding parodies and satire which the above seems to be an example of but anyone know the specifics?
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A lot of lawyers!
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original wakaka
Hmmmm I don't think that's a problem , actually I think it's a great commercial for them ,just like Nike Polo all kinds of brands that branded there logo right on the place that are obivously seen, it's actually a free commercial, although there might be some down falls , but you know what they really care is that people won't forget them , and then after that they'll do what they need to do, just like Apple, Taiwan use to copy a bunch of Apple sofwares roms and stuff in the early years, Apple then didn't care since it's a way to let people know you remember you and then when the people starts to know them they cut the other copycats right away, so I think it's up to them.That's only what I think.
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