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  1. Leather Bracelets OTHER then Kelly Dog and CDC...PICS ONLY!
  2. Collier de Chien (CDC) and Kelly Dog (KD) bracelet PICS ONLY-NO CHAT!!!
  3. The Hardware thread.... PICS ONLY!!!!
  4. The Steve, Jypsiere, Goodnews, Marwari, Double Sens!!! PICS ONLY!!!!!!!
  5. The Silky Pop and Silky City... PICS ONLY!!!
  6. Hermes GM Shawls!!! PICS ONLY!!!!!!
  7. Hermes Ready-To-Wear!!! PICS ONLY!!!!
  8. Hermes Shoes!!! PICS ONLY!!!
  10. PLEASE READ before posting in this section!
  11. Scarves, twillys, pocket squares... PICS ONLY!!!
  12. Cadenas, Jewelry, Charms and Watches.... PICS ONLY!!!
  13. Small Leather Accessories... PICS ONLY!!!
  14. Vintage Style Bags... PICS ONLY!!!
  15. The Constance and Roulis, Kelly Elan, Jige and other clutches... PICS ONLY!!!
  16. The Dalvy, Sac Malette, Sac En Vie, Sac Main..... PICS ONLY!!!
  17. The Whitebus, Drag, Omnibus, Sac a de Peches, Sac Etriviere... PICS ONLY!!!
  18. The Plume and Paris Bombay... PICS ONLY!!!
  19. The Lindy, Kelly Flat, Kelly So and Kelly Sport.. PICS ONLY!!!
  20. The Garden Party, Caravan, Fourre Tout ... PICS ONLY!!!
  21. The Berlingot, Picotin, Victoria, Polochon, Toolbox and Herbag... PICS ONLY!!!
  22. The Bolide.... PICS ONLY!!!
  23. The Evelyne, Trim, Vespa, Farming, Market, Massai and Gao.... PICS ONLY!!!
  24. The Birkin, JPG and HAC... PICS ONLY!
  25. The Kelly and JPG Kelly... PICS ONLY