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  1. Crossbody Comparison: Pillow vs. New Small Messenger
  2. Mona Lisa Smile (Reveal)
  3. Buyer's Remorse
  4. Official bottega veneta chat thread - thread #4
  5. Help with a color??
  6. FYI- New Medium Cabat
  7. Riddle time
  8. Veneta - New Design Coming Soon
  9. New montaigne
  10. Hobo purchase?
  11. Oh Deer, its News2Me, but the girls were bad...
  12. iphone 6, does it fit
  13. Black and blue over this Cervo!
  14. Two amazing finds!
  15. Large Cabat Reveal
  16. My BV Mini Messenger shipped to me like this???
  17. Bottega Veneta Mini Messenger Bag aka Disco Bag Reveal
  18. Tote bag
  19. What is your favorite BV color (neutral/novelty) and treatment?
  20. Do you ever coordinate your BV items with other items in your wardrobe?
  21. BVette SF 2014 Meetup Photos
  22. When will BV on sale
  23. Thinking of getting my first bag!
  24. Build Your Own Bottega
  25. Anyone else with past experiences that mentally affect possible future purchases?
  26. Where is the Cabat?
  27. Bottega Veneta Brera Bag
  28. What is Club Fume Leather?
  29. Veneta in lighter color-color fading issues?
  30. Stalking pays...and I can prove it! (Reveal)
  31. BV announces new fragrance - The Knot
  32. Weight of Large Campana
  33. ...and the sun finally came up...
  34. Cabat prices
  35. Reveal...my bv bracelets and collection :)
  36. What's your criteria for adding a new bag or letting a bag go?
  37. What's the ideal or your top 3 choices of BV bags or accessories to travel with?
  38. Comparison of two new grays please?
  39. Studded Leather Wallet Repair: Before and After!
  40. My first BV💗
  41. An Early Fall Mona Lisa treat from the Melrose Place Boutique
  42. Knot for Daytime, or (k)not?
  43. new drap calf tote
  44. Thursday, July 31st NYT Style Section Bottega Veneta
  45. Bodacious Bottega Reveal
  46. New BV wallet latest season reveal
  47. Reveal : My First BV 💗💗💗
  48. Purchase - advice needed
  49. BV Mini Messenger vs. Chanel WOC
  50. I hit the proverbial consignment store jackpot
  51. How many pillow bags do you have?
  52. Help with appia vs brick
  53. What's the worst...
  54. If you were wondering if the woven cervo hobo got soft and squishy ...
  55. Reveal: New to me Peltro Cabat and Ferro Sloane plus my grey BV collection
  56. BV cross body bag or Celine trio?
  57. A reveal - the one that did not get away
  58. How do you store your BV collection?
  59. My New Pre-Owned
  60. Summer is here...
  61. Finally, long awaited reveal
  62. My new BV wallet
  63. Madras Chiaroscuro advice
  64. Help with deciding
  65. Veneta's material of the inner pocket
  67. Veneta Large Tangerine Orange or Electirique Blue
  68. BV knot has a horrible smell.. What to do?
  69. Latest Pink Purse and my first BV!
  70. Olimpia Bag on the PurseBlog
  71. BV Turnlock Clutch
  72. Official Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2015 Thread: Post pics and Discuss here!
  73. Ban Island
  74. Reveal! My dream combination and family photos!
  75. Help with an old model (Pyramid)
  76. Campana: Medium vs Large
  77. Help with cabat size?
  78. Triple Reveal!
  79. Veneta medium vs larga
  80. Newbie here needs your experience ladies
  81. Chameleon ?
  82. Instant Reveal: My First Ever BV Piece!! Signal Blue
  83. Waiting impatiently for my new Sloane!
  84. Indecisive again! Campana or Veneta?
  85. Signal Blue?
  86. New Medium Gray
  87. Leather Knot?
  88. Newest Addition to My Little BV Family
  89. Sloane owners - some insight please
  90. BV - Nappa Intrecciato Ballerina Shoes / How do they fit and wear?
  91. Need Opinions: Used Pillow Bag Too Worn?
  92. BV summer sale reveal!
  93. After a long time, saw a beauty on Yoogi's 😊
  94. I am a novice to Bottega Veneta. Does anyone have this bag?
  95. New Light Gray...A third Parachute or Small Rete
  96. Which color do you like better for a guy?
  97. Wallet bought on eBay too worn?
  98. Opinions please
  100. Will an Intrecciato Zip-Wallet fit a Passport?
  101. Opinion on mini/medium convertible bag color
  102. New styles on web site
  103. East West Zip Hobo Bag on sale
  104. Nappa, Lampskin, Calf, Washed??
  105. 2014 NorCal BVette meetup
  106. Opinions on Which Style BV Bag?
  107. Question about older and/or vintage BV
  108. BV sale anyone get a new goody
  109. Impromptu mini-meet up
  110. Chartreuse is here!!
  111. original color or faded?
  112. Shoulder Strap Question for Veneta Hobo owners, please....
  113. Reveal - Oldie But Goodie BV :)
  114. A metallic bronze reveal
  115. Bye Bye BV :-(
  116. reveal of more gray & edited collection
  117. The one that got away....
  118. Cervo braided deer skin large in gunmetal
  119. BV leather bracelet stacking - a Carmel boutique reveal
  120. My First Bottega Bag
  121. Opinion on Condition of Bag
  122. large Belly vs Large veneta??
  123. Colorful lil reveal!
  124. New fall colour? Maybe?
  125. Nappa Tote - Need Opinions
  126. New Light Gray Veneta Reveal
  127. New Light Gray Veneta on its way!!!
  128. Official Bottega Veneta Resort/Cruise 2014/2015 Thread: Post Pics and Discuss Here!
  129. Anyone find it hard to maintain their BV?
  130. Feedback on phone case please...
  131. Large crossbody messenger in walnut--too big??
  132. Help deciding on wallet color
  133. Sapphire v. Cobalt
  134. My First BVs (three of them!) and mod pics
  135. Intrecciato nappa drawstring bag
  136. Cabazon SLG treat
  137. Vacation reveal!
  138. Second BV Anniversary
  139. My First BV
  140. Special Event in NYC April 25
  141. Nappa med cabat - training sides and organizer help
  142. Reveal Friday of the exchange I made
  143. Maxi Veneta as baby bag?
  144. Ebano Turnlock Clutch
  145. Parachute - Fraise or Black
  146. Keep or exchange for these bags
  147. New gray coming?
  148. Thoughts on Fume
  149. Vintage Redesign Question
  150. Cosmetic case question for sloane
  151. Veneta for 5' petite: medium or large?
  152. New to the line first purchase avid reveal
  153. Fraise
  154. Keep Nero or return for Walnut?
  155. Mini Messenger Bag
  156. BV knot dilemma
  157. Do you use an organiser in your Sloane?
  158. BV leather drier than usual?
  159. color question?
  160. A sunny reveal: Safran and Tangerine
  161. The BV French Flap Wallet?
  162. Cervo deerskin hobo?
  163. Reveal of crossbody bag
  164. Reservations
  165. adorable bucket
  166. BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato leather cardholder
  167. BV leather woven bracelets. Need help!
  168. Old versus New Ebano
  169. Tangerine question
  170. An old flame in a perfect neutral shade [Instant Reveal]
  171. A Blue-Licious Spring 2014 BV reveal
  172. Spring In Spite of Mother Nature: New Wallet!
  173. What size Sloane please
  174. Light calf
  175. I'm Singing The Blues ...
  176. My new sloane
  177. Does anyone.........?
  178. Mini reveal-- intrecciato napa coin purse
  179. Cervo vs. Washed Cervo?
  180. Reveal or Return?
  181. FIRST BV!! Sloane
  182. BV Fall 2014
  183. Tourmaline
  184. Color choice for cosmetic bag?
  185. Updates, new decisions, help!
  186. Anybody with the new Mini Roma?
  187. My new to me Indigo Large Veneta + small collection pics!!
  188. What is this wallet year style?
  189. Belly Veneta - Does it come with a mirror?
  190. Off White/Light Colored Cervo Leather questions
  191. Cabat reveal... After a long break
  192. Warm and Fuzzy ...
  193. Versatility of stretch knot
  194. Exotic skin long wallet *reveal*
  195. Brique versus Electrique Mini Messenger Bag
  196. questions about selling BV shoes / cleaning out closet
  197. BV bag lover, are you also using a BV wallet?
  198. veneta question
  199. What's the chance of getting a new or like-new metallic Cabat...
  200. Better modeling pix of Maxi Veneta
  201. What BV is tempting you right now?
  202. What material is the continental wallet hardware?
  203. Large veneta or Bella in black
  204. dakar multicoloured washed cervo bag
  205. Bering / Navy Cervo Hobo
  206. Assenzio .....is this color too bright and bold?
  207. my new limited edition sunglasses-
  208. BV Sterling Silver Jewellery, worth it?
  209. Some advise on bv veneta
  210. Electric Blue Cervo Baseball Hobo has landed!!!
  211. Need opinions! which bag do you like best?
  212. Campana question
  213. matita, ardoise, or nero medium belly ?
  214. Reveal - my first BV - ;p
  215. Anemone color assistance please...
  216. Cervo Hobo.....different sizes? Please help
  217. Reveal- preloved veneta
  218. Can anyone help me compare two totes?
  219. My New BV!
  220. Attention BV LOVERS: Who's your second favorite?
  221. How many bags do you guys have?
  222. Reveal- new to me BV
  223. Nero medium veneta old stock
  224. Gray Cervo.
  225. Steel, Shadow, Fume All Seasonal?
  226. Normal wear for veneta?
  227. Anyone know if
  228. Nero medium veneta used older style or new?
  229. Classic Veneta or Vulcana Hobo?
  230. Reasons to buy a bottega veneta
  231. Help a BV newbie
  232. Reveal... My first BV bag
  233. Electric Blue veneta
  234. First bv!
  235. Decisions Decisions...
  236. Decisions Decision...
  237. Prusse?
  238. XMas Gift: What Should I Get?
  239. BV Thrift Shop Find!
  240. So is Brique Seasonal?
  241. Crazy for Quetsche - Another Purple Reveal
  242. Sizing query on cross body bag
  243. Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2014
  244. RED! New Red!
  245. is my new brick too big for me?
  246. Is this vintage?
  247. This year I'm thankful for
  248. Clutch with a color knot ?
  249. Quick reveal...my only BV purchase in 2013
  250. Does this bag have a name?