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  1. Any Saks SA's that will let you use F&F 25% coupon?
  2. Is the Cerf tote/executive tote going up May 1st?
  3. Chanel o-case :)
  4. Recommendation for Bloomingdales Chanel SA
  5. Price & availability of PST in Vancouver?
  6. PST is back as a seasonal item
  7. Chanel SA @ Saks who do gift send
  8. OK, anyone know when the seasonal sales with start?
  9. 1st reveal in Chanel section :)
  10. So there is a trick function in Chanel's official website! [with HK prices in]
  11. Problem ordering from SAKS, anyone had this problem before?
  12. Chanel MINI boy bag?!
  13. Good new. Found another Nordstrom carry Chanel.
  14. Chanel Prefall 2014
  15. Question about Chanel Caviar GHW new series
  16. What is the actual saving when buying a bag in Paris with VAT?
  17. Tips for buying Chanel on Ebay?
  18. Nordstrom return policy
  19. BG NYC tax to Cali?
  20. Jumbo classic flap colour in Vancouver
  21. So Black BOY?
  22. BANGKOK! Anyone familiar with the prices over there?
  23. Refund/exchange policy in Canada
  24. New m/l flap but no authenticy card
  25. Authenticate This CHANEL Read the rules & use format outlined in 1st/2nd posts
  26. Gift send = taxfree?
  27. Chanel Zippy Wallet
  28. Do any Portland Oregon Nordstrom stores carry Chanel!
  29. Price increase in Canada?
  30. Do Chanel stores ship bag or in-store purchase only?
  31. Japan Narita airport - chanel
  32. Does Chanel boutique/dept store ship internationally?
  33. Awful service at chanel boutique. How do I send a complaint?
  34. Preparing for Summer Sales, I have a question!
  35. PLEASE HELP!: Jumbo Classic Flap or Large Chanel Boy
  36. Help purchasing classic flap bag in NYC
  37. Where to buy Chanel in Portland, Oregon.
  38. Reserving bags
  39. Chanel at winners
  40. Ordering Chanel At NM??
  41. Saks Locator/Warehouse Fulfillment!
  42. Eye candy from Chanel's Spring Act 2 Trunk Show in Houston
  43. BG experience-return policy
  44. Turquoise in m/l?
  45. Has anyone seen this bag in person?
  46. Chanel J12 diamond hour
  47. Each customer can only buy the same bag once?
  48. Latest series number
  49. Does Hirshleifer still do Special Orders?
  50. Chanel in Nordstrom, Mall of America
  51. CC handbag quantity limit???
  52. Chanel sizing compared to Valentino - HELP,
  53. Where can I find this phone case please?
  54. Saks $500 gift card?
  55. Saks
  56. Chanel mini in fuchsia
  57. Shoe SA at Bloomingdale's 59th
  58. Fine Jewelry price in Europe vs USA
  59. Beige caviar flap with shw in m/l?
  60. Need Canadian SA that can ship internationally
  61. Need good SA from Saks NYC
  62. Selling Chanel to Fashionphile
  63. SAs
  64. Crazy bag
  65. Dilemma with the Classic Flap!!! Opinions please!
  66. Saks bonus points
  67. Chanel Art....Accessoires Printemps-Ete 2014 Preview
  68. Stupid Mistake - Opinions Please!!
  69. Chanel at TJ Maxx
  70. Chanel Cambon Pink
  71. Where is the best place to sell a Blk Jumbo Caviar flap?
  72. Chanel in London/Italy
  73. Do prices of previous season bags adjust?
  74. Jumbo Classic Flap: Wait list help please!
  75. Colours for Chanel Classic Flap Bags SS14
  76. Shopping for vintage jackets in Paris and London
  77. Black on Black ("So Black") Boy
  78. Returning to saks
  79. Chanel sales in Paris
  80. it's Reveal time! Meet my new Addition!
  81. Runway Jewlery
  82. My experience with Kelli at BG
  83. Room 06
  84. Looking for retailers for chanel Prescription eyewear
  85. I was just wondering what kind if commission do Chanel SA receive?
  86. very bad experience with Chanel Soho
  87. Help! Should I keep a SALE PYTHON flap??
  88. Chanel Boy locator ?
  89. [Help] Anyone faced problems purchasing from Neiman SA Christina Abro
  90. Has anyone been lucky to get a classic bag with a stamp on left C logo?
  91. Please autenticate this chanel boy http://www.subito.it/vi/79215391.htm
  92. Chanel @ Bloomingdales
  93. Uk sales items.
  94. Shopping experience in France
  95. Are Chanel boutiques open on New Year's Day?
  96. Chanel classic flap at Hong Kong airport?
  97. Need help from smart shoppers on where to buy and how to buy to save the most!!!
  98. Chanel in Chicago?
  99. Saks credit card still 10% off Chanel?
  100. Jumbo classic flap in beige with GHW available in Vancouver?
  101. Chanel paris
  102. Prices on the Chanel website!!
  103. Cheaper to buy in Canada or Hong Kong?
  104. 2013 Camellia Rain Boots
  105. Chanel Rain Boots on Sale?
  106. When are which Chanel Collections in Store?
  107. Pre-Owned Chanel on Groupon!?! Interesting...
  108. 14C RED PST with Gold OR Silver Hardware??
  109. Chanel Lottery?
  110. Groupon reserve featuring vintage Chanel bags and jewelry
  111. Heritage auctions
  112. Red Chanel on sale?
  113. !!!!so black jumbo!!!!
  114. pondicherry?
  115. Share your Winter 2013 Sale finds/purchases!!!
  116. Chanel shoes Bergdorf
  117. Help Needed in Purchasing a Classic Jumbo....
  118. Currency Exchange
  119. New Collection
  120. Chanel sale question
  121. Chanel fragrance in boutiques?
  122. Vintage clutch in Barney's catalog
  123. Boston Store
  124. Chanel shopping in Paris
  125. Chanel Costume Necklaces
  126. A nordies SA
  127. Who would buy this??
  128. Sale thread for Fall/Winter 2013 for Chanel
  129. 2013 winter chanel sale and returns
  130. Classic/Quilted WOC vs Brilliant Seasonal WOC?
  131. Chanel/Hermes Chicago TPF meet on Dec. 7
  132. Where to look for older seasons jackets?
  133. chanel holiday wrapping?
  134. Chanel handbags available in NM Houston
  135. Shopping in UK and France
  136. Got Chanel iPad/Computer Case as Gift - Exchange Options?
  137. Buying Chanel, Spain vs US?
  138. Chanel Dubai
  139. Red mini?
  140. Price tag is different than purchased price?!!
  141. NYC Chanel boutiques?
  142. Chanel in Madrid?
  143. question about my special order at hirshleifers
  144. Malleries/buying online - duty, brokerage, handling fees
  145. Genuine serial code ? Help :)
  146. Small leather goods prices?
  147. Wwyd damaged chanel shoe?
  148. Heathrow Question
  149. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE at Nieman Marcus sold me a Chanel WOC over the phone
  150. Chanel at Bloomingdales
  151. Where to buy the bag?
  152. Save on taxes in the US?
  153. A way to purchase from Rue Cambon internationally?
  154. Going to NYC this weekend Recommended Stores/SA's?
  155. SO black jumbo flap found in HK but worth the price?
  156. Get a replacement copy of receipt from Chanel
  157. Authentications with 24 hr turnaround recommendations?
  158. Help! Should I get these espadrilles?
  159. Did your authentic Chanel sunglasses come with a sticker : "100% UV protection"
  160. Chanel wallet - price (HELP)
  161. Where/How do I authenticate Chanel Sunglasses online ?
  162. Chanel Spring/Summer 2014!
  163. VOGUE fashion night out MANCHESTER
  164. Potreste dirmi se originale ?!?grazie!!!
  165. How Important is it to have the Authenticity Card
  166. 31 Rue Cambon boutique Paris
  167. Exchanging Europe purchase in USA
  168. USA: How to aviod sales tax on buying chanel bags?
  169. Chanel Jewellery
  170. Can I return a duty-free item at a regular store?
  171. Bangkok or singapore or hong kong airport?
  172. Vintage Chanel in New York City?
  173. Chanel in Europe
  174. Chanel presale???
  175. when will the Thanks Giving sales start?
  176. Chanel Jewelry
  177. Chanel Fall 13/14
  178. What should i sell???
  179. USA Customs charges when buying a Chanel bag from Canada
  180. is there a Chanel in Copenhagen?
  181. Hawaii Prices
  182. New Chanel boutique in Melbourne
  183. Bad shopping experience with Saks
  184. Which is the best boutique: Cannes, Nice or MC?
  185. Chanel Black Diamond Quilted XL Shopper
  186. Has anyone ever seen a fake bag include a store stamped card ?
  187. First time purchasing Chanel -- from a state with no boutiques/department stores
  188. Surprise gift reveal!
  189. Chanel Price
  190. Authenticating Chanel Ballerinas
  191. Returning Chanel at Bloomingdales
  192. Shipping from Department store
  193. Sales Associate Help!!
  194. CHANEL Rome uncontactable. Any reason?
  195. chanel barcelona email contact
  196. Chanel Sale in Europe
  197. HELP with proving a real chanel
  198. What is the Style and Color Code for this BOY bag??
  199. Chanel boutique phone orders in general
  200. Less than perfect bag received from Hirsh
  201. Short Hills, NJ or King of Prussia, PA: I need Chanel retail therapy
  202. ALERT - stolen images of my chanel bag are being listed by a fraudulent seller!!!
  203. Disapointed w/Hirsch
  204. Chanel Experience at Saks FA
  205. Looking for Chanel Mini Flap + Questions
  206. Do theses places have Chanel?
  207. Authenticate This CHANEL Read the rules & use format outlined in 1st/2nd posts
  208. Bloomingdales Customer Service
  209. bloomingdales return
  210. Special thank to belle and TPF authenticators
  211. chanel premiere watch
  212. Any Chanel in Miami?
  213. Returning a department store phone order.
  214. How much can you fit into a 226 reissue?
  215. When Are Spring 2014 Bags Revealed? Any Pinks?
  216. Canada ladies please help me on this one
  217. Help me find these SS13 RTW pieces!
  218. Need advise for the amount that I pay for the WOC half moon
  219. Chanel Cruise 2014!
  220. Stores that carry Chanel handbags outside of ny?
  221. CHANEL Bond Street 16th July 2013 stock
  222. Fall '13 Mini flaps
  223. How did you first meet your Chanel SA?
  224. Exchanging a jumbo
  225. Aviator sunnies help please!
  226. in dilemma..plz help
  227. Classic Jumbo out in stock in London?!
  228. New(ish) to Chanel, and of course, the bag I want isn't available in the US!
  229. Chanel in Munich
  230. Can department stores do charge sends?
  231. Europe prices country to country?
  232. Need a great SA in Wahington DC
  233. Chanel Swarovski Stud Earrings
  234. Is thenewburystreet.com consignment shut down?
  235. The World Globe - Clear is not being produced
  236. chanel vintage backpack
  237. Is there Chanel boutique in Gold Coast?
  238. Where buy Chanel premiere watch from?
  239. Where to buy Chanel? US, Tokyo or hongkong??
  240. Chanel Boy WOC
  241. Showcase of chanel 2013 s/s sale eye candies
  242. WOC insights?
  243. A question about the Chanel credit note
  244. Help with Tote, Going to be in Boston and NYC Areas Next Week
  245. Where to buy vintage Chanel
  247. Chanel in San Francisco?
  248. June 2013 SALE
  249. Having trouble contacting BG SA
  250. Where to buy Chanel in the US