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  1. Buying from Malleries Seller TBQ International
  2. Buying Preowned Chanel from Japan or Other Countries
  3. Please Help me Find a Chanel WOC Black Caviar Silver HW (Quilted)
  4. Help on item @ EBay
  5. Please help me authenticate this medium flap bag
  6. Are petite shopping totes still available?
  7. SPRING 2015 | Act 1
  8. Chanel outlet miami?
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  11. Disgusted with Chanel Service
  12. Trying to buy my first Chanel
  13. SA dubai
  14. First Chanel - Black or Light Pink?
  15. What is the best deal you ever got on a Chanel item?
  16. Post your Chanel Bargains Here!
  17. Chanel on Bluefly
  18. Gold Boutique stickers
  19. NYC - where to find widest selection of Chanel eyewear?
  20. Made in Italy?
  21. Le Boy in SPAIN
  22. Cruise 2015 Backpacks
  23. Gift card from boutique - can I use at leased locations in dept stores?
  24. One Seller many of the same type of bag
  25. chanel flats increasing prices tomorrow
  26. help please! Chanel classic double flap caviar
  27. Anyone heard of this reseller in Phillipines?
  28. Chanel on Piperlime
  29. Is anyone familiar with a Chanel calfskin burled wood tote?
  30. Chase Freedom Card 5% Cash Back offer
  31. Want to Purchase a Chanel Jumbo from a Department Store
  32. GREY small boy
  33. BG or Paris?
  34. My jumbo from BG came with wrong authencity card. What should I do?
  35. Help! Card verification issues buying at saks from Aussie!
  36. Need help with international purchase (Italy) DRAMA please
  37. Has anyone ordered from Bergdorf Goodman?
  38. Camellia Sneaker....
  39. Where to get the fancy app they use in stores???
  40. Purchasing Chanel in Europe questions
  41. Can I return Chanel to any Bloomingdales?
  42. Chanel in Honolulu
  43. Authenticating 16 series and beyond
  44. Rue Cambon Chanel store selling fake?
  45. SA in Amsterdam boutique
  46. Chanel Cuff Purchase
  47. Bag Spa sending away for authentication?
  48. Come See Las Vegas' Newest Chanel Location!
  49. SA etiquette
  50. NM 2 Day Gift Card Event: Chanel Included!
  51. Chanel Cruise 2015!
  52. behind the scenes - SA's and highly coveted / low stock handbags
  53. Chain Around Maxi-still available?
  54. Is it easy to buy a Chanel Boy in USA or Canada?
  55. Is Etinceler a trusted resource by the tPFers?
  56. Burgundy Colored Wallet??
  57. SAs and purchasing from other stores?
  58. "in the Business Flap" Question
  59. Shipping from Saks to Canada
  60. king of prussia chanel shoppers
  61. Chanel boutique at Charles de Gaulle airport?
  62. Beyond frustrated with customer service!
  63. Exchanging a jumbo bought before increase?
  64. Careful with these jumbo flaps!
  65. My first Chanel reveal- conflicted
  66. Need USA SA that emails
  67. Can someone recommend me an SA from BG?
  68. Bloomingdales Texas tax
  69. Chanel in Zurich
  70. Beware! Our Designer Brands? Fraudulent Website?
  71. Chanel Velvet bag Collection for Fall
  72. Forever_luxe (Siam brandname)
  73. BEWARE Fake Chanel at Remix Clothing consingment store in Toronto/Montreal in Canada
  74. Chanel CC Crown Tote or Soft Elegance
  75. Chanel in Amsterdam
  76. Please help me find black and white leather Chanel espadrilles size 37
  77. Packaging: Do you always get ribbon and camellia?
  78. Chanel Netherlands
  79. Weirdest Chanel Experience EVER!
  80. Do chanel boutiques/department stores authenticate bags?
  81. Fall ACT I @ Hishleifers
  82. CHANEL Espadrilles??
  83. Pre-ordered Hirshleifers Classics for still expecting and delivered
  84. Chanel store credit in Holts only?
  85. please help...
  86. Chanel in Dubai
  87. Anyone been to the Chanel store in Athens lately?
  88. Reseller? Ebay? Where would you sell your preloved chanel?
  89. In-Person Chanel Authenticators? In Los Angeles?
  90. New season fall/winter
  91. Please help me to identify this bag
  92. Timeless CC Soft Tote has Crease!
  93. Shopping Advice?
  94. Chanel at Bloomingdales New york worst customer service small rant!!!
  95. Chanel Backpacks(not graffiti)
  96. Saks summer shoe sale
  97. Hallo dear experts. Do you think this is the real thing?
  98. Red Mini Color Code?
  99. Stock in Paris?
  100. SA Las Vegas
  101. 2014 Chanel Spring Sale and Returns Intel
  102. Help! Chanel return
  103. Exchange policy in France
  104. Sunglasses Help Please ?
  105. Looking for a SA
  106. Bidding Chanel Sayonara
  107. Chanel Chain Around Maxi
  108. Did a Portobello flap bag(without tweed details on the side) exist?
  109. Pricematch?
  110. CHANEL Toronto - Yorkville
  111. HELP! Medallion stud earrings
  112. Chanel London
  113. No transfer between stores policy?
  114. Saks NYC contact
  115. Blk classic WOC quilted GHW
  116. Newbie to Chanel HERE!!!
  117. Chanel opening another store in Heathrow
  118. ISO: Please help me FIND!
  119. chanel quality control department
  120. Pre-fall chain around messenger mini
  121. anyone got chanel espdarilles please....
  122. Ship to the US from Paris/ Milan?
  123. Chanel Special Store Ribbon & Camellias
  124. Bright orange classic flap in lambskin or caviar?
  125. Any Saks SA's that will let you use F&F 25% coupon?
  126. Is the Cerf tote/executive tote going up May 1st?
  127. Chanel o-case :)
  128. Price & availability of PST in Vancouver?
  129. PST is back as a seasonal item
  130. Chanel SA @ Saks who do gift send
  131. 1st reveal in Chanel section :)
  132. So there is a trick function in Chanel's official website! [with HK prices in]
  133. Problem ordering from SAKS, anyone had this problem before?
  134. Chanel MINI boy bag?!
  135. Good new. Found another Nordstrom carry Chanel.
  136. Chanel Prefall 2014
  137. Question about Chanel Caviar GHW new series
  138. Tips for buying Chanel on Ebay?
  139. Nordstrom return policy
  140. BG NYC tax to Cali?
  141. Jumbo classic flap colour in Vancouver
  142. So Black BOY?
  143. BANGKOK! Anyone familiar with the prices over there?
  144. Refund/exchange policy in Canada
  145. New m/l flap but no authenticy card
  146. Authenticate This CHANEL Read the rules & use format outlined in 1st/2nd posts
  147. Gift send = taxfree?
  148. Chanel Zippy Wallet
  149. Do any Portland Oregon Nordstrom stores carry Chanel!
  150. Price increase in Canada?
  151. Do Chanel stores ship bag or in-store purchase only?
  152. Japan Narita airport - chanel
  153. Does Chanel boutique/dept store ship internationally?
  154. Awful service at chanel boutique. How do I send a complaint?
  155. Preparing for Summer Sales, I have a question!
  156. PLEASE HELP!: Jumbo Classic Flap or Large Chanel Boy
  157. Help purchasing classic flap bag in NYC
  158. Where to buy Chanel in Portland, Oregon.
  159. Reserving bags
  160. Chanel at winners
  161. Ordering Chanel At NM??
  162. Saks Locator/Warehouse Fulfillment!
  163. Eye candy from Chanel's Spring Act 2 Trunk Show in Houston
  164. BG experience-return policy
  165. Turquoise in m/l?
  166. Chanel J12 diamond hour
  167. Each customer can only buy the same bag once?
  168. Latest series number
  169. Does Hirshleifer still do Special Orders?
  170. Chanel in Nordstrom, Mall of America
  171. CC handbag quantity limit???
  172. Chanel sizing compared to Valentino - HELP,
  173. Where can I find this phone case please?
  174. Saks $500 gift card?
  175. Saks
  176. Chanel mini in fuchsia
  177. Shoe SA at Bloomingdale's 59th
  178. Fine Jewelry price in Europe vs USA
  179. Beige caviar flap with shw in m/l?
  180. Need Canadian SA that can ship internationally
  181. Need good SA from Saks NYC
  182. Selling Chanel to Fashionphile
  183. SAs
  184. Crazy bag
  185. Dilemma with the Classic Flap!!! Opinions please!
  186. Saks bonus points
  187. Chanel Art....Accessoires Printemps-Ete 2014 Preview
  188. Stupid Mistake - Opinions Please!!
  189. Chanel at TJ Maxx
  190. Chanel Cambon Pink
  191. Where is the best place to sell a Blk Jumbo Caviar flap?
  192. Chanel in London/Italy
  193. Do prices of previous season bags adjust?
  194. Jumbo Classic Flap: Wait list help please!
  195. Colours for Chanel Classic Flap Bags SS14
  196. Shopping for vintage jackets in Paris and London
  197. Black on Black ("So Black") Boy
  198. Returning to saks
  199. Chanel sales in Paris
  200. it's Reveal time! Meet my new Addition!
  201. Runway Jewlery
  202. My experience with Kelli at BG
  203. Room 06
  204. Looking for retailers for chanel Prescription eyewear
  205. I was just wondering what kind if commission do Chanel SA receive?
  206. very bad experience with Chanel Soho
  207. Help! Should I keep a SALE PYTHON flap??
  208. Chanel Boy locator ?
  209. [Help] Anyone faced problems purchasing from Neiman SA Christina Abro
  210. Has anyone been lucky to get a classic bag with a stamp on left C logo?
  211. Please autenticate this chanel boy http://www.subito.it/vi/79215391.htm
  212. Chanel @ Bloomingdales
  213. Uk sales items.
  214. Shopping experience in France
  215. Are Chanel boutiques open on New Year's Day?
  216. Chanel classic flap at Hong Kong airport?
  217. Chanel in Chicago?
  218. Saks credit card still 10% off Chanel?
  219. Jumbo classic flap in beige with GHW available in Vancouver?
  220. Chanel paris
  221. Prices on the Chanel website!!
  222. Cheaper to buy in Canada or Hong Kong?
  223. 2013 Camellia Rain Boots
  224. Chanel Rain Boots on Sale?
  225. When are which Chanel Collections in Store?
  226. Pre-Owned Chanel on Groupon!?! Interesting...
  227. 14C RED PST with Gold OR Silver Hardware??
  228. Chanel Lottery?
  229. Groupon reserve featuring vintage Chanel bags and jewelry
  230. Heritage auctions
  231. Red Chanel on sale?
  232. !!!!so black jumbo!!!!
  233. pondicherry?
  234. Share your Winter 2013 Sale finds/purchases!!!
  235. Chanel shoes Bergdorf
  236. Help Needed in Purchasing a Classic Jumbo....
  237. Currency Exchange
  238. New Collection
  239. Chanel sale question
  240. Chanel fragrance in boutiques?
  241. Vintage clutch in Barney's catalog
  242. Boston Store
  243. Chanel shopping in Paris
  244. Chanel Costume Necklaces
  245. A nordies SA
  246. Who would buy this??
  247. Sale thread for Fall/Winter 2013 for Chanel
  248. 2013 winter chanel sale and returns
  249. Classic/Quilted WOC vs Brilliant Seasonal WOC?
  250. Chanel/Hermes Chicago TPF meet on Dec. 7