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  15. Supreme Court Rules for eBay Seller in First Sale Case -- By Kenneth Corbin
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  34. Delivered - buyer files INR
  35. Sometimes ya just gotta laugh!
  36. I feel like crying.. please help
  37. Anyone in Australia willing to help?
  38. Has anyone had any experiences not receiving their items?
  39. Slow/non payer risk of negative feedback?
  40. Ebay bucks ... question
  41. eBay Etiquette - final bidder cancels offer and earlier bidder wins
  42. Shipped by buyer now NARU?
  43. Torn on what to do- item not as described
  44. Fighting back against the soft positive
  45. Poorly pictured item take a chance?
  46. buyer return item saying it's fake
  47. Ugh PayPal frustration!
  48. Is anyone else having terrible problems with the USPS, or is it only me?
  49. Sold a fake then offering partial refund
  50. Keep or return?
  51. Returned item for refund
  52. Bonanza Undergoing Service
  53. Is it against ebay policy to include a picture of a celebrity using your item?
  54. Burberry Bag Returned to Wrong Address
  55. Question about tax, duty ...when the bag ship from UK to US?
  56. Sellers Who Charge Sales Tax Without Disclosing
  57. Should I go through with this transaction
  58. Changing paypal verified address- scam?
  59. Ebay thinks genuine bag is fake
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  61. Damaged Item - Fed Ex Claim
  62. Tracking says item delivered but buyer states not delivered to her-USPS
  63. Delivery status not updated?
  64. What to do with 0 feedback buyer?
  65. seller with poor communitcation
  66. First Purchase on eBay, Minor Defects Not Disclosed
  67. Is this shady? All Star Ebay Seller had a "supplier" for discount Yurman
  68. EMS Shipping-Changed my address in ebay an paypal
  69. If a buyer on ebay has one feedback ONLY would you sell a Chanel to them?
  70. Anyone know about counterfeit DVDs on eBay?
  71. HELP PLEASE! someone took my photos and used them on ebay!
  72. What's your reaction?
  73. Help I'm being scammed! Any tips?
  74. USPS tracking not updating and INR So far
  75. This buyer's feedback history makes me sick!!
  76. Heads Up - USPS Change in Tracking FCI
  77. PayPal Holding payment due to investigation!?
  78. Any FOOLPROOF way to avoid INR?
  79. Would it be rude if I......
  80. Customs problem
  81. Newbie opened INR case because they don't understand USPS tracking?
  82. MODS: PLEASE REMOVE (Resolved Case)
  83. Has anybody received email from PP stating that they are extending buyer protection
  84. Feedback Question
  85. High Maintenance Buyer and her Unrealistic Demands
  86. Ebay Buyers who leave Negative Or a Neutral Feedback for no reason or to extort
  87. Since when did Cartier bracelets come "plated?"
  88. need IMMEDIATE advice, thanks!
  89. Help! Bag successfully delivered but buyer claims she haven't received it and opened
  90. Copycat Ebay ID?
  91. WEIRD eBay text messages
  92. EBay ID Change
  93. Another nightmare buyer.
  94. Buyer issues chargeback stating "purchase unauthorized" did I do right steps?
  95. Express Mail No Delivery After 2.5 Months What Now?
  96. Oh eBay!!!
  97. Help- new ebayer!
  98. Postage due - buyer refused package?
  99. WOW! I wasn't going to vent but now I MUST! Seller;s nightmare
  100. Confused with PayPal transaction. HELP!!
  101. Global Shipping...WTH
  102. need some advice
  103. Buyer received item 2 days ago but is now claiming mild damage - how to handle?
  104. AuthenticateFirst?
  105. Changes to description/pics after someone bids
  106. Purse had wristlet inside
  107. Three well deserved strikes.
  108. Need help asap pleasey
  109. Should I buy the bag even if the seller has accused me of being 'not interested'
  110. Is it safe?
  111. Neutral Feedback?
  112. asking for chanel serial number
  113. Advice about removing negative feedback
  114. Datecode delimma
  115. Your Opinion on "Receipts"
  116. Ooops
  117. Ebay - using other sellers pictures
  118. Help
  119. More security woes keep eBay on edge
  120. Seller agreed to a return, do i need to contact ebay?
  121. A seller who won't send info or merchandise
  122. Selling with eBay
  123. Toolhaus users....have you seen this message before?
  124. Writing a good return policy
  125. What is the purpose of setting a low starting price
  126. Bonanza Seller Keeps Listing up For YouTube Hits??
  127. Contacting ebay seller... How to?
  128. SOS!!! Battling with an aweful buyer on eBay!!!
  129. Import Charges from US to UK ?
  130. Negative feedback successfully removed!
  131. When to escalate? International INR
  132. Ebay Software Glitches
  133. Need help with INAD case
  134. How do seller send me a new invoice?
  135. Seller states that she thinking of pulling item
  136. Buyer goes MIA! Help!
  137. Buyer has such horrible history I don't want to ship!
  138. Ebay users change your passwords!
  139. Buyer trying to force return- damaged item
  140. Seller sold bag I bought to someone else
  141. UK eBay BIN with immediate payment only available for PayPal premium or
  142. HELP!! EBAY SCAM??!! Chanel Necklace
  143. Seller not communicating for promised refund
  144. insurance on bag being sent for repair
  145. Buyer using my photos to resell
  146. Chanel flap bag
  147. leaving undeserved positive FB?
  148. Signed for package and said it did not arrive
  149. Question on why certain sellers from Japan is so "cheap"
  150. buyer claiming item i sold is fake
  151. Help! Buyer wants to return for change of mind
  152. Won a Buy It Now but seller wants to cancel
  153. Item not received
  154. What to do
  155. Trading Websites
  156. Seller using someone else's photos
  157. Needing A Well Deserved Break From Ebay
  158. Opinions please, is buyer trying to exploit SNAD?
  159. Before I do this, am I ok? RE Craigslist
  160. Stealing text from description
  161. Fakes and Counterfeit EVERYTHING :(
  162. Possible duties (Canada)? if Parcel shipped from UK
  163. Ebay Question
  164. Thoughts on eBay's 5/15 Insertion Fee Announcement
  165. seller using different shipping method than profile
  166. Buyer claims Celine trapeze is fake. Please help!
  167. Advice Please Regarding Dishonest Seller
  168. Netural Feedback left by seller yet no contact made :(
  169. Please help! Newly registered ebayer and a large purchase!!!
  170. Going on vacation... store advice.
  171. Seller not shipping the item?
  172. Need advice, package to Australia stuck in Customs
  173. Search manipulation?
  174. can you tell how long auction was after the fact?
  175. question on bay purchase
  176. eBucks Deadline Today
  177. Selling my LV's on EBay?
  178. Chargeback
  179. What in the world has happened to Bonanza?!
  180. return/return address Q
  181. Bought fake, need to return. Seller asked not to open ebay case
  182. Panicking
  183. Worth the risk?
  184. Links in authentication threads
  185. Ebay Seller: Reference-Shop
  186. Declined Offer Item Stuck on Buying Item List
  187. Tradesy update?
  188. Getting bid happy?
  189. Need your advice ~ eBay seller wants me to pay through paypal
  190. Custom and Duty Fees!
  191. Please Help With Opinions for $20K+ Bags...thank you!
  192. So I made the mistake of leaving a buyer feedback before I knew they were hap...
  193. Item received with postage due
  194. Help? Purchasing Pre-Loved Items with International Shipping
  195. Just a quick paypal/ebay question
  196. Wrong packaging, right item
  197. What To Do In This Situation?
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  199. Ebay: Buyer Exploiting SNAD/Buyer Protection for Return
  200. The Fashion Bin consignment store/website
  201. A zero feedback just registered ebay buyer bought my LV bag, what should I do?
  202. What feedback would you leave?
  203. Buy It Now Option
  204. eBay INAD case with seller ertc-japan179
  205. Unclaimed in Paypal
  206. buyer wants to pay with her boyfriends paypal?
  207. Help with shipping costs
  208. Feeling irritated tonight- eBay related.
  209. Comme Des Garcons PLAY Tees
  210. Signature requires. Thoughts?
  211. Ebay horror story
  212. Unable to purchase insurance on private sale
  213. Hermes Birkin SNAD Seller Offers Refund, Keeps Bag and $$$ HELP!!
  214. New Ebay scam - be VERY CAREFUL
  215. Help! Package stuck in customs and then shipped to another state!
  216. Offer from Russia?
  217. Experiences with Ebay seller standingpoint ?
  218. Skrill payment. Seller ONLY wants payment by Skrill. Am i covered?
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  220. Neutral feedback or ding stars?
  221. Need Input on my Concerns Regarding Unresponsive Seller
  222. Bought a Starbucks giftcard from eBay and Starbucks closed my card
  223. What are your expectations from sellers?
  224. help...NWOT looks like used
  225. Possibly getting scammed
  226. Seller has not "Received" Item I returned.
  227. Is this listing dodgy so they can switch the item?
  228. EBay is Again Changing Return Box Text - Seller Pressure Makes EBay
  229. how to get a refund from paypal for the purchase of fake Hermès accessories
  230. APO/FPO Address: Buyer Wants My 2k CHANEL
  231. If you're buying used on ebay...
  232. Stolen Photos and NO WAY TO REPORT
  233. Paypal available and pending balance
  234. Tiffany open heart bracelet. Help needed!
  235. Buyer Returns Even Though You Don't Accept Returns
  236. Used wrong account in Paypal. help please!
  237. please help! this is my first SNAD.
  238. Ebay Seller Brandoff Sent Me Wrong Item - What do I do now? Help!!
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  240. No comment...
  241. Darn it!! It's a fake
  242. I cant catch a break!!!!! :(
  243. Scamming buyer?
  244. How to list condition of shoes?
  245. There is NO JUSTICE at PayPal or eBay
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  250. Global Shipping FYI