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  1. Just a quick paypal/ebay question
  2. Wrong packaging, right item
  3. What To Do In This Situation?
  4. What happened to evalueville?
  5. Ebay: Buyer Exploiting SNAD/Buyer Protection for Return
  6. The Fashion Bin consignment store/website
  7. A zero feedback just registered ebay buyer bought my LV bag, what should I do?
  8. What feedback would you leave?
  9. Buy It Now Option
  10. eBay INAD case with seller ertc-japan179
  11. Unclaimed in Paypal
  12. buyer wants to pay with her boyfriends paypal?
  13. Help with shipping costs
  14. Feeling irritated tonight- eBay related.
  15. Comme Des Garcons PLAY Tees
  16. Signature requires. Thoughts?
  17. Ebay horror story
  18. Unable to purchase insurance on private sale
  19. Hermes Birkin SNAD Seller Offers Refund, Keeps Bag and $$$ HELP!!
  20. New Ebay scam - be VERY CAREFUL
  21. Help! Package stuck in customs and then shipped to another state!
  22. Offer from Russia?
  23. Experiences with Ebay seller standingpoint ?
  24. Skrill payment. Seller ONLY wants payment by Skrill. Am i covered?
  25. Bag squished in box - what to do?
  26. Neutral feedback or ding stars?
  27. Need Input on my Concerns Regarding Unresponsive Seller
  28. Bought a Starbucks giftcard from eBay and Starbucks closed my card
  29. What are your expectations from sellers?
  30. help...NWOT looks like used
  31. Possibly getting scammed
  32. Seller has not "Received" Item I returned.
  33. Is this listing dodgy so they can switch the item?
  34. EBay is Again Changing Return Box Text - Seller Pressure Makes EBay
  35. how to get a refund from paypal for the purchase of fake Hermès accessories
  36. APO/FPO Address: Buyer Wants My 2k CHANEL
  37. If you're buying used on ebay...
  38. Stolen Photos and NO WAY TO REPORT
  39. Paypal available and pending balance
  40. Tiffany open heart bracelet. Help needed!
  41. Buyer Returns Even Though You Don't Accept Returns
  42. Used wrong account in Paypal. help please!
  43. please help! this is my first SNAD.
  44. Ebay Seller Brandoff Sent Me Wrong Item - What do I do now? Help!!
  45. Ebay Bucks and 10% Coupon
  46. No comment...
  47. Darn it!! It's a fake
  48. I cant catch a break!!!!! :(
  49. Scamming buyer?
  50. How to list condition of shoes?
  51. There is NO JUSTICE at PayPal or eBay
  52. Sellers beware: eBay overriding no-return policies
  53. ebay seller's source of inventory?
  54. Returning an item to Japan
  55. Seller won't ship paid item
  56. Global Shipping FYI
  57. Has anyone shipped to Qatar? Is it a risky place to ship luxury goods to?
  58. Ebay Stresses me out BUYERS REMORSE... Help!?
  59. Refund not showing
  60. Re-listing Unpaid Items on bonanza?
  61. New ebayer with odd history bought my bag..now I am nervous. What to do?
  62. Poshmark buyer needs assistance
  63. PayPal Policy Updates
  64. Italia 1969?
  65. deciding how much to offer on BIN or BW?
  66. Sellers what would you do?
  67. DSR scoring no longer to be "anonymous"
  68. Oh my. eBay suspends well known re-seller
  69. Anyone from Portugal?? Auction shipping Question
  70. wait until end of sale to make lower offer on BO item?
  71. I think I spotted a shill bidder!
  72. Reserve pricing with BIN Question
  73. could this be a scam?
  74. Cannot believe these sellers
  75. Buyers Remorse or SNAD?
  76. Need some tips on listing new Chanel bag
  77. Agree to cancellation?
  78. How to re list an item as BIN without upsetting offers made when it was a BIN BO
  79. UK buyer refusing to pay VAT
  80. Caught in the ugliest PayPal dispute...totally lost :'(
  81. Shipping from USA to Singapore. Help
  82. eBay resolution question... HELP!
  83. No change of status since 3/14
  84. please help me with the most complicated situation ever! need help! is this a scam?
  85. USPS Mail Carrier threw away thousands pieces of mail
  86. Condition disputes
  87. Are we allowed to ask here if a seller is reputable?
  88. Paypal new policy for snad items..
  89. Make sure your professional authentication service knows the brand
  90. Return policy
  91. Red flags or did I jump the gun?
  92. eBay Buyer Damaged My Bag...
  93. Return Shipping Costs?
  94. SNAD Ebay Purchase Return W/O Opening A Case. Please Advise!
  95. negative ebay experience- need advice on how to handle this!
  96. Item says delivered but buyer opened case :(
  97. Ebay non-action on reported item
  98. Etiquette question: Making an offer after an auction ends
  99. Paypal & Sig Confirmation - is this covered?
  100. What is the best way to ship from Ireland to US
  101. eBay Changes DSRs in Spring Seller Update
  102. How to ship designer bags?
  103. CC chargeback question...HELP!
  104. Buyer making up issues to return
  105. How to Find the BO Price Accepted
  106. Shipping to Denmark?
  107. *sigh* I knew she was going to cause a problem
  108. Is there ever an instance when eBay would decide in favor of the seller?
  109. Newbie Seller Question
  110. Request to cancel
  111. a lot of un-cautious people on Ebay
  112. Question on preventing fraudulent-buyer-fake-bag-returns : "Returns Security Device"?
  113. How long to give a seller to respond?
  114. Disappointed with eBay purchase. What would you do?
  115. Backhanded-compliment feedback for non-payer?
  116. Opened case on Ebay, have to ship counterfeit purse back to buyer?
  117. Authentication sites
  118. I'm so frustrated SOS for USPS International express
  119. Average time listed?
  120. have they changed the time format??
  121. Another Reason to NOT use eBay
  122. What to do if someone just sends you something?
  123. Refund help
  124. Package that has gone MIA
  125. What does it take for Non-Paying Bidders to get banned?
  126. Help with a seller.....
  127. cancel transaction?
  128. Help! Questions about selling chanel bag
  129. re: member filed a claim on PayPal
  130. My authentic ebay item taken down due to infringement!!!
  131. Ebay automatic bidding vs sniping service?
  132. A member here has opened a false claim against me. Help!
  133. Purchased from consignment store... Help?
  134. Signature Required?
  135. have you ever or would you ever do a trade on Bonanza or ebay?
  136. Kind of random, but
  137. Ebay response-no hope for sellers
  138. Why offer so many sellers from UK only UK shipping?
  139. What if you are selling on both Ebay and Bonanza....
  140. HELP with eBay resolution.. Please? :(
  141. Should i sell to her
  142. Bad Luck With USPS Lately.....
  143. What to do when an item appears to be lost in the mail?
  144. USPS Not Updating My Returned Package Status - Worried :(
  145. Advice...
  146. do you sell bags that are not in great condition?
  147. I am so worried! Seller question..
  148. Package left at post office - can someone else pick up
  149. Advice Needed
  150. Is it safe?
  151. Why do buyers ignore the Best Offer system?
  152. Duties from Indonesia to US
  153. Buyer complaining about shipping
  154. Accidental bid! Unpaid item case opened.
  155. Item not entirely as described...please help!
  156. Am I being picky? condition of ebay item
  157. Should I trust this auction
  158. How Long Should I Wait for Seller to Ship?
  159. Duties on items made in Canada from the USA
  160. Trying to avoid a SNAD claim...
  161. I think I have just been flipped! LOL!
  162. Need a quick gut check
  163. Anyone know a large True Religion jeans retailer/seller on ebay?
  164. Buying from Hongkong?
  165. Why is $ symbol not darkened?
  166. Does it look suspicious?
  167. What happens if buyer backs out?
  168. Question about USPS Tracking/Signature Confirmation
  169. Made an Offer and Seller Closes the Listing
  170. Advice needed re: PP and refund to buyer
  171. 100% authentic question
  172. Advice Needed - Package Says Delivered, Buyer Says They Did Not Receive It
  173. Sold MK bag - winning bidder not responding to emails
  174. Won auction but buyer re listed my item??
  175. Are there fake clothes on eBay?
  176. Advice needed--SNAD, partial, something else?
  177. bought bag and seller says already sold it.
  178. Haven't received item...when should I file INR?
  179. Ebay seller shelcyluxstore - experience?
  180. Please advise. Buyer just opened a case over two months after purchase.
  181. So upset! ebay buyers beware of...
  182. Reserve price?
  183. Just browsing and came across this "ideal present for Grandma"
  184. Opened Case - Finally offered Return for Refund - Now what?
  185. Tags to put on bags when selling?
  186. Case closed but money still being held!
  187. How to look up seller history
  188. Question about auction picture
  189. It finally happened, my first INR as a selller
  190. SE Pennsylvania Sellers in the Dark
  191. Craiglist Purchase
  192. 3d party authentification
  193. Bought a fake LV - seller won't take it back:(
  194. Received a different item than listing
  195. Any tPFers in Armenia? Help needed w/post office re: thief buyer!
  196. Not sure what to do
  197. Big rant sold a bag and two minutes after the buyer is having issues~
  198. Help with Balenciaga SNAD
  199. Sold an item on eBay and buyer claimed it's fake. Please advice
  200. Selling on Ebay- Buyer Wants Refund
  201. Can't see item info under buyers feedback?
  202. I can't list anything for sale on eBay...
  203. Same seller multiple ebay accounts
  204. This buyer has some nerve
  205. Bidder asking to cancel bid - need advice
  206. Have to return purchase to Japan and seller tells me to mark gift??
  207. Feedback Question
  208. Yet ANOTHER change on eBay
  209. Misleading item bought on Ebay…what should I do?
  210. would you buy from seller with only one feedback?
  211. Invoice question, please help
  212. Need Advice (Postage Due)
  213. Best Offer
  214. When Ebay removes your negative feedback
  215. Winning Bidder Possibly Circumventing Blocked Bidder List
  216. Question: change shipping location when item is already listed
  217. Questionable seller?
  218. 5 days from end of auction item has 60 bids
  219. Question re: insurance and signature requirement
  220. can someone PLEASE tell me why my listings show up dead last on every search result??
  221. Should I or shouldn't I?
  222. Is this a scam (offering a buy it now)
  223. First Time Seller Questions - Shipping, Scammers, etc.
  224. Scammer is back : GooGoo4GaGa on bonz
  225. Does USPS Priority Mail Express International include Signature Confirmation?
  226. Ques on Delivery of Package item I sold/
  227. seller relisted item i have won
  228. Importing a horn scarf ring
  229. How can a seller have 100% fb with 3 negs?
  230. all of my WATCH items have disappeared! anyone else??
  231. RANT: Is Evilbay Returning At An All-Time HIGH??!! Or Is It Just Me???
  232. Appalled at Ebay + PP buyer protection! International buyers check ur user agreements
  233. How risky is it to sell an unopened Chanel skin creme on ebay?
  234. FedEx declare value?
  235. What to do if seller gives you a slightly different return address
  236. Vinted scammer! SAD!
  237. Ebay purchase worried feelings
  238. $1700 bag purchase, seller is MIA, bag not shipped and PP says I need to call her?
  239. Ebay
  240. Do I have a case for an SNAD?
  241. First Ebay purchase - found something that worries me
  242. When it rains is pours! - just need to vent.
  243. PayPal confirmed address did me no good as a seller
  244. Requesting Tracking Number
  245. Feedback help
  246. Just sold a Chanel bag on Ebay - what are the best next steps?
  247. How is this possible??
  248. FedEx lost my package- how do I make it right w/my buyer
  249. Ebay RANT!!!
  250. Buyer says her "buy it now" was a mistake. What to do?