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  1. Gucci Mirror Sandals
  2. My new Lanvin Mary Jane heels!!!
  3. chloe patent criss-cross sandals
  4. Traveling to Europe (going to be walking ALOT).Which shoes should I take with me?
  5. Where to buy Bloch ballet flats?
  6. Should I Get The Vp Paillettes??!!
  7. Shoe stretching -- are there any materials that SHOULDN'T be stretched?
  8. Tips/Tricks to avoid pain from wearing your fav. High heels
  9. Designer flip-flops - is it ridiculous?
  10. PT says no more sandals!! But my wardrobe consists of skirts and sun-dresses!
  11. how does sizing run on LV shoes
  12. would you wear these chanels?
  13. Your reason for wearing heels?
  14. Seeking Comfort in the Power Heel *WSJ article*
  15. Advice on Low Heel Shoes
  16. I am in LOVE! Jessica Simpson Ceasar Wedge/Heels <3
  17. My new babies :)
  18. Can you tell when shoes are high end?
  19. Putting new insoles in classic Uggs
  20. Bridal Designer Kitten Heels??
  21. Tory Burch boots on ebay - broken zipper..
  22. I guess pointy shoes and me do not mix
  23. Chanels vs. Lanvins, which is more comfy???
  24. Need some advice please
  25. HELP!! need sizing advice with prada stretch patent pump
  26. Please give me an opinion on these (purple heels).....
  27. Lime green patent shoes?
  28. Lanvin soles/Los Angeles
  29. Celine yellow sandals, at $75 =)
  30. I'm training my feet to wear heels again!
  31. Koolaburra or Ugg??? Need Advice
  32. Red color shoes...yay or nay?
  33. where to find grass green TB revas?
  34. Help: Need advice on Taryn Rose & Cole Haan Sizing
  35. Car shoes! (and I mean, shoes that look like cars, not shoes made by Car Shoe)
  36. Tory Burch Revas... over or not?
  37. Went shopping today ...
  38. Just thought I'd share some flats I recently got (Repetto, Maloles & Bloch)
  39. Please help! I need sizing advise on these...
  40. International Conversion Chart
  41. Help me find boots similiar to these...
  42. Sue London Ballet Flats...any problems?
  43. Tory Burch Ali Sandals
  44. Rec's for thick strappy sandals w/stacked heel??
  45. Lanvin Flat owners
  46. Gimme Gimme Shoes (funny)
  47. need flats recommendation
  48. Help Needed with Finding the CHLOE "sixty" Patent Slingback Pumps!
  49. How many are authentic?
  50. Help me find the perfect Shoes for this dress!!
  51. Do you think mid-high end shoes are worth the $$? if so do you buy for style or
  52. Which is more comforatable for everyday?
  53. Chie Mihara vs Steve Madden
  54. Need Opinions on These Wedges...
  55. Someone took my new CL's!!!
  56. Are these shoes worth $210 to you?
  57. From the "How can they walk in this!?" file
  58. Check out my hot new Red Patent Lanvin Flats!
  59. Satin Lanvin Flats..should I or should I not??
  60. Anybody else think these are HOT?!
  61. OMG, I'm obsessed with these sandals!!
  62. Just bought Gucci Bonnie pumps and YSL tribute MJs!
  63. Definitely worth the wait!
  64. lanvin flats online? (size 42)
  65. 1/2 Off and more.. Lucky Day..
  66. looking for mid-high red flats and/or sandals...any recs?
  67. WHAT is on Katherine Heigl's feet?
  68. My YSL Tribute sandals arrived!
  69. searching for Franco Sarto Condor's
  70. Jimmy Choo Smooth or Juliet?
  71. Gorgeous Guccis - with what?
  72. Best place to shop online (Barbara Bui)?
  73. Scoop Ballet Flats
  74. Socks?
  75. L.A. Times Article: Manolo lovers feel financial pain at the pump
  76. Tory Burch VS Lacoste flats
  77. Manolos
  78. Comfiest heels EVER!
  79. DOLCE VITA FLATS...How comfortable are they?
  80. Need help with Uggs
  81. Kate's shoes...Lanvin? Missoni?
  82. interesting article...
  83. Brian Atwood - sizing advice?
  84. Agree or disagree?
  85. Help with this shoe.
  86. New York Observer: Whatsa Matter With Choo?
  87. Looking for burgundy leather Lanvin ballet flats
  88. Available Lanvin ballet flat colors at various NYC stores...
  89. My high heeled Crocs just arrived and I love them!
  90. Chocolate Stiletto Shoe! par JP Hevin
  91. Tory Burch Reva metallic flats...opinion please
  92. anyone heard of NAUGHTY MONKEY shoes?? These are HOT!!
  93. Hot pink chanel flat..what do you think?
  94. Check out my SCORE on three pairs of Lanvin flats!
  95. Is your addiction only for shoes?
  96. I need these shoes and I need help - help me and make money
  97. Madonna Boots from Vanity Fair Cover
  98. Experience with returns at DSW?
  99. How much did the Chanel Huge Camellia Thongs
  100. Who makes these boots?
  101. Designer Shoe Price Increases - Interesting Article
  102. What do you think of these?
  103. My first pair of Lanvin flats are here!
  104. one of those bad shoe days...
  105. Pics of my new Miu Miu Shoes
  106. Theory shoes
  107. your favorite pair of silver shoes for dining out, going out etc
  108. french sole available at all in Canada?
  109. What do you guys think of loafers?
  110. Can I still wear knee high boots?
  111. Cole Haan Boots - Yay or Nay?
  112. Help ID these shoes please! :)
  113. Espidrille wedge questions~~Please help!
  114. Sundresses and Boots
  115. looking for travel shoes
  116. Opinions on these boots please
  117. Theory Shoes
  118. Need fast help! Should I get the YSL tribute sandals?
  119. PLEASE help me find these flats!!!
  120. Which version of this shoe is better?
  121. Good cobbler in Hong Kong?
  122. Frye wedges
  123. Pink Ugg owners
  124. Which color ballet flats?
  125. Off topic (re: purses) but want your opinion
  126. look what i scored from the eluxury sale - my lucky day :)
  127. Like the FitFlop, the COMFY Adidas FitFoam!
  128. Ok? Camel Toe Ballet Flats??
  129. Nicky Hiltons Chanel flats
  130. Help! Shoe Crisis!!
  131. DC area cobbler recommendations
  132. Heels too high for shoes?
  133. Another Lanvin question... Sorry gals...
  134. Shoe Lovers!
  135. Proenza Schouler sizing
  136. Match this Dress
  137. Linea Paolo Shoes
  138. Need help identifying Jessica Simpson's shoes.
  139. which boots will you pick and what to wear w/
  140. YSL Tributes - so cute!
  141. Points or Strappy - which do you prefer?
  142. Snow boots....in spring....in Hawaii?
  143. Fall 2007 Prada Curved Heels?
  144. Manolo Blahnik Suley Modeling Pics, Anyone?
  145. show me your PRADA flat sandals!
  146. How do Alexandra Neel shoe run?
  147. Spend $400 on 2 pairs of womens shoes and get: Saks $150GC or NM $100 GC
  148. I ordered my first pair of Lanvin flats
  149. Gladiator sandals?
  150. Air travel...
  151. What height of heels...
  152. Shoes Glorious Shoes !
  153. OMG Chloe!!
  154. Shoes repaired at Nordstrom?
  155. Bath and Body Works Fitflops?
  156. Guessing game...
  157. Paris Hilton's New Shoe Line.
  158. Love or hate this YSL?
  159. Alaia sizing?
  160. Chanel Heels
  161. new shoe issue.....HELP
  162. ladies plz help me ID these shoes....jimmy choos?
  163. Isabella Fiore Shoes!
  164. Where can I find these pumps? Have you ever seen them before? what do you think?
  165. Rocco P shoes/boots?
  166. Kenzie, anyone?
  167. Standing in high heels - any tips?
  168. what sandals are these that nicole richie is wearing? help!
  169. BAY AREA Donald Pliner fans... Thursday, March 27
  170. Looking for the name of my old BR sandals, but don't have a pic!
  171. Shoes lovers check this link...
  172. HELP~ i'm trying to find shoes
  173. Purple Satin Lanvin Flats
  174. will you wear BOOTS when the weather is HOT?
  175. Want to help style me for prom?
  176. Who has a pair (or two) of Dr. Scholl's Originals?
  177. Lanvin flats with criss-cross straps
  178. The one(s) that got away
  179. Bloomies private sale:Ferragamo?
  180. New Snake/patent Choos for me!!!
  181. O where o where???
  182. Frye Engineer & Hunter Wellies
  183. Help! Patent boots and rain?
  184. What shoes to wear with Bal bags on a vacation?
  185. Help me ID these flats
  186. Red Patent Lanvins
  187. Shoes you reallyreally want?
  188. Help ID-ing these cute sandals?
  189. I know this is a long shot but has anyone seen Miu MIu naplak flats in noce or nudo
  190. Gold, Silver or no?
  191. Whatever next?! Origami shoes?
  193. Small feet and bunions! Help needed!
  194. Searching for Spats....doing the same?
  195. Mary Kates' Alaia gladiator sandals- where to buy??
  196. Comfortable but *cute* shoes for Russia/Europe
  197. Looking for the Balenciaga Sportiletto
  198. Manolo Blahnik Camo-Print Serdarby
  199. HolyMoly! $900 Stuart Weitzman bejeweled heels!
  200. Does Anyone know UK number for UGG?
  201. Phyton flats
  202. Stuart Weitzman hidden plat pumps!
  203. Need help in identifying Jen Aniston's gorgeous boots!
  204. Shoe Tree Recommendations
  205. I'm in love - but which one?
  206. Which flats?
  207. Wellies
  208. anyone tried these jimmy choo's on??
  209. Need help identifying these shoes - Eva Mendes
  210. New blue satin Manolos with stones
  211. My Ballet Flats hurt :(
  212. Can Anyone ID These Please?
  213. Steve Madden Keepsake??? HELP
  214. Ladies with Lanvin Ballet Flats in Yellow: How do you like them???
  215. $1800, but so lovely
  216. Who makes these shoes on Janet Jackson *pic*
  217. Help w/ Miu Miu flats
  218. Does anyone have these TB shoes?
  219. Juicy Rose Ballet Flats
  220. Disappointed with Spring '08 shoe styles
  221. Charmone shoes
  222. GEOX shoes
  223. Hunter Wellington Boot EXPERTS! I'm confused...
  224. How Do Christian Lacroix Shoes Run?
  225. Mephisto Shoes & Scandals -- any experience?
  226. @ home bored outof my mind. Bid and won, remorse and now what???
  227. What to wear with these?
  228. Reckon to these shoes?
  229. anne hathaway heels - wawaweewa!!
  230. What SHOES are you wearing today?
  231. Any comfy flats to recommend?
  232. Quick help with Giambattista Valli shoes
  233. Please help me "shoe" this dress!
  234. Celebrities and Their Shoes
  235. Charles David Snakeskin Sandals for $15.10
  236. High heels in Retail?
  237. Not quite YSL's but ...
  238. How do I save my hearts?
  239. Peeved with flat shoes
  240. Friends opinions on your shoes
  241. Regarding ELUXURY.COM
  242. R These Worth 740.00?
  243. Manolo did it first: the heel-less shoe.
  244. From Designer to Discount....Broke but still Fabulous!!!
  245. Turquoise Lanvin Flats on BlueFly
  246. Shoes I.D Please Help!
  247. Protecting satin
  248. Sigerson Morrison (not Belle) - TTS?
  249. Opinion needed on Gucci "Etretat" flats
  250. Just bought these... WDYT?