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  1. I'm torn between these two.. HELP!
  2. Outfit help: How to make flats work for work?
  3. How do F-Troupe shoes fit?
  4. M I S S S I X T Y Bliss Boots???
  5. Has anyone seen the Manolo Camo Sedaraby anywhere?
  6. OMG, would you wear these Jordin Spark's platforms?
  7. Does your hometown ruin your shoes?
  8. Just got my new red patent lanvins...but sad now
  9. Manolo Blahnik's
  10. barneys new york sandal quality ?
  11. A few of my favorites -
  12. Anyone own the SATC DIOR cut out heel?
  13. Wanted to share my excitement!
  14. Stiletto sales go sky high as Paltrow kick-starts craze for towering heels
  15. DENIM Pumps & Heels......Fasion FAUX PAU/TACKY? Or CHIC? PIX...need help!
  16. Help - my pumps "fart" when I walk!
  17. Jimmy Choo Tiz Patent Wedge--how do they run?
  18. What shoes is Gwyneth Paltrow wearing?
  19. Nordstrom
  20. Gorgeous slingbacks - but why so noisy??
  21. Nude pump suggestions?
  22. Are Manolo's comfy/worth the price?
  23. Who can resist the perfect pair of pumps?
  24. Flat, suede, fringed thong sandals
  25. Robert Clergerie Fit & Comfort
  26. lanvins onsale at Gregorys??
  27. How do Bottega Veneta shoes run?
  28. lanvin flats & high arches?
  29. Anyone seen shoes similar to these?
  30. Can anyone ID these shoes?
  31. Brokenhearted and emptyhanded
  32. How do you determine if your shoes fit you properly/are comfortable?
  33. Returning Soes Bought Online - Why do I feel guilty?
  34. CL, miu miu, jimmy choo help me pick pump
  35. Bernardo Medieval Help/Opinions Please
  36. Who is the designer of this FAB shoe....
  37. PATENT Leather Heels......are ALL of them painful??
  38. Do BURBERRY pumps have the nova check print on the bottom sole? PIX...
  39. help - flat, knee high boots under $100?
  40. Dirt from Flip Flops, Suggestions?
  41. Does anyone have the Burberry Patchwork rain boots?
  42. White Shoes - would you wear them?
  43. Kate Spade Shoes...are they comfy? quality?
  44. Tod's Driving Mocs Owners: Do you wear them as regular shoes?
  45. What is this Brand?
  46. where can I find these shoes?
  47. bad experience with stevemadden.com
  48. Need advice - What would you do?
  49. Prada Sizing - Mens Question
  50. stockings with summer shoes
  51. OMG, the BEST flats so far!
  52. Are these MBMJ too Over the Top?
  53. Need Help w/these Chloe shoes......
  54. My First Pair of "Girly" Prada Shoes!
  55. Does NM carry Lanvin & will they be on Private Sale
  56. Thank you to the poster who mentioned Barneys sale. Got a pair of Lanvins! :)
  57. Natural Gas Girl
  58. Dallas Barneys Sale
  59. Help with ads
  60. 1st High End Purchase-jc Lumineres. Need Your Help Ladies!!
  61. Tory Burch in Paris?
  62. Wearing expensive shoes on public transit
  63. Ohhhh I Love These Ur Thought ? Prada :)
  64. LAMB shoe sizing
  65. Spotted Today: Giuseppe Zanotti - Fish Skeleton Shoes - Huh?!?!
  66. lanvin flat owners...what do you love/dislike about them?
  67. Any nude colored pumps ?
  68. Any tips for silling shoes...
  69. What do you think of these Juicy ...
  70. please help me identify these mcqueen sandals
  71. Insolia, where to find?
  72. board search not functioning please help ASAP - lanvin flat sizing
  73. Ladies...please post your favorite black flats to wear!
  74. Look what I just bought at Bloomies F&F!
  75. Do you coordinate your workout shoes with your outfit?
  76. Storing/Organizing flip flops!
  77. Alexander McQueen shoes sizing?
  78. My heel is ruined!
  79. Now thats one fashionable army!
  80. Delman - post any comments!
  81. Take this High Heel Poll Please -
  82. Take this High Heel Poll Please -
  83. Had to wear my new Choos in the rain--now what?
  84. Purchased in store but now online is cheaper...what do I do?
  85. Shoe recommendation for graduation?
  86. What do you think of this boots?
  87. The most comfortable shoes you own!
  88. Need help ID'ing these Gossip Girl heels!!
  89. Givenchy pumps -how do they run & where can I buy them?
  90. Can Someone please identify these shoes!
  91. Lauren Conrad's gold heels ...
  92. Kelly Ripa shoes on R & K.....
  93. Should I buy these shoes?
  94. Noisy Juicy Couture Shoes?
  95. Non-slip sole pads
  96. your favorite under-$100 shoes?
  97. Barney's Dallas 5/5 40% of sale
  98. help me find either pale yellow or gold flats for my slightly wide feet..
  99. Cute and Comfy Shoes for Europe
  100. Christian Lacroix opinions
  101. Cute Flip Flops for summer-post your pics!
  102. Fiorentini +Baker sizing ~ need help
  103. Can anyone help me find a shoe like this?
  104. wide feet-help!
  105. Care for lizard/leather?
  106. Givenchy Gladiators
  107. will lanvin flats ever go on sale?
  108. What would you wear with these?
  109. Please help me find a pair of gladiators that look sorta like this:
  110. Where can I snag the balenciaga "lego" shoes?
  111. What can I wear with these Coach boots??
  112. My early bday gift pics
  113. Chloe flats?
  114. Boot zipper problem
  115. Looking for cute sandals- please help!
  116. Is anyone not really a shoe person?
  117. do we need to pay tips to cobbler?
  118. cute,cheap heels online?
  119. please say hi to my tory burch patent thora slippers in orchid pink!
  120. prada linea rossa flats help!
  121. narrow feet- sandal help!!!
  122. Call me stupid?? Why do you love em?
  123. i got the new spring TORY BURCH sterling ballet flats
  124. NYC Girls, what shoes do you consider your staples?
  125. Suede Booties
  126. Help me decide!
  127. Valentino Bow Pump
  128. Limited Edition Manolo Blahnik!
  129. Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz pads
  130. Pretty shoetrees?
  131. Which pair of Red Flats do you prefer?
  132. Chloe boots
  133. the coach shoes
  134. YSL Tributes...
  135. It's sunny and warm, time for fabulous sandals!
  136. ID these gorgeous pumps please -
  137. How to buy snakeskin shoes (excerpt from Lucky magazine)
  138. Dsw Goes Online !!!
  139. Help me find shoes!
  140. -- Leather t-strap sandals?
  141. Chloe's are here, what do you think? modeling pics inside. . .
  142. How do you keep your Designer Shoes in good shape?
  143. I need help finding cork wedges like these
  144. te casan pixie flat???
  145. HELP me find a pair of inexpensive silver heels!
  146. Contact number for Lanvin shoes?
  147. Omfg. Wtf Happened To My Tory Burch Flats?!
  148. What do you guys think about these shoes??
  149. Help Please! Need Shoes For Dress!
  150. The most comfortable 4.5" heels on the planet...
  151. Opinions on my 3 new pairs of shoes!!
  152. My metallic twins are HERE! Love these shoes!
  153. Help identify these baby phat wedges
  154. Tashkent
  155. Juicy Couture Shoes - Fakes on eBay?
  156. Louisgurlxoxo's shoe collection
  157. Does anyone know how lanvin satin and/or patent leather flat sizing runs?
  158. HELP!!! I can't find Chanel Cambon Flats!!
  159. Dolce & Gabban Sneaker Sizing
  160. Anyone know of any Barney's codes?
  161. In search of black flats ...any recs?
  162. Should I? Chloe fans your opinions. . .
  163. Has anyone special ordered from Manolo Blahnik?
  164. I Love My New Ysl!
  165. They Wore What? Stars' Most Outrageous Shoes
  166. What Shoes Is VB Wearing??
  167. Has anyone seen this shoe?
  168. dont mind this (double post)
  169. Lanvin platform sandals.... have you seen these?!
  170. Tory Burch flats at Loehmann's Chicago
  171. Looks like a great idea!
  172. Before I do I'll regret,911 needs 411
  173. Grecian styled shoes...have you boughten any yet??
  174. What do you think of these shoes (Alaia) and what can i wear them with??
  175. Balenciaga gladiators
  176. Tory Burch Miller Patent Thong
  177. OMG I just won a pair of my favorite shoes....
  178. Chanel Shoe Owners: Advice?
  179. My shopping spree in Rome....
  180. Does this happen to you? Weird question about high heels
  181. Finally Found a Comfortable Flat
  182. 130mm Declics - to die for?
  183. Your most favorite heels?
  184. Please help me on my quest to find these Betsey Johnson shoes!
  185. Steve's Shameless Knockoff
  186. How do you feel about these?
  187. Most comfortable wedges
  188. White OR Silver?
  189. With or without jeans?
  190. Super comfy flats at home, killers in real life. Is it just me?
  191. Help me find these Mayle shoes, pretty please!
  192. Reefs vs. Rainbows: which do you refer?
  193. can you ID n.richie's sandals?
  194. Is Ferragamo Cheaper in Italy?
  195. Can anyone ID these shoes on bluefly?
  196. Please Help!!
  197. Lanvins: black or blue?
  198. Sizing of this shoe...
  199. Buying shoes while pregnant
  200. I Can't Believe I'm In LOVE with $8 shoes!!!
  201. Uggs for sale US size 5........
  202. Too hot or too much ?
  203. did your ferragamo varina flats stretch out?
  204. Kate Hudson's Silver Shoes?
  205. Gucci Mirror Sandals
  206. My new Lanvin Mary Jane heels!!!
  207. chloe patent criss-cross sandals
  208. Traveling to Europe (going to be walking ALOT).Which shoes should I take with me?
  209. Where to buy Bloch ballet flats?
  210. Should I Get The Vp Paillettes??!!
  211. Shoe stretching -- are there any materials that SHOULDN'T be stretched?
  212. Tips/Tricks to avoid pain from wearing your fav. High heels
  213. Designer flip-flops - is it ridiculous?
  214. PT says no more sandals!! But my wardrobe consists of skirts and sun-dresses!
  215. how does sizing run on LV shoes
  216. would you wear these chanels?
  217. Your reason for wearing heels?
  218. Seeking Comfort in the Power Heel *WSJ article*
  219. Advice on Low Heel Shoes
  220. I am in LOVE! Jessica Simpson Ceasar Wedge/Heels <3
  221. My new babies :)
  222. Can you tell when shoes are high end?
  223. Putting new insoles in classic Uggs
  224. Bridal Designer Kitten Heels??
  225. Tory Burch boots on ebay - broken zipper..
  226. I guess pointy shoes and me do not mix
  227. Chanels vs. Lanvins, which is more comfy???
  228. Need some advice please
  229. HELP!! need sizing advice with prada stretch patent pump
  230. Please give me an opinion on these (purple heels).....
  231. Lime green patent shoes?
  232. Lanvin soles/Los Angeles
  233. Celine yellow sandals, at $75 =)
  234. I'm training my feet to wear heels again!
  235. Koolaburra or Ugg??? Need Advice
  236. Red color shoes...yay or nay?
  237. where to find grass green TB revas?
  238. Help: Need advice on Taryn Rose & Cole Haan Sizing
  239. Car shoes! (and I mean, shoes that look like cars, not shoes made by Car Shoe)
  240. Tory Burch Revas... over or not?
  241. Went shopping today ...
  242. Just thought I'd share some flats I recently got (Repetto, Maloles & Bloch)
  243. Please help! I need sizing advise on these...
  244. International Conversion Chart
  245. Help me find boots similiar to these...
  246. Sue London Ballet Flats...any problems?
  247. Tory Burch Ali Sandals
  248. Rec's for thick strappy sandals w/stacked heel??
  249. Lanvin Flat owners
  250. Gimme Gimme Shoes (funny)