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  1. Hunter boots- sizing for wid(IsH) feet?
  2. If you could choose a leopard
  3. Shoe repair recommendations - Northern NJ
  4. What do we think of these Manolo's?
  5. I have lots of designer shoes, but I get the most compliments on a pair that cost $15
  6. good recommendations for boots please =)
  7. Looking for a specific shoe, help!
  8. YSL platform tribute sandal anywhere?
  9. Steve Madden Ginn
  10. REQUEST: Frye or Jeffrey Campbell pics or OPINIONS
  11. pale pink shoesies <3 ?
  12. Do you like this shoe?
  13. Cannot Find Shoes
  14. please help chose a UGG rain boots
  15. Which Uggs - Classic Cardy or Classic Tall Metallic?
  16. Which do you like better?
  17. Please help, which Frye boots
  18. Anyone else love New Look shoes?
  19. not entirely sure about matching, help!?
  20. European size 39- what's my US size??
  21. help me find boots!!
  22. Are Uggs out of style?
  23. Help! Feet Keep Slipping Out
  24. Blue Shoes for Wedding
  25. Kate Spade Shoes
  26. Hosiery with these suede shoes?
  27. Anyone have the Frye Maxine campus boots?
  28. Boots
  29. Please help locate this shoe
  30. OOps,belongs here,comfy flats?????
  31. Obsessed with Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes
  32. Apart from Designer shoes what other brands do you like?
  33. Gucci Iman Shoe
  34. Does anyone insure their shoes?
  35. The 'strappiest' sandals you can suggest
  36. Question
  37. Calling all Chloe chicks..! Chloe Wrap boots!
  38. Looking for an alternative for the YSL Tribute Platform
  39. need help from Frye experts
  40. tall boots that are too tall
  41. Jimmy Choo Ember?
  42. Has anyone baught UGGS from uggfans.com?
  43. Manolo Blahnik Something Blue shoes...help!
  44. Did they make the dk pink ugg in tall?
  45. Flat nude (blush) patent sandal
  46. L'autre Chose
  47. Help with Jimmy Choo Flats!
  48. do Juicy Couture shoes come with a dustbag?
  49. Zappos shoe prices increasing?
  50. search for boots ! (=
  51. Shoe experts I need advice.
  52. Shoe Art - Everyone please participate
  53. Your favorite pair of boots. Pics Please!!
  54. Do you have the Jimmy Choo Apple Sandal
  55. Do you like these shoes????
  56. Manolo's too big and can't return..need help!
  57. Do you wear brown and black together?
  58. Wanted: Ferragamo Nueva Patent Slingbacks
  59. Differences in ugg boots (1 pair )
  60. Zara love
  61. opinions on these boots
  62. Where can I find these Chloe/Chanel Platforms?
  63. Uggs made w/ microfiber & not suede?
  64. Best Frye boots for 1st time owner?
  65. Lanvin boots run large?
  66. Where to buy colored uggs?
  67. Shirli's Stunning Shoe Collection
  68. How comfortable are Report Signature shoes?
  69. Prada Bootie - Sizing Issue!
  70. ID this?
  71. Tory Burch Thora
  72. A few pics from my SA!!!
  73. What are your ugliest shoes?
  74. Wanted-Stella McCartney braided sandals
  75. Should my card have been charged already?
  76. Have the Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Flats been faked?
  77. Where can I get these shoes?
  78. Gorgeous brand new Lucchese Classics for $100!
  79. Need opinion on these pumps!
  80. Jimmy Choo Atlas
  81. Anyone wear Hanna Anderson clogs?
  82. Shoes Available for Saks EGC in NYC
  83. shoes & boots from Victoria Secret?
  84. Cinderella's Glass Slipper Script
  85. Please help me find the perfect wedge!
  86. LV Shoes...question
  87. Silly question
  88. Could someone identify Cameron Diaz's Golden Globe shoes? Please!
  89. Open toe booties- are they going to be in style next year?
  90. Need help removing black line from discount store??
  91. Clarks protector on sand Uggs?
  92. snow boot recs!
  93. Jeans in Boots - Fad or Classic?
  94. nude colored soes
  95. How can I get these Louboutins??
  96. Does Amazon sell displayed shoes?
  97. Christian Louboutin C'est Moi Boots Fuschia 40 or 40.5
  98. yves saint laurent tribute sandal ~ on sale anywhere?
  99. Moving to NorthEast area of France, are Ugg Cardys appropriate to wear in France??
  100. Help me pick! (UGGS)
  101. Wanted!!! Sergio Rossi boots
  102. cab-to-table shoes and pain
  103. How to keep white leather sneakers clean?
  104. help!!!!!! i am a 37.5!
  105. i need your help!! burberry vs. ysl
  106. Help!! Gucci "Hysteria" Pumps??
  107. SF ladies: Do you wear your tall boots year round since it's always cold?
  108. Zanotti Vs Louboutin
  109. Anyone know where I can find these Miu Mius on sale?
  110. Does anyone have these Choos?
  111. UGG Durability
  112. How do you feel about these shoes?
  113. Price for Christian Louboutin and Roger Vivier
  114. "Roman influence" Manolos for Spring
  115. To Booties or Not to Booties??
  116. Stephane Kelian Boots?!
  117. Ruby & Bloom "Grace" Ballerina Flats
  118. How would I get my shoes resoled? How much would it cost?
  119. Did anyone check out the Manolo Blahnik sale on 5th?
  120. Why Was LaVans's Thread Closed
  121. Question about Miu Miu's
  122. White marks on Hunter Wellies
  123. who designed these boots and jacket that love hewitt wears?
  124. Toes hangin over in new burbs..what to do?
  125. Need help for my wedding shoes!!!
  126. HELP!!!! i soaked my MB
  127. I seriously hope this is a joke ....
  128. Jimmy Choo Advice
  129. Lanvin Flats at Saks? SA Info Please....
  130. Fendi Zucca Rain Boots.. What do you think?
  131. Thanks for the Glory Chens!
  132. YSL Tributes!!
  133. Anyone own a pair of Chinese Laundry sandals or flats?
  134. Maintain suede shoes
  135. Sizing on new Ugg waterproof rubber boot
  136. Looking For: Flesh Colored Heels
  137. Jimmy Choo & Hunter Collaborate to Make Wellies
  138. Identify this shoe?
  139. Sneakers
  140. are gladiators out this spring/summer?
  141. Question about Loeffler Randall
  142. Shoes - High Price vs Comfort
  143. Can you get UGG boots in Singapore???
  144. looking for silver ballet flats, need some suggetions
  145. What would you wear with your UGGs?
  146. YSL Black Tribute Sandals
  147. Lanvin resoling help please!
  148. tall leather uggs
  149. Must haves for Spring 2009!
  150. Where to find Chloe patent strap heels..?
  151. Alice olivia payless rivington! Help!
  152. Uggs are the best thing I have ever done for my feet
  153. Need to replace the insoles of my Uggs
  154. Frye Paige Cuff Boots slate
  155. JCrew shoe sizing
  156. Sergio Rossi
  157. Uggs swarovski custom?
  158. Peeptoes? Stockings or None?
  159. Another Poll...Which Pair?
  160. Another Poll...Which
  161. First time purchaser for UGGS...feedback needed.
  162. Where can I find these Marni flats?
  163. Help me choose a pair of flat boots
  164. Ugg classic, short or Tall?
  165. Any ladies have the Steve Madden KOBRAAS or KEEPSAKES?
  166. where do i find these cl's?
  167. Recs for winter shoes/boots
  168. Pics of your burberrys in action??
  169. My new Caovillas!
  170. BCBG Shoe Sizing
  171. Ugg Classic Mini
  172. thank you everyone finally my uggs !
  173. Chloe Suede Wrap Booties
  174. Should new UGGs be snug all over or loose at the heel?
  175. help on UGG colors
  176. Just double checking..
  177. Prada Sizing
  178. Burberry studded black platform sandals..mmmm
  179. These stupid Uggs!! Why?!?!
  180. who makes these boots ? Lindsay Ellingson
  181. Hunter rain boots sizing?
  182. UGGS Classic Tall - 2 different shaft heights
  183. Tod's - reinforcing soles?
  184. Shoe Dilemma -- What to do?
  185. Please idnetify these Jimmy Choos
  186. QUESTION about black classic uggs
  187. Has anyone ever had experience with exchanging sizes for a gift/shoe with no receipts
  188. Can anyone help identify these Diors?
  189. Is $180 a good price??
  190. What do you think of this Frye boot...sorta westerny.
  191. Which flat - Lanvin or Dior? Help me decide!
  192. ***Which Shoes Should I Buy***
  193. WANTED: Sam Edelman Gilda Gladiator Sandal in Black
  194. Do Uggs Fade?
  195. Do these look Cheap?
  196. Could I inspire any of you
  197. Which boots is better? Help me choose~
  198. Cute shoes for wide feet?
  199. marc jacobs and givenchy sizing?
  200. Which Gucci Pumps should I keep?
  201. Help me find some boots!
  202. Guccissima peeptoes: half sz too small or full size too big?
  203. Does anyone own a shoe stretcher? do they work?
  204. HELP!!!! what 2 wear w/ camo manolos?
  205. To buy or not to buy?
  206. Suggestions for tall boots for skinnys
  207. Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes - missing dustbag?
  208. galliano fish net peeptoes
  209. How much do you think you've spent on shoes in 08?
  210. What exactly have you all sprayed your Uggs with and did it work?
  211. Frenchsole.com shipping to US?
  212. Favorite "Middle" Brands?
  213. What shoes do you wear in the winter besides boots?
  214. What do you think?
  215. Sizing?
  216. Do your CLs or Jimmy Choos stretch with wear?
  217. Rene Caovilla vs Lanvin
  218. new Miu Miu boots
  219. Is $150 a good price for classic black suede Carolyne Manolo Blahnik pumps?
  220. Work Shoes to Wear in the Rain? *Professional, not casual shoes!*
  221. i love toe cleavage ladies....
  222. Classic Mini Uggs for MOM!
  223. Which Saks carries Marni?
  224. Moncler Brand ( Boots ) ??????
  225. so, what shoes are you getting/hoping for for the holidays?
  226. This version of YSL tributes, yay or nay?
  227. Ferragamo Jelly Flats
  228. Ugg-Like boots with a heel
  229. La Canadienne Boots
  230. Pink Uggs Go With...
  231. Would these Choos fit?
  232. Photos/pictures of tall grey uggs?
  233. red boots
  234. Chloe boots, anyone? Help!!!
  235. What shoes to wear with this dress?
  236. Giuseppe's or Louboutin's Which pair?
  237. My Brand New Uggs Fit Weird!
  238. My Juicy Ballet Flats Didn't Like Puddles!
  239. Ankle socks always slipping!
  240. Lanvin glitter flats....anywhere?
  241. Tell me I need to keep these Dior's.
  242. Who made these pair of shoes?
  243. Calling UGG experts ~ UGG Sunburst Tall vs Sundance II..Help!
  244. Six party shoes from the UK telegraph *vote*
  245. What colors can I wear with this Nurture boot?
  246. Christian Louboutins How to tell a fake from a real?
  247. How wide is a wide foot?
  248. Have you ever SHORTENED your heels/boots?
  249. How can i contact ny sfa designer shoe dep.?
  250. Fendi buckle flats