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  1. CND Vinylux! -- Anyone use this np? What are your thoughts? ++
  2. Advice for Gelish Tiki Tiki Laranga application?
  3. Stixie: real products or not?
  4. Which brand (USA) makes a "Duochrome Soak Off Gel Polish"?? +++
  5. good dupe for Urban Decay's Big Bang?
  6. Celebrity Nails
  7. What nail polish are you wearing? Part 9
  8. Cuccio Nail Polish
  9. Fall 2014 Mixed Polish Exchange (Round 11)
  10. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish - Miracle or Marketing?
  11. Moisture for nails
  12. Christian Louboutin launches a line of polishes
  13. Nail oops - suggestions?
  14. Your favorite brushes?
  15. OPI Nordic Collection (Fall 2014)
  16. Nexgen nails
  17. SOG dupe for Chanel's Lotus Rouge?? Help please. ❤️
  18. Vacation / Cruise / Beach Suggestions...
  19. Red, White & Blue This Weekend! Is SOG Exchange for You?" Round 8 Thread!
  20. Your Golden Rules of SOG
  21. Long Lasting Nail Polish
  22. Noob Help! I need more dots!
  23. SOGs -- Can you MEND a split nail OVER gel polish, successfully??? +++
  24. What polish / nail product have you finished lately?
  25. Anyone used Addictive Gel Polish?
  26. Secret Summer Sun Gift Exchange REVEALS
  27. Medium blue with shimmer?
  28. SOG: Silk Wraps + Solar Oil use -- Is this a Do? or a Don't?
  29. SOG --- I Need a Rec for a WHITE opaque gel polish, please!
  30. SOG polish - is there a reason why they don't have mixing balls?
  31. ProShaker Users/Owners -- QUESTION!
  32. Interesting Consumer Reports article on polish
  33. My Collection
  34. Your favorite Pure Ice Polishes?
  35. Can you use tape with SOG polish?
  36. Unknown polish brand
  37. SOG no longer lasting and don't know why?
  38. SOGs -- Filing/Shaping Nails -- Question!
  39. Chanel on your nails #4!
  40. Cuticles and sheer polish questions
  41. Barielle Protect Plus Color
  42. Looking for a raspberry red
  43. Damaged nails...need help
  44. Apply REG np over Gel polish -- Question! >>>
  45. Mavala 002 base coat, anti- yellowing
  46. Easy UV/LED polish removel?
  47. OPI & Coca-Cola Inspired Collaboration Collection
  48. Sally Hansen "hardening nails" options.. Is it really that bad for you?
  49. Where to buy OPI LED light?
  50. Years of nail biting - how to repair nails and hands?
  51. Indie Polish Exchange - ROUND 5
  52. Sensationail LED Lamp Question (NEWBIE)
  53. Secret Summer Sun Swap Sign Up
  54. I need help
  55. Full Cover False Nails
  56. Illamasqua Regal -- HELP!
  57. SOG - How to Fix Nick or Smudge on Cured Nail??
  58. Newbie interested in learning DIY gel art
  59. Essie Gel
  60. Ulta Grand Opening
  61. OPI Damone Roberts 1968 Re-Releasing!!! :)
  62. My First Gelly Sandwich mani with Ombre
  63. SOG : Pale Nude Shades -- Application & Color Questions >>>
  64. just starting SOG mani
  65. SOGs: Cleaning polish around cuticle -- What are you all using? Cuticle stick? or? >>
  66. What is the best base coat to prevent yellow nails
  67. Cnd company red vs cnd wildfire
  68. Easter Bunny 2014 Swap - REVEAL!!
  69. Essie STYLE HUNTER vs other reds
  70. Where do you all buy your nail polish supplies"?
  71. SOGs: HOT BURNING sensation while curing with LED..Questions! >>
  72. UV or LED lamp for next upgrade?? >>>
  73. Heated Mani "Mitts" for SOG np Removal? Anyone use these? >>
  74. Best xl stamper
  75. On the PurseBlog...Spring Pastels
  76. black lines on my finger nails :(
  77. GEL POLISH users! -- Which brand has the BEST selection of Med-Dark NUDE/BEIGE shades
  78. ULTA Awesome clearance finds!
  79. SOG - Worth it or not worth it?
  80. Stamping questions
  81. Dupe OPI Samoan Sand
  82. Spring 2014 Mixed Polish Exchange (Round 10) Reveals
  83. Help with SOG application
  84. China Glaze - Gelaze
  85. Secret Easter Bunny Swap 2014 Edition
  86. Stopping cuticle cutting cold turkey?
  87. Show me your COLOR CHANGERS!!!
  88. Indie Polish Exchange - ROUND 4 REVEAL
  89. MelodySusie LED lamp
  90. "my nails, but better" polish?
  91. Hollywood Icon Red Carpet Manicure
  92. piCture pOlish
  93. SOG Nothing Else Metals?
  94. Tmart Giveaway - win 24 Colors Nail Art Polish
  95. anyone tried Striplac peel-off gel?
  96. Chanel Polish - is this common?
  97. Oh my god has it really been two years?!?!
  98. Looking for a certien shellac color
  99. Essie SOG
  100. Steam and gel polish...
  101. Which W.I.C. (by herome) polish is this?
  102. Show Us Your SOG Frankens
  103. Indie Polish Exchange - Round 4 SIGN UP!
  104. Catherine Deneuve "red" nail polish shade for LV spring campaign
  105. Who would like to review this kind of nail polish
  106. How to do colorful gel french manicures???
  107. Winter/Spring 2014 Mixed Polish Exchange Signups (Round 10)
  108. SEPHORA OPI at Big Lots!
  109. Pixel brand?
  110. Who's Ready for SOG Exchange Round 7?
  111. Getting pull-back first coat Sally Hansen SOG
  112. Ouch! Nail help please!
  113. Stamping Nail Art
  114. Looking for a Nail Art Website
  115. Having Trouble With IBD Just Gel Lifting
  116. MoYou London December Contest on Pinterest...
  117. Polish swatch website by color only
  118. UV light with Sally Hansen base?
  119. Secret Santa 2013 edition reveal
  120. Help! What's Wrong With My China Glaze?
  121. A Black opaque SOG polish?
  122. Reviews on Kors Nail Lacquer?
  123. Blue/gray SOG suggestions?
  124. Leighton Denny, anyone?
  125. What color??
  126. Dupe for NARS Chinatown
  127. Raisin the Bar, A Dream Come True
  128. BURBERRY - swatches, collections, etc
  129. Sephora Formula X Thread- Thoughts, Comments, Pictures!!!
  130. Nail HELP!
  131. bio seaweed gel polish??
  132. Men's Nail salon....Mmmm
  133. Secret Santa Sign Ups
  134. Does cheap polish ruin nails?
  135. MARC JACOBS nail polish
  136. Are hard gels completely extinct?
  137. OPI Base or Top Coat on Acrylic P & W's
  138. So strange pedicure visit
  139. tool for cleaning off extra polish
  140. Show Me Your Recent Purchases Part 2!
  141. Lumina Lacquer Lovers Thread!!
  142. Do you ever buy sandals to match your nail polish?
  143. Champagne gold nails?
  144. SOG glitter polish tips please
  145. Variety in Nail Salons
  146. KOH - polishes, releases, collections and chit chat
  147. SeCreT GobLiN Reveal Thread!!
  148. Thoughts on French manicures
  149. Show me your CHANEL mani and pedi!
  150. Essie Thread!
  151. What nailpolish are you wearing now?
  152. Need help figuring out name of OPI nail color!
  153. What's Your Mani Routine?
  154. A question regarding nail files.....
  155. Black, graphite, gray, silver nail polish thread
  156. Indie Polish Questions
  157. Keeki products
  158. Do you bring your own tools when going for a manicure?
  159. Formaldehyde controversy in cosmetic and nail products
  160. SOG fans!! Which RNP base coats work well under your SOG manicure?
  161. How do you carry samples of your nail polish collection in your purse?
  162. Indie Polish Exchange - ROUND 3 REVEAL
  163. Anyone know of a regular polish dupe of Gelish Carnival Hangover?
  164. Gels in my situation or tough out my issue...r/o thank you!!!
  165. Please ID: This gold metallic polish
  166. Water Decals, Water Tattoos, Great Nail Art
  167. OPI... Do you like the brand?
  168. Best gel polish for shiny (glitter) nails!
  169. Moving Large Nail Polish Collection
  170. Mixed Polish Exchange - Round 9 Reveals & Chat
  171. Marc Jacobs Polishes
  172. "Almost" nude nail polish colors?
  173. Did you see MJ?
  174. Sensationail Primer
  175. Gel II (Two)
  176. Secret Goblin & Ghoul Nail Polish Sign Ups!
  177. Indie Polish Exchange - ROUND 3 SIGN UP
  178. Fall 2013 Estée Lauder
  179. What nail polish to wear to get engaged?
  180. Sign Ups for The Mixed Brand Polish Exchange, Round 9
  181. Best "Jelly" polish? Looking for dupe
  182. Show off your fav summer mani/pedi combos
  183. Mixed polish exchange - Start right away or wait a bit?
  184. Filling SOG Instead of Soaking Off
  185. help! OPI gel stain on clothes
  186. Can neon nail polish lose its neon-ness when it's more than 1 year old? (China Glaze)
  187. A good black led gel polish?
  188. Lamp Suggestion?
  189. When companies change the color of the polish, but keeps the name.
  190. Gel polish dupe for Suzi's Hungary Again?
  191. How to apply fake nails
  192. Soak Off Gel Exchange Round 6!!!
  193. Not roughing nail surface before Gelish
  194. Lancome polish
  195. Guitar nails
  196. Sale at Ulta!!!
  197. Where to buy Duri rejuvacote in Canada?
  198. Opi gel base coat
  199. The best way to ship 400 bottles of polishes across the US
  200. Can someone school me about polish?
  201. Help Ladies
  202. Any Duri Rejuvecoat Users?
  203. i'm not sure this polish is what i think it is... dior content.
  204. A Gel Polish Dupe for Essie Muchi Muchi
  205. ACG application problem
  206. Best 'summer' red?
  207. grey with purple undertone - anyone?
  208. Shellac Nail Polish
  209. What color on toenails would look good with black sandals?
  210. Help.......
  211. SOG Dupe for OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie
  212. Brisa lite smoothing gel
  213. Mixed Brand Polish Exchange - Round 8 Sign-ups
  214. Stamping - where to start?
  215. what color of nail polish should I choose for mom?
  216. best sheer nude for french
  217. Recommendations for best coral LED gel color? Please :)
  218. Hot stone pedicure
  219. Dashing Diva French Wrap help!!
  220. Dior Bird of Paradise Samba vs. Chanel Azure
  221. HIPPxRGB nude polish
  222. recommendation for OPI peachy color?
  223. The Nail Collection (New Monthly Subscription Box)
  224. What's a gel lamp that works for most gel nail brands?
  225. Tips on making gel manicures last longer?
  226. What to do with my nails?!
  227. problem with nails breaking, not growing
  228. Can you use anything under a gel base coat?
  229. ISO blue glitter in clear base
  230. CND Vinylux One Week Nail Polish
  231. Fingers & toes
  232. Staining of Top it Off Gelish
  233. What do you do when you travel?
  234. Where to buy Gelish in Greenville ,SC
  235. Which Pink for French SOG
  236. What are your nail care tips?
  237. Premium Exchange (Round 4) Sign Ups...
  238. Glue for easier removal?
  239. Mood Changing Gel Polish Chat, Swatches etc
  240. Can I ..sog application ?
  241. Soak Of Gel, What is the purpose for dry brushing?
  242. nail polish base
  243. SOG lifting - what am I doing wrong?
  244. SOG light pink polish
  245. My nail photos on their auction?
  246. What do you guys think of Glitz and Glam Ink polish?
  247. Starting Over After Artificials... Thoughts
  248. Estee Lauder polishes?
  249. lightest blue gel polish
  250. Bobbi Brown Nail Polish