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  1. Help with Rosella sizing
  2. Need advice: Pigalle Spike 100 one size too big
  3. Department stores stocks louboutin in Manhattan
  4. How much would you pay for these?
  5. Pigalle 120 vs Bianca...which is more comfortable?
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  8. 2014 Spring Sale Thread!
  9. SA Turnover Rate
  10. These arrived Saturday - A Reveal
  11. Bluefly.com fake CLs?
  12. Question about Paris Store
  13. Ever bought CL from yoogi's closet?
  14. Matches price increase?
  15. Need advice: Pair of Louboutin with half size difference between left and right shoe
  16. Experience with Bergdorf Goodman pre-orders?
  17. Louboutin Pop-Up Boutique!!
  18. Is CL's "Online Exclusive" really exclusive?
  19. Help me identify please
  20. Buying retail VS waiting for the sale
  21. Wire to JJR in Paris
  22. First louboutins suggestion
  23. Sale!
  24. Men Sales?!
  25. I wAnt to see Private sale loubutine , helpp
  26. Ontario ladies
  27. Does anyone know where I can get a Black Pigalle Spike 100 in a size 5.5 or 6?
  28. Christian Louboutin Las Vegas?
  29. Fall/Winter 2013 Official Sale thread for CLs
  30. Is the CL online boutique site down for you?
  31. Toronto Boutique
  32. No Prive Glitter sizing
  33. HELP!! USPS can't find my package
  34. Authentic CL finds: Let's share what you saw at store!!
  35. Outnet secret sale - Louboutins
  36. Beware! The Fake Market is Thriving.
  37. Fall Sale
  38. Can anyone identify these Loubi's please?!
  39. Remove marker from insole
  40. Fakes at a consignment store
  41. Difference between No Matter and Mater Claude?
  42. non boutique stores that carry mens?
  43. So Kate vs Lady Peep sapphire strass
  44. Color variation between Bianca beige and nude
  45. Opinions pls - highness or daffodile in black
  46. Christian Louboutin's back ordered
  47. Buying a past season Louboutin design?
  48. Nordstrom Racks in Miami, FL
  49. How often do popular styles get restocked on the online boutique?
  50. Decollete 554 - Red Watersnake Size 36
  51. Calling UK Loubi girls! Motcomb vs Mount St. ?
  52. Is this Louboutin site real?
  53. Am I just being paranoid
  54. Sydney/Australia CL Lovers meetup - mid 2013
  55. Buying from Paris
  56. What'dya git? Post your Sale Scores here
  57. Neiman Marcus Sent me Fakes!!
  58. Help! At NM. What to buy?!
  59. ***DEALS & STEALS: Post your Louboutin sale and eBay finds here***
  60. ***HELP ME FIND these Louboutins Post your search requests here***
  61. The CL Waiting Room: Post your ON THE WAY purchases here!
  62. Advice on parting with a pair....
  64. Nyc meetup 2013
  65. Does Neiman Marcus gift card promotion include Louboutins?
  66. When do new CL lines come out each year?
  67. Authenticate these CL's please
  68. Has anyone shopped on BONANZA before? Safer than eBay?
  69. Spring 2013 Sale Season Intel Thread
  70. Loubi Zeppa's Size 9
  71. Where can I buy the pigalle flats in patent (no spikes) online?
  72. Why are Pigalles so hard to find?
  73. Please can you tell me what this shoe is called?
  74. Which Pink Watersnake Altadama? pink powder or Pink grenadine?
  75. Where is that CL Size/Fit reference list?
  76. Am I Blue??
  77. Are rolando's hard to find in Paris?
  78. Chicago CL Meetup 2013
  79. Purchasing from Stanley Korshak
  80. Pricing of CLs ?
  81. Lady Peep Geek problem
  82. URGENT: Help me finding HARVANANA or ROLLERBOY loafers for men (in US or HongKong)S
  83. Bad experience with Roan Shop sale purchase!
  84. Louby Disaster!
  85. Louboutin Sale
  86. where to find
  87. Looking to buy my first Louboutins
  88. Return Question
  89. New CL Boutique locations for 2013
  90. Returns to Madison Avenue cl
  91. Ebay creep alert..
  92. Please authenticate
  93. Please Authenticate
  94. No CL Shoe Box on Neimans Purchase
  95. F/W 12/13 Sale Season, What Did You Score??
  96. Authenticate these CL's
  97. Please authenticate these, thanks.
  98. Selling on Purse Forum?
  99. CL in Barcelona
  100. Need help finding the name and possibly heel size of this shoe
  101. Please help authenticate
  102. is this 100% authentic?
  103. Some good/Some bad - CL Site Size guide has failed me : (
  104. No size 34 on CL website?
  105. Spring/Summer 2013 Preview at London, Mount Street
  106. New Louboutin's for pre-order at sacks.
  107. black or nude.. simple 100 or pigalle 100?
  108. San Francisco Christian Louboutin meet 2013
  109. Fall/Winter 2012/13 Sale Intel Thread
  110. Barneys SA?
  111. Looking for Prorata 90mm size 36.5, black patent
  112. I can't believe some people......
  113. Quick question
  114. HELP! Trying to find CL in Canada! Experiences with official website orders?
  115. Strass heels
  116. Isolde/Rodarte anywhere?
  117. NEW ORLEANS CL lovers please HELP
  118. To sell or not to sell: rouge yoyos
  119. Official Christian Louboutin San Francisco/Bay Area Meet
  120. Boston CL meet up
  121. Need Advice- Would you..
  122. CL in Dubai
  123. Advice needed about a purchase
  124. Best place to sell my Louboutins
  125. Shipping costs
  126. Anyone Up for a Houston Meet Up?
  127. Beyond the rack's Louboutin sale event.
  128. E-mailing to boutiques......
  129. Where is the cheapest country in the world to buy CLs?
  130. CL Deals and Exclusives Chat Thread
  131. Advice on recent eBay purchase...
  132. Another Pigalle?? Quick one...
  133. Pigalle 100 - what are my options?
  134. Dublin Fans of CLS
  135. Duvette 120
  136. Oh my, is it bad to want these??
  137. Looking for piou piou nude 38.5 sale
  138. Misleading Listings ~ BEWARE!
  139. CL on slae shoes questions
  140. Desperately looking for this shoes in 37
  141. Christian Louboutin San Francisco/Bay Area Meet
  142. When do websites and stores restock classics?
  143. Buying nude pigalle when I have nude Sex Pigalle
  144. DFW Area / SouthCentral US Meetup - FNO Sept 6
  145. Where is Mr. Christian Louboutin?!
  146. 60% off!!! Hurry!!!
  147. Help i need some CL advice
  148. Looking for Louboutin Alta Rita 39.5
  149. Looking for great SA at Berdorf Goodman. Any recommendations?
  150. size and website advice
  151. any sweet charity bags on sale?
  152. NYC CL Meet-up
  153. **Post your s/s 12 sale scores**
  154. What a challenge in the exagona
  155. SAME SHOE different PRICE????
  156. London Louboutin shopping. Monday 11th June 2012
  157. My first CL!
  158. Spring/Summer Sale RETURNS thread
  159. How Shameful...... Fakes beware
  160. Spring/summer 2012 sale info!
  162. Looking for the perfect CL for mom -- she has wide feet
  163. Isolde
  164. Bianca pink barbie or nodo gold????
  165. Very Prive 100 with Red Tip
  166. I did a very stupid thing! Hope it doesn't bite me in the ***
  167. Very Galaxy 100mm
  168. New vs Old Pigalle Plato 140
  169. Euro Crisis- The Silver Lining?
  170. These fake shoes are getting out of hand!
  171. Got sent shoes in two different sizes??
  172. Ahhhh, Im too late!!Help!
  173. Dolly2012's smallish collection.. the story so far plus reveal later...
  174. Where to buy Loubs in Paris (besides the boutique obv)
  175. Are the new CL men sneakers more bulky?
  176. What's the inventory like at a typical CL boutique?
  177. anniversary shoe at barneys
  178. Louboutin Factory?
  179. Where to buy CL in lyon, France.
  180. HELP... Desperately seeking...
  181. Is louboutin cheaper in Hongkong than Singapore
  182. Any intel on men's CLs?
  183. Eye Candy for Loubi Lovers
  184. Need help with Asteroid spikes
  185. Christian Louboutin European Online Store
  186. Anyone know how the patent moulage booties size?
  187. Does the official CL website restock?
  188. damaged shoes? repair?
  189. NEW REVEAL..I'm so ready for SUMMER!
  190. Louboutin 20th Anniversary Shoes available
  191. SF Neiman Marcus hosts 20th Yr Anniversary Capsule Collection 3/
  192. Men louboutins in SF
  193. Nerdy Birdy flying east: Meet up in India/Geneva/Paris/Spain
  194. Cricket-Fashion?
  195. My new Meteoritas - is the size okay?
  196. Red tip or Black tip? Very Prive vs. Hyper Prive
  197. Heel heights for Very Prive ?
  198. uk ladies- tax and customs
  199. ordering from switzerland boutique
  200. Would this bother you? Advice, needed.
  201. Where can i buy louboutins UK Ladies!!
  202. Can i still find CL Black Suede Rolling Spikes Shoes Flats in any stores?
  203. *** AUTHENTICATE THESE CLs *** READ FIRST PAGE before posting.
  204. Msr. Louboutin at Saks Bal Harbour, FL Feb. 6
  205. Question on Nitoinimoi
  206. HELPPP!! Store shipped wrong shoes!
  207. Christian Louboutin selling selling used shoes?!
  209. No Prive at NM -- Price has CHANGED!?!
  210. Ekseption site
  211. HELP! I am a newbie!
  212. Experience with ordering from international retailer...
  213. CL online for Canada
  214. Msr. CL at Bergdorf Goodman this Jan 31st
  215. spiked pigalle
  216. Bianca 140 OR New Simple 120?
  217. Have you ever pre-ordered Loubies online?
  218. I'm Returning....F/W 2011/2012
  219. Luisaviaroma prices???
  220. New york :)
  221. Anyone experience darkening of camel patent decollete
  222. What is the forum shop?
  223. pr1nc355 is coming back...NYC meetup in March
  224. Virginia Louboutin Lovers
  225. Msr. Louboutin at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills Feb.3!
  226. New to CL - Price Increase Info?
  227. New to CL, Las Vegas & suggestion help please?
  228. Dallas, Texas Get-together?
  229. Help!Too good to be true or REAL???
  230. Help!
  231. CL in the Bahamas?
  232. CL selection at Hirshleifers in long island
  233. >>>>>>Duty & VAT to U.K from Barneys HELP!!!!
  234. Pink Bianca stores ??
  235. Yuck!! This is so tack and giving Loubies fans a bad name!
  236. Anyone buy from omgoutlet.com? or clspecials.com?
  237. I brought them! Youyou black patent calf 85mm pics!
  238. anxious.. just brought a pair of YouYou's
  239. Post info on UK Sales here
  240. Please help recommend shoes for me
  241. Would Bergdorf sell me fake shoes?
  242. Different print depth of seal on sole?
  243. C'est moi booties question
  244. European Louboutin Lovers - good news!
  245. Help me find bianca 911!
  246. 2012 SF CL Play Day!
  247. HELP!!! Are there any Patent Leather Leopard Pumps still in stores???
  248. ladies please help me authenticate
  249. Returns on CL.com
  250. CL sale going on now in Paris...