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  1. I want a Diannee!
  2. Thanks to all the MJ Girls!
  3. Spearmint Blake how I love thee!
  4. Authentic Botkier - MJ seller on ebay?
  5. Medium Drawstring Hobo?
  6. What is this color?...How many style apart from classic stam???
  7. Hi Ladies!
  8. My Seventies Satchel Surprise!
  9. Ocean or Cordovan?
  10. Marc Jacobs dilemma
  11. About MBMJ Violet Tote ...
  12. About MBMJ messenger bags ...
  13. Attn New Yorkers - Pls Help!
  14. My "new" Blake
  15. Which would you choose?
  16. Which tPF expert would you choose for your personal shopper?
  17. May I present....my MJ Stones Clutch
  18. common problem: where to put your bags when dining/going out...
  19. looking for a stam.
  20. Anyone going to MJ soon?
  21. HELP! My (pre-loved) Sophia stinks of cigarettes!!!
  22. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chicago store
  23. My "new" miss marc!!
  24. Help me find MJ Blake in black with silver hardware
  25. What is YOUR favorite MJ Bag?
  26. Newbie Looking for Stam Hobo
  27. Stones Joseph Bag...wow!
  28. Black zip clutch?
  29. my grey zip clutch!
  30. opinions please?
  31. Where can I find this MBMJ bag?
  32. Looking For Capra Satchel. Did anybody see it anywhere?
  33. MBMJ Awesome Animal Satchel - Help me find it!
  34. MbMJ - Softy Faridah Handbag??
  35. Question about "The Kid"
  36. Stam - Question on the internal lining
  37. just curious...
  38. Check out these MJ Bags :P
  39. Blake Questions & Pic Request
  40. Your First Time with Marc Jacobs...
  41. What is the exact name of this color?
  42. Question for stam owners
  43. I just ordered the Christy...but, need some help as well...
  44. magic eraser for inside?
  45. Metallic Purple Stam and Quilted Almond Stam!!
  46. Pics - My First MJ - opinions??
  47. When is the best time to buy a new MJ bag?
  48. does anyone have a rose-colored mj?
  49. What's your favorite feature of an MJ bag?
  50. Blake at In-N-Out
  51. my new OCEAN QUINN BAG
  52. Do you tell people how much you spend on your MJ bag???
  53. Need Help Identifying New Bag
  54. My Almond Venetia came *pics*
  55. Mouse stam(06)
  56. MJ Sling in black
  57. Bazaar magazine
  58. Stone v. Ocean?
  59. Yellow glue on my blake - what should I do?
  60. MJ Blake & Venetia
  61. My first MJ soft calf - pics and a question
  62. My first Marc Jacobs!!!
  63. Do you have a favorite Saks SA for MJ?
  64. NM San Antonio MORE STUFF!!!!!!
  65. what kind of car does a MJ girl drive?
  66. topaz stam UPC code
  67. My FIRST MJ goodie -- the Bev clutch/wristlet
  68. I finally found a miss kaite tote!!
  69. MJ at NR Oakbrook
  70. Alfred in Slate! My first MJ bag!!!
  71. Need advice on this bag
  72. Opinion Marc Jacobs Flap Bag?
  73. Just bought my first MJ bag & a few questions
  74. where can i find this?!
  75. Any MJ stam at NR, off5th Saks or NM last call?
  76. what is the difference between Nude and Cashew?
  77. My First MJ Stam
  78. Help me with my first MbMJ
  79. Any advice on the MJ chain-handle bags?
  80. Where to find Marc by MJ
  81. I got my 1st MARC JACOBS!!!!!
  82. Marc Jacobs
  83. My Maiden Voyage Marc Jacoba Venetia Day.....
  84. Website advertised on TPF
  85. Turnlock Bowler vs Heidi
  86. Have you guys seen MJ Trish recently?
  87. I got my dream Fall MJ Bag!!!
  88. Marc Jacobs scans from Harpers Bazaar!
  89. Help me find the best deals on color stams, please
  90. MbMJ Heidi Turnlock Bag- Use a leather protector or not?
  91. Where to get MbMJ Beth Hobo
  92. quick question for all you blake lovers!
  93. Does Stams do ever go On SaLe???
  94. Who has the MJ Mouse shoes? Help!!!
  95. The newest addition to my MJ Family!
  96. Authenticate this MJ
  97. Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Bowler and Tina
  98. Has MJ gone a little crazy with the quilting?
  99. Bonus with my MBMJ Luxury Leather Beelie
  100. The name of this MJ bag?
  101. To Keep, or Not to Keep...........
  102. My first MbyMJ wallet - made in China??
  103. Marc Jacobs Vinyl Collection
  104. Where on earth have you taken your MJ?
  105. Question about Neiman Marcus Orders
  106. Question about the Venetia.....
  107. My First M By Mj Bag!!!!
  108. as most of you ladies know...
  109. MJ Sales Associate Recommendation
  110. I have to say...
  111. i want a new bag! any suggestions?
  112. Marc Jacobs Store Exclusives Bags
  113. Advice on MBMJ Delancy oversized tote
  114. Marc Jacobs sunglasses made in Italy?
  115. MJ Men's shoes
  116. socal: MJ & roscoe's meet: Sept. __?
  117. Crazy vintage price
  118. MJ Zip Clutch or MBMJ Softy Zip Clutch
  119. How do you organize your bag?
  120. Mt cherry blossom venetia got wet!
  121. Elegance Handbags.com real or fakes???
  122. A $30k MJ Bag???
  123. Help with MJ Little Stam colors?????
  124. Pls help to authenticate this MJ STAM...
  125. Big Decision - What should I do?!
  126. What's in your Marc Jacobs bag?
  127. Durability of Marc Jacobs bags
  128. Cleaning Faridah Luxy in Chalk?
  129. mbymj in paris?
  130. Almond Venetia
  131. independent retailers and real v. fake
  132. Olive large MP drama
  133. MbMJ Dr. Q - Groovee Pleat Satchel in Bordeaux!!! *PICS*
  134. marc by marc jacobs softy faridah
  135. My first Marc Jacobs bag - Beige Quilted Fabric/Ostrich Stam
  136. Come Meet My New MJ Dianee!
  137. NM 100th Anniversary Exclusive has arrived!!!!
  138. Please help me locate this bag for my mom- SIENNA IN EMERALD/KELLY GREEN
  139. MJ Boutique SA Stella
  140. Marc Jacobs on cover of Out Magazine
  141. impulse buy...
  142. Opinion: MJ Sofi Bag Dilemma......
  143. Can Stella bags still be found?
  144. somethin's cookin on mj.com.... Resort 07!!!
  145. Anyone know if Barney's warehouse Sale in LA have MJs for sale??
  146. what do we think of the alana? got it at nordstroms for only 299!!
  147. Can anyone name this color for me?
  148. Olive
  149. pictures of my new blake and multipocket!
  150. Sooooooo in love!!!!
  151. Are the BLUSH Stams still available in stores?
  152. my new MbMJ flap clutch in ocean!
  153. So disappointed! My first MJ bag came defective...
  154. Chocolate Quilted Stam????
  155. What is theis MJ bag's name, and how much is it worth?
  156. Anyone know if I can still get this bag anywhere?
  157. Quilted Nylon Tote
  158. So I just got the Kirsten Bowler Bag...
  159. Any MJ fans in the Seattle area?
  160. Is this a common problem? Help allay the fears of an MJ newb...
  161. Marc Jacobs Stam Tags
  162. HELP! I just pre-sale'd a M by MJ Softy Hobo..
  163. please authenticate my marc jacobs
  164. So I got the Posh JJ Bowler (Bordeaux)...
  165. Deep Purple Metallic Stam
  166. Old question,still curious?
  167. MJ "Mahogony" - OMG I'm in love!
  168. What was the name of this MJ? (Exclusive to Nordstrom last summer)
  169. How often does NM have sells on their Stams?
  170. suede lining question
  171. Suede Lining issue
  172. Question about stitching.
  173. Help with a MJ Rufus
  174. Can anyone help me??
  175. Metallic MJ bags
  176. Pics of the softy mighty weekender?
  177. Marc Jacobs gets a new tattoo... of himself!
  178. Anybody have this gold embossed Mj messenger bag?
  179. Should I keep my Dr.Q Groovee?
  180. Signature MJ bag?
  181. Please Help - Looking for my Bday Bag! Black Stella or Dianee...
  182. Marc by Marc Jacobs laminated clutch
  183. Marc Jacobs=my new love!
  184. HELP: Is This Real or Fake?
  185. What would be a good bag for me?
  186. Is the MJ Christy Bag Supposed to Have....
  187. tpf being used to sell fakes?
  188. MJ Clutches. Help me Decide. Pics are attached
  189. Laminated Logo Faridah opinions
  190. MJ Karolina is it still popular?
  191. Opinions on MJ Sophia Bag......
  192. Shoe sale at SF MJ? Is it not cool?
  193. Nordstrom's Redeemed the MJ Fiasco.......
  194. Opinion: MJ Christy vs. MJ Sofi????
  195. 2 Old Skool (2006-ish) MBMJ Faridahs...Please tell me which one you like better
  196. How do you care for your MJ bags?
  197. Banana-Rama, Slamma-Jamma! My New Banana Hobo - Pics!
  198. patchwork-vs-quilted stam
  199. My first marc jacobs wallet!
  200. Are MJ bags in France store cheaper?
  201. help with hudson bag
  202. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!
  203. mbmj's store...
  204. Are the handles of the quilted and patchwork stam the same?
  205. MJ stella bag
  206. MJ "teal" color for fall: Have you seen it IRL yet?
  207. Marc Jacobs Daisy Invites <3
  208. Help me decide what my first purchase should be!
  209. Did Stam go up in price??
  210. Marc Jacobs Daisy Invites
  211. Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Zip Clutch
  212. Black Patchwork stam or Ivory??
  213. Newbie to Marc Jacobs & Pretty Disappointed....
  214. What do you think?
  215. My sisters new MJ bag what season is this from?
  216. Marc jacobs stam metallic question?
  217. Funny Clip - Regis & Kelly talking about MJ bags
  218. Posh JJ vs. Botkier Bianca
  219. I touched a MJ Venetia and now I can't stop obsessing!
  220. MbyMJ Turnlock Posh New Pouchette
  221. question:: Canvas m by mj tote
  222. Am I crazy???
  223. Saw a Marc by Marc Jacobs today
  224. Newbie has a Venetia question
  225. i have never seen this style...
  226. Vegas and Marc Jacobs
  227. Question about Visa/MC
  228. Help!Turnlock Posh JJ or Totally Turnlock Faridah?
  229. black venetia with gold hardware
  230. Marc Jacobs Store London
  231. Question about the Silver Quilt Print Tote
  232. I think I may have a problem. . . .new purchases
  233. I got my new cola Ursula bowler!
  234. Can somebody post a modeling picture of the MJ Irina Signature Quilted Tote please?
  235. Quilted Usurla Bowler Owners...
  236. quality control!
  237. my new *navy* MbMJ Turnlock Posh J.J. bowler
  238. Berry Stam
  239. Nordstrom Anniv. Christy/Venetia Rec'd-Advice Needed
  240. Quick question...can you tell me what style this Mj bag is?
  241. Is the Hudson going to be available in F/W 2007?
  242. Anyone knows that Patchwork stam in bronze and gold still in the shop?
  243. Brown Stella?
  244. Nordstrom black venetia with gold hardware - have you seen it elsewhere?
  245. marc jacobs jane bag or botkier bianca
  246. Does Anyone Love Their Large Mp?
  247. m by mj softy tote
  248. NR Blake/Venetia Check
  249. Sasha
  250. how cute is this :)