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  1. MbMJ newbie / color bleeding question
  2. About patent leather ...
  3. Has anyone seen a "mini" version of the ZC?
  4. MbMJ chicory color .. how nice is it?
  5. Hi. Is the MJ Hudson still available....
  6. HELP! Wanting to buy my first STAM bag...
  7. Look At What I Bought Today!!!!
  8. Official Sale Purchases Thread - Post Your Pics Here!
  9. marc jacobs wallet
  10. Dove Stam @ NAP.
  11. Returning Sale Black Patchwork Stam to Nordies
  12. Quilted v. Non-Quilted
  13. Teri tote: GOLD or SILVER hardware?
  14. it's here! teal alyona! my camera still stinks!
  15. Anyone know where I can find WHITE CHIFFON STAM?? =*(
  16. MJ & MbyMJ 40% off sale-boutiques
  17. an early christmas gift!
  18. Pictures of my new Elastic Leather Stam as promised! <3
  19. Stam Dilemma~ Just got the Patchwork in the mail.. (Pictures included)
  20. Dye Transfer from Handles of Black Blake?
  21. Chili Hudson Lining
  22. New Marc by Marc Jacobs Boutique
  23. Does anyone know what color this Venetia is that Lil Kim is carrying?
  24. i need me some marc jacobs luggage!
  25. Ivory Stam with beige/light brown stitching?
  26. Glue on my blake - fixed
  27. Quilted Zip Clutch or Wallet in Teal....
  28. Need help on plum elastic quilted MJ bags
  29. My fantasy bag is the MbMJ TT Faridah bag in Bordeaux
  30. Calling all Stam owners: How do these bags hold up?
  31. If you could bring back any MJ from seasons past, which one would you want?
  32. MBMJ Turnlock Flap Clutch- Where to see IRL?
  33. camron diaz's bag
  34. Looking for a handbag
  35. Anyone see this included in any sale?
  36. Gray Blake Pics!
  37. MBMJ did i get a good deal?
  38. ***Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats... QUESTION!
  39. What is the style name of my new MJ?
  40. ZC in Berry or Lilac?
  41. brass hardware help
  42. Anyone who bought a venetia at the nordstrom sale? Please help!
  43. Quilted Satchel - Im So Confused! HELP!
  44. Patchwork Lou???
  45. Clueless SA...
  46. Stam patchwork or quilted stam?
  47. Turquoise Stam on Sale at NM! Pic!!!!
  48. just wondering...
  49. Cleaning Tips?
  50. which bag(s) are you targeting for 2008?
  51. My bag arrived!!
  52. where can I find a deal of Dr Q Groovee handbag?
  53. It's finally here!
  54. which onlines stores "Price Match"?
  55. Color confusion
  56. MBMJ Beelie bag ...
  57. Marc Jacobs Mix Quilted Tote vs. Chloe Paddington
  58. NEW MJ Hobo fo rme - Newbie too!
  59. Which color ZC's should I keep?
  60. Come see my first MJ!
  61. Looking for a Camila in a brown or bordeaux color
  62. MbyMJ Chocolate Color
  63. Eeee! Look what I just won!!!!
  64. MbyMJ Totally Turnlock Faridah
  65. authenticate this bag please
  66. Marc Jacobs Striping Hudson
  67. MbyMJ Totally Turnlock Rudy: Anyone have this?
  68. Leather Care for MBMJ
  69. Authentic Stam? I need an expert...
  70. SCORED big on Net-A-Porter tonight!
  71. what would you do?
  72. Help - MJ Christy
  73. mj quilted bowler
  74. I am looking for MbyMJ Black Teri tote!
  75. Net a Porter sale. HOLY CRAP. Which Stam should I buy?!?
  76. Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam In Chestnut !!!
  77. Mina
  78. MJ vs. Marc by MJ
  79. my run in with the forever21 hudson!
  80. How I got $ 2800in MJ for $450
  81. has anyone seen a Fall05 petrol stam IRL? here's mine!
  82. MJ at Macys?
  83. Does anyone know where to buy a new red or brown Venetia?
  84. MJ Quilted Patent Leather Bowler..
  85. IS THIS BAG REAL or FAKE? authenticate please!
  86. Is Stone the same as Mouse Grey? (MbMJ)
  87. has anyone ever seen the petrol stam IRL?
  88. Rose and Indigo colours?
  89. MJ Bag... Help me decide which color is a better choice.
  90. Does this MJ Venetia exist, or am I wasting my time looking?
  91. marc jacobs hudson colors-need advice
  92. Stella Dilema - I need opinions!
  93. Calf Leather Wallet/ZC colors
  94. my new icey black baby stam!
  95. Has anyone seen the MbyMJ watch pendants on sale yet?
  96. "The Kid" Club! Who's a member?
  97. WTF! $1200 MJ Bag "priced to sell"
  98. Ooooh! This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is HOT!
  99. What condition is your bag from Nordstrom sale?
  100. Patchwork Carolyn?
  101. Would you rather have....
  102. The elusive Red Tere Shopper
  103. PVC bags.
  104. Marc Jacobs The Kid
  105. I can't figure out which color Christy I have, help!
  106. does anyone have the MJ irina?
  107. Need advice - MJ Blake zipper hard to open/close
  108. could someone tell me where i can get this tote?
  109. How great to have a cake like this!
  110. MJ sweatercoat
  111. NM Last Call
  112. Fake MBMJ Lovely Aline. Wow. Unbelievable.
  113. Patchwork ZC
  114. Bloomingdales Sale
  115. I've been waiting years...
  116. What do you think of the Lovely MbMJ zip clutch?
  117. Nordstrom Sale confusion. Help!
  118. Shoot!!!I'm supposed to buying for other people!!! UPDATE EMMY SCORED
  119. i am looking for THIS bag for my sister for christmas
  120. Canadian girls - holts sale
  121. Patchwork Venetia-can the chain be removed?
  122. Question about soft calf Yogurt color...
  123. quilted or patchwork stam?
  124. Check it out, Check it out! Blatantly fake Dr. Q Groovee! (or no??)
  125. Soooo in love........
  126. Marc Jacobs Quilted Zip Clutch in Peanut $315
  127. Up to 40% off MJ @ eLuxury!!
  128. MbMJ Saddle Bags
  129. scored MJ Mix Quilted Tote in Bloomingdales presale!
  130. Little Stam in Slate?
  131. Firebird Red Turnlock Bowler and Bordeaux Zip Clutch Pics!
  132. Totally Turnlock Bowler (Black) on Ebay ~ Good starting price!
  133. stam deals?
  134. Stella question
  135. MJ knockoff in Teen Vogue??!!
  136. Looking for plum kid on sale, please help!
  137. Lining of Stam
  138. Dear Nordstrom Marc Jacobs buyers,
  139. Nordstrom Sale
  140. light grey venetia question
  141. Lovely ZC for iphone?
  142. Did you buy the black venetia from the Nordies sale?
  143. Okay guys - need your help!!!! :)
  144. teal alyona...should i or shouldn't i?
  145. Who bought a new MJ from the Nordstroms Sale
  146. The end of the year roundup! What MJs did you buy in 2007?
  147. YAY!! got a zip clutch in bordeaux for sale !
  148. Colors of Little Stam?
  149. How did I do?
  150. Saddle Brown...Whiskey
  151. Tan Dr. Q Groovee Bag on Zappos : )
  152. Anyone has the Mayfair or seen it in real life?
  153. Never seen this bag before - What do you think of this early MBMJ bag? Hot or Not?
  154. should I get this bag?
  155. Marc Jacobs Patchwork Lou in Peanut
  156. Can anyone identify this MBMJ bag?
  157. Newbie MJ Question- non-gold hardware?
  158. Ladies, please help me find a zip clutch on sale , any color around $200.00
  159. Regular Stam vs The Kid
  160. MJ SOFI - Questions!
  161. Does the Purse Store ever carry Venetia?
  162. Bag weight vs. your height & strength
  163. Large Multipocket - Less Pockets?
  164. A Dream Deferred... Please help me find a Berry Stam
  165. How much does a Venetia weigh?
  166. Marc Jacobs article/interview in the Times' Thursday Styles.
  167. Large MJ Black Multipocket with gold hardware
  168. MBMJ Flower Hobo
  169. visitin' frm main brd:would love 2 see modelling pics of mbmj totes + delancey
  170. Ingrid Bag!!!
  171. OMG!! Does this remind you of something???
  172. Is Quilted Elise a nice bag?
  173. Which black bag?? Help me decide...
  174. Safe site???
  175. wondering what this bag is called?
  176. Information on this bag..:)
  177. They are comming!
  178. Stone colour: is it grey or beige?
  179. Stella or not???
  180. A doubt about Dr. Q Groove satchel bag ...
  181. Did one of us snag this totally turnlock bowler?
  182. LITTLE STAM! Can someone help me?
  183. thoughts on this bag?
  184. Forget the $810 Dr Q Groovee, check out the $1200 one!
  185. finally! pictures of my bordeaux zc and mix quilted tote!
  186. Please help me! Looking for a small, black going out bag. Multipocket???
  187. identify this bag please
  188. Which one do you prefer? Help me!
  189. MJ Venetia Key Ring
  190. LE MJ Daisy solid perfume ring!
  191. Help! Need to find the bag my mother loves!!
  192. M by MJ in London?
  193. Is there a MJ that you're hoping to get Christmas?
  194. Does anyone have the item # for MBMJ Utility Carry All?
  195. Ladies, I have FOUND IT! The elusive MBMJ Firebird Red Turnlock Bowler is now mine!
  196. Best place of MbMJ in Las Vegas
  197. MBMJ Softy Carryall
  198. Green Stam
  199. Has this MBMJ Faridah style been discontinued?
  200. Stam Hobo anyone? Looking for pics...
  201. MJ black quilted banana hobo: anyone seen it lately?
  202. MJ Train Card Case
  203. Help with little stam
  204. Does anyone have a black Christy?
  205. What do you think will be the next hot MbMJ bag??
  206. NEED ADVICE: Fake or Authentic?
  207. Metallic Quilted Venetia? HOLY MOLY!!
  208. FIRST MJ purchase!!!!!!
  209. Best color for the Posh JJ satchel?
  210. im on vacation in florida and i miss my...
  211. Please Please help me, I'm looking for a MJ Elastic Quilted Stam in PLum and on Sale.
  212. Bad scene at the beauty shop....what would you have done?
  213. MJ Spring 08'
  214. If you were me...which MJ zip clutch would you buy? Bordeaux or Black?
  215. Movies, Commercials, TV series and Marc Jacobs bags: have you seen one lately?
  216. Marc by Marc Jacobs help
  217. MBMJ Totally Turnlock Bowler Insanity on Ebay
  218. I wanna dive into the world of Marc Jacobs!
  219. Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q large pleated tote
  220. Any good online sites/forums that sell MJ handbags?
  221. MbyMJ Lovely Luz is reminds me of the Tessa
  222. Plum kid is heeeeeeeree
  223. Marc Jacobs python Karen ?s
  224. Dude...Marc Jacobs Luggage is kinda hot!
  225. Ready to buy my first MJ Zip Clutch!
  226. margot? what season?
  227. Funny "sale" item on elux
  228. Marc By Marc Turnlock Bowler????
  229. Thoughts on MJ's Box Bag....
  230. On the hunt for a MBMJ Softy Max Tote in Black!!
  231. Does anyone own a MJ Olga Seventies Bag?
  232. Interesting article on MJ
  233. Remember the $810 Dr Q Groovee on Ebay? Well here it is again (for the 3rd time!)
  234. Any Petrol Blake sightings??
  235. A ? about the large multi-pocket
  236. FINALLY....its here! (pics)
  237. Just bought a Marc Jacobs Heidi Bowler
  238. Venetia Lovers
  239. MJ Stams (Tipped v. not)
  240. Help! MJ Sunglasses :(
  241. Blake Lovers - How do you deal with the bag's heaviness?
  242. incase you missed MJ on "the hills" last night, here a clip from the show!
  243. Which MJ bag do you use the most?
  244. Do anyone own the Marc By Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Shopper?
  245. I'm so jealous of Lauren Conrad!!!
  246. False alarm: No softy, turnlock faridah
  247. so many sales! i can't decide!
  248. Marc Jacobs on The Hills!
  249. Help for my 1st MJ bag!
  250. What do you think of this colour?