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  1. Do you think the MbyMJ line has an effect on the regular MJ line?
  2. My VERY first MJ!!!
  3. Marc Jacobs multi pocket shoulder bag in Peach
  4. funny :) something to make you ladies smile :)
  5. Pics of new yellow case...you know the one!
  6. would you call a doctor please? it's operation!
  7. I can tell...
  8. Feelin' Sap-py
  9. I think I've come to a conclusion with my love for handbags...
  10. Is the Marc Jacobs Noel style handbag considered an undesirable style?
  11. Scored A Sweet MJ Deal not a bag But Mj None the less
  12. What bag is this?
  13. Which clutch do you like better and why?
  14. Dr. Q Groovee Satchel - worth paying full price?
  15. Dr. Q Delancey...at Tarjay?
  16. How would you use this?
  17. Peacock Anouk, anyone looking for one?
  18. Trompe L' Oeil case in acid yellow??? would you?
  19. MJ trunkshow 2008 with freebie
  20. Does anyone have this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag?
  21. Flat Cases - New Colors!
  22. M by MJ colours
  23. Its URGENT !!!Dears Help Me !! URGENT 911!!
  24. Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo Strap
  25. Your non-MJ / MbMJ purchases... Come on... you'll be forgiven ;)
  26. My longest HG ever...the Peacock Blake (pics)!
  27. How Do u ...of ur MJ's Bags ..??
  28. Marc Jacobs Stam Bag
  29. Hi! I'm new here and think I fell in love..
  30. MJ christina bag
  31. If you use a zip clutch and a key pouch, what's in the key pouch?
  32. Hi ladies..I am new here!!
  33. Coveting the new grape colored bags...
  34. Buying MBMJ in Canada
  35. Pics of my TTL Faridah in Fire...finally!
  36. Hs anyone seen the Alyona in Black/python????OMG
  37. Is this real?
  38. Please come meet my new MbMJ's!!!
  39. Help me choose, Dark Grey or Fuchsia Stam???
  40. Marc Jacobs Selma
  41. MBMJ Lovely Aline or Lovely Lily?
  42. Anyone purchase the pretty nylon tote???
  43. Quilted Blake Depression
  44. Here's my new MJ "Peet" bag that I ended up getting at a great price at Nordie's!
  45. What are these shoes called?!
  46. FYI: Found a great deal on a stam!
  47. MJ Blake vs Venetia, which do you prefer and why?
  48. Persistence and luck = PAYDAY!!!
  49. Addiction help, or How to come all the way out of the closet
  50. My new MbMJ =)
  51. Do you own the MBMJ Totally Turn-Lock Teri Shoulder Bag?
  52. Should I get this?
  53. opinions needed please re: mixing colors of bags and wallets
  54. The Purse Fairy Wears a FedEx Uniform
  55. Fedex deliverd. . .and it sounded like Rock & Roll!
  56. Cutest hoodie ever...
  57. Please, please, please help me find my HG!
  58. Cobbler in NY
  59. How do I find a MBMJ Faridah in midnight?
  60. Please Help With Advice On Ivory Stam Upkeep
  61. handbaghappy - Your MBMJ Tote
  62. adopting a putty...
  63. new MJ sophia?
  64. How much is that baggie in the window?
  65. Quilted Venetia
  66. What would u Name ppl...!!
  67. My zip clutch collection!
  68. Have u guys seen it?
  69. MBMJ softy percy tote
  70. Question about first season Stella in black
  71. Timing is Everything!
  72. i have a question, where do i find..
  73. mbmj lovely aline color decision...
  74. Prezzies on the Porch!!
  75. I've joined the "I can't believe I did it!" club
  76. I need help deciding...
  77. Please help me find a MJ Flat Case. Please, Please
  78. My first MBMJ!!!
  79. Marc by Marc Jacobs midnight Faridah
  80. Quilted Long wallet
  81. Anyone know the name of the only RED purse on marcjacobs.com?
  82. Which New Styles do You Think will Become the "New" Classics?
  83. Couple of small Marc Jacobs items...MBMJ/Daisy
  84. are MJ stellas still popular?? r/o
  85. Daisy bags by MJ from Sephora
  86. Cleaning my MBMJ
  87. Just got my very first zip clutch!!!!
  88. Help me Decide - Please!
  89. Died and Gone to MJ Heaven!
  90. Get your Grape Groove(e) on! Come see the Grapes of my Wrath!
  91. What do you like best about Marc Jacobs bags?
  92. Lilac Mercer On Sale At Saks Today
  93. Where can I find this MbMJ clutch?
  94. OK, I hold all you ladies on TPF responsible, LOL!!!!
  95. Lil' cutie is here!!
  96. OMG, I did it. . .*faints*
  97. MJ Oversized Magazine Clutch
  98. What do you think of these bags?
  99. Peacock satchel is HERE!!!!
  100. lovely aline satchel
  101. Hey! Let's beef up our new reference thread!
  102. Presenting Miss Fergie! *lots of pics*
  103. wash me!
  104. Emerald Bleeker & her new friend Grape Clutch
  105. Juicy and Teal-ilicious
  106. Sophia or Stella?
  107. MJ quilted Elise in topaz
  108. Too late to get MbMJ Dr. Q Hillier in Tan??
  109. MJ and MBMJ fall shoes, I'm impressed
  110. best MJ for travel
  111. Too Many Stams, So Little Time (and Money!!)
  112. Too Many Stams, So Little Time (and Money!!)
  113. Posh Turn-Lock Dot Satchel - where?
  114. Not So Cool--Opinions Please
  115. I'm giggling
  116. So I got my Black Zoe today...
  117. Navy vs. Indigo ZC? How different are they?
  118. Violet Stella is here!!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. What was your first MJ?
  120. Yes!
  121. What boots with the Black Smooth Stam?
  122. She's Here!!!!! Fuchsia Stam-I'm in love!!
  123. MJ eyewear? where?
  124. OK Girls, I'm Caving!!!
  125. MJ in san diego: help me plan some shopping!
  126. HELP with Bag Borrow Steal Striping Tote
  127. i Guess its One of The Greatest MJ's Bag!!!!
  128. "Little Bag" May Edge out "Birdie"
  129. Smelly purse/Barneys Sale!
  130. Fall/Winter 08 bag???
  131. I'm so blue ....
  132. It's Been Such a Baggy Day
  133. Wow! Huge improvements to MJ Web page...
  134. Issue with clashing hardware, how do you handle?
  135. I am publicly announcing to MJ girls that...
  136. Has anyone seen - MBMJ Softy Messenger Bag?
  137. New to MJ! Pan AM anybody??
  138. Icy Taupe Stam
  139. I got it!!!
  140. Mercer Blake in Putty
  141. Hutton Satin Clutch?
  142. New to Marc Jacobs, here's my first bag! *pics*
  143. Agendas Don't Come with Pages?
  144. My mbyMJ hillier in saddle has jean color transfer on it!! help please
  145. My new MARC by MJ bag!! (Pictures)
  146. Advice needed...hep me.
  147. MbMJ Dark Portobello vs. Mouse Gray... can anyone compare?
  148. ZC: Nayy vs Quilted Oak
  149. Need help with ebay pics...
  150. Help! Which pink bag?!
  151. She's here, she's here!!
  152. The Sienna hobo
  153. mj repairs - how long?
  154. Patchwork Satchel...not a keeper
  155. So worried.......
  156. Whoa - I DO like this F/W 08 bag - Coco on BG
  157. Dustbag/Sleeper bag Q
  158. My first MJ.....to keep or not? Please help me decide *PICS*
  159. How do you store your MJ collection?? Got pics??
  160. attack of the green thing: 2008
  161. Which bag wear to AM wedding?
  162. MBMJ Dr. Q Wallet
  163. Help me out please!!!!!!!urgent!!!!!
  164. Marc Jacobs Large Guinevere
  165. How Do You Use Your ZC?
  166. Holy handbag
  167. What is your "go to" MJ?
  168. Loooove my new Quinn!
  169. Hi looking for this MbyMJ *black*nylon tote rop
  170. Marc Jacobs Trompe l'il Large Flat Case: Should I...?
  171. looking for navy & salmon ZCs
  172. Where did this Groovee come from?
  173. What's going on with MbMJ bags?
  174. Which is a better present?
  175. ebay disappointment
  176. worth the money?
  177. ** My FIRST Marc Jacobs Handbag **
  178. Dr Q Shorty Tote
  179. Marc by MJ Store (Hawaii)?
  180. Would you buy it?
  181. The Attack of the Green Blakes!
  182. I just ordered the NEW Hillier Hobo!
  183. Guess whose HG is in her hands!
  184. No striptease for my new bag-she's easy! Plus my first mj family picture!
  185. Pink and Black Clutch
  186. I'm so confused
  187. I'm indecisive ... I love them all! Help me choose!
  188. Check out the cutie that I just scored!
  189. Look what I found at Saks!
  190. BOOYAH! another lil' precious!
  191. Anyone have modeling photos of the Elise?
  192. Neiman Marcus and MbMJ fall 2008 bags!!!
  193. Hot summer - should we make a little strip??
  194. MbMJ airliner magazine clutch lining
  195. Help!! Please assist in Dressing me for a Wedding =)
  196. Indigo Sophia, I love you!!
  197. Do you think this is a classic color or is it a trend?
  198. i just got ....
  199. HELP! Can you identify this bag?
  200. Ebay Guide to Spotting a Fake MJ
  201. Oo! Can it be my turn????
  202. Feeling Pale. Feeling Grey. What do you feel about this.....
  203. How do you care for your MJ bags?
  204. My birthday present! YAY!
  205. Opinions about this MJ bag, please ...
  206. i think a congrats are in order...
  207. Difference between Soft Calf and Mercer leathers - PLEASE HELP!
  208. Does anyone know where to find the small Dr. Q Hillier Hobo?
  209. Recommend a MJ Crossbody?
  210. Wheee, iam on a roll ! flat case coming to me for 103.00 from nordies
  211. Is Bluefly a reliable online store?
  212. I see alot of MJ back from 3-4 years ago BNWT on ebay.
  213. Imagine one of these MbMJ jacquard bags ...
  214. Grape Dr. Q Groovee
  215. lining of MJ bags question
  216. Is this MJ??
  217. The weirdest thing happened...(ZC story)
  218. can someone help me?
  219. Cranberry Field
  220. Faridah size
  221. So excited! just scored a rose ZC for 137.00 from saks
  222. What are my chances..
  223. can some1 help me authenticate these stams?
  224. Sweetie Clutch Marc Jacobs
  225. MBMJ Airliner Wallet vs. Zip Clutch
  226. Lock It Up!
  227. hotter than kate moss....
  228. I'm going Insane!!
  229. MbMJ Heidi Zipper Pull/Hardware Q
  230. my turn to have one of those guessing threads...
  231. Hubby delivering 6 MJ bags in Manhattan right now!
  232. live.discount-what is it?
  233. In a VERY big pickle!
  234. My ebay purchase is here!
  235. What bag is this?
  236. Is this available in the US yet?
  237. I know I am banned until end of Q3 but...
  238. Came home to THREE boxes (& updated family picture)
  239. off the deep end
  240. Is this an anouk??
  241. Suggestions?
  242. Marc Jacobs Store in LAS VEGAS - I need info
  243. Authenticate This Marc by Marc Jacobs
  244. Ahhhh....just got my first MJ!!!!!!!!
  245. Petrol Stam
  246. is this a MARC JACOBS bag?
  247. Marc by Marc Jacobs
  248. I just dropped my ZC...
  249. Anyone know in what colors the Karen will come out?
  250. Q. about sales tax and buying from the MJ boutiques