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  1. Your 5 Highly Recommended Stuff
  2. I won a Saks shopping spree!
  3. how long does it take sephora.com returns to process?
  4. saks shipping to Australia
  5. Where can I buy ISSA in New York City?
  6. Seattle Shopping
  7. Sold out upon check out
  8. Horrid Horrid Consignment shop experience !!
  9. Things to buy in Hong Kong and Hoi Chi Minh City
  10. does live chat reps get commission?
  11. Defective Product... Need Advice
  12. Bloomingdales Price Match
  13. Any input on Restoration Hardware sheets?
  14. Is Anyone Familiar With Upscale Consignment Store in Ft. Lauderdale?
  15. ASOS.com... why are the prices so inflated?
  16. Shopping for Deals- Taiwan? Taipei?
  17. Experience with Verseau Custom Made?
  18. Does anyone know when Saks will be sending out the gift card we earned in 2010?
  19. Unable to get on eBags.com, what's happened?
  20. Victoria's Secret Shady Policy
  21. does saks.com price match?
  22. Bachlorette party/lingerie gifts?
  23. Nordstrom PM backorder: could i pick up at store instead?
  24. Any Hirsh double stamps promo coming up?
  25. Shopping in NYC
  26. No more shipping for Saks First Card Holders?
  27. Gift receipts
  28. Longchamp and personalized bags
  29. Would You Buy Mikimoto Pearls or New Clothing?
  30. Harrods and shipping to the US! Duties?!
  31. Lord & Taylor customer service?
  32. Is it possible to adjust previous purchases with a Nordstrom gift card?
  33. Tobi Backorder...will it ever be in stock?
  34. SWIRL.COM sends damaged items
  35. Nordstrom Fail :(
  36. has anyone ever used "smart labels" for returns
  37. Having a bad experience with Opening Ceremony
  38. Orlando shopping - give me ideas on where to get deals!
  39. Returning to Madewell
  40. bloomingdales
  41. Chantecaille.com Customer Service Headache
  42. Error on Neiman Marcus Shoe Listing
  43. South Coast Plaza/USPS nightmare HELP!
  44. Mac cosmetics shipping...
  45. What other places can I sell my bag besides yoogi's closet?
  46. Things that make you go hmmmm....
  47. Help With Shopping Choices
  48. Close Bloomingdales account and open again?
  49. weird shopping experience today
  50. Gilt quality?
  51. If you buy a sale/clearance bag do you expect it to be perfect?
  52. Nordstrom Rack Groupon question...
  53. returning a jacket to spiegel a nightmare
  54. How to purchase from oversea company which don't ship internationally?
  55. Overcharged at Bendel: an honest mistake or a scam?
  56. Online consignment stores
  57. Canadians - which package receiving companies are you using?
  58. Saks.com order messed up? Any1 have this happen to them?
  59. Neiman Marcus refuses to free ship $460 shoes
  60. Shopping in St. Thomas??
  61. Who uses Yelp.com here?
  62. any EGC events for saks or neimans coming up?
  63. Steve Madden website putting shoes on "sale" at full price
  64. Gilt final sale
  65. Anyone in US shopped on departementfeminin.com?
  66. Two Premium Outlets in Orlando - no Prime Outlets, anymore!!
  67. Cleaning up after yourself...Do You?
  68. Neiman vs. Bergdorf Sales
  69. UPS 2nd day air taking 4 days?!
  70. current Loehmann's coupons - rant
  71. positive experience at apple store
  72. UPS & JCrew have me steaming mad
  73. Jo Malone anyone?
  74. 2011 VW Jetta on Gilt?
  75. Jewelry brands at QVC/HSN vs Nordstrom?
  76. Neiman Marcus 'Style Radar' - what is this???
  77. Has anybody shopped at bestbuyeyeglasses.com?
  78. Lena LaRose...anyone else have problems???
  79. Retailers eating costs of lost shipments - surprising!
  80. Help with Louisvaroma
  81. Bloomingdales Online
  82. Sweater string broke off
  83. Shipping Confusion...Non-Ebay related...Misleading??
  84. Consignment shops in US?
  85. Saks has lost me as a client! Crazy story.
  86. Seething over "Seacret" and their BS
  87. Amazon Prime shipping USPS
  88. Beware Credit Card Fraud and BCBG associates
  89. What do I want for Christmas?
  90. Have you bought from bagambition.com?
  91. usps says they delivered my package DESPERATELY need advice!
  92. DC shopping: secrets, recommendations?
  93. Help! I need your opinion. Should I buy it now or wait for 2nd markdown?
  94. Neiman Marcus markdown timing
  95. Polyvore and Stila are THE WORSE!
  96. Nordstrom online charges tax?
  97. theoutnet.com still "processing" my order?
  98. So annoyed with neiman marcus online!!
  99. Very angry at McQueen online
  100. help with gifts needed
  101. I'm having trouble getting on lastcall.com
  102. STILL WAITING for my Bluefly package!!!!!
  103. AJM Fashions
  104. ugh, darn you mailman!
  105. What's your favorite perfume? (Christmas Gift Help!)
  106. help! need advice regarding rubylane seller
  107. Anyone familiar with FragranceNet.com
  108. Anybody familiar with Moschino: Cheap and chic?
  109. Annoyed by net a porter
  110. HELP with Christmas gift for boyfriend
  111. UPS lost my Hautelook package :(
  112. Billion Dollar Babes Terrible Customer Service
  113. 6pm.com's Fluctuating Prices?
  114. Neiman's Mid-Day Dash Hooey
  115. Cavern of Fakes
  116. Thumbs up for Ralphlauren.com
  117. SAs in Europe vs SAs in the US?
  118. Does neiman marcus ship with signature confirmation?
  119. Luisaviaroma
  120. Neiman Marcus Website
  121. Showcase what you scored in the seasonal sale
  122. I hate Bluefly.com right now...
  123. Dillard's Outlet....another great place to shop!
  124. Thrift store in Singapore?
  125. ? about American Girl
  126. Shopbop USA shipping
  127. Vera Wang Lav"A"nder?
  128. Macy's Family&Friends-What did you buy today?
  129. Why on earth does Shopbop not do exchanges?
  130. LaSenza isn't processing my payment!
  131. Which is cheaper: Shopping in Milan vs Singapore?
  132. Juicy Fifth Avenue Closed due to Bedbugs
  133. Ann's Fabulous Finds
  134. talbots outlet?
  135. Anyone heard of this website "No More Rack"?
  136. do you get crazy on Sale?
  137. Fine N Funky??
  138. Do Saks do price match??
  139. What site sells unique, cute, a little luxurious mommy & me gifts?
  140. ssense.com customs/duties question
  141. Shipping Forwarder
  142. Vintage Shops!?
  143. Gucci throw blanket $99 @DSW !
  144. Annoyed w/ Luna Boston
  145. Cyber Monday!!
  146. Show Us Your Black Friday Deals!!
  147. Black Friday - Why do YOU do it?
  148. Net-A-Porter Sale?
  149. Does Bluefly do price match?
  150. Fashionphile shoppers please help!
  151. Outlets-black friday-open at 10
  152. Sales....
  153. New shoes, jewelry & bags from Saks
  154. Rant: Karmaloop
  155. Shopkick - Worth the effort?
  156. Has anyone ever received a package from France through Colissimo?
  157. Has anyone ever done business with MaraFashion.eu
  158. After 30 days, store credit ONLY?!
  159. houston outlet blackfridy weekend
  160. What do you all want for Christmas? Christmas Gift Wish List
  161. Has anyone ever done business with this company?
  162. Where can I find a mid range handbag store in Houston, TX?
  163. Looking for perfect $100 gift for sisters 30th bday
  164. Stores that price match
  165. BagBorrowOrSteal - do you use them?
  166. Members in China: Did you always get dinged with customs?
  167. HELP!!! about DVF.com CS
  168. UPS delivery
  169. My Experience Buying a Bag from BBOS / Avelle
  170. Anyone shopped ebags before??
  171. Anyone Ever Have to Wait for Deposit from NAP to Verify CC a/c?
  172. Nordies would NOT price match??!!
  173. Map showing where orders have shipped to
  174. Coupon Codes for Lulu's
  175. do you like to shop for something specific or just see what you find?
  176. Shipping to Canada with UPS
  177. Portero website???
  178. frustrating! designer/ web site help won't answer! about to lose my business
  179. Shopbop pricematch
  180. Bloomingdales - Return Policy? vanojr9
  181. cartier watch vs balenciaga city??
  182. Haute Look-received items I never ordered!Anyone else?
  183. Discount Dance supply return policy? My goof
  184. question-air.com
  185. SHOPBOP Shipping Preferences to Canada something to consider... or not?
  186. Who else got their NM Christmas book today?
  187. San Diego Fashion Valley Bloomingdale's Help needed!
  188. Post your DSW deals!
  189. what this store called
  190. Dash nyc
  191. Valentino "Daphne" structured satchel at Nordies
  192. Need ideas for 18th birthday gift !
  193. Luna Boston returns
  194. Elliott Lucca Last year designs
  195. BG & NM - What's Up?
  196. Bloomie's Credit Card: Can It Be Used at in-store LV?
  197. Retailers Drawing a Line on Returns
  198. Outlets for Midnight Madness Black Friday?
  199. Shopping at Daffy's?
  200. Sample Sales and the Like
  201. what do you want in autumn
  202. 25park.com??????
  203. Beware of changing prices on Swirl by Daily Candy's website
  204. Luxury Shopping in Japan - Recommended? or not
  205. Anyone ever ordered from Amazon?
  206. Holts wrapped up a gift for me with the security tag still on the item!
  207. WARNING-BCBG! (Dispute advice needed)
  208. horrible experience at aritzia
  209. Question about Blue Mercury
  210. Neiman Marcus Last Call
  211. Gilt Groupe /Rue La La for Pre-Owned?
  212. Where did Victoria's Secret clearance go??
  213. Has anyone used luxuriousvintage.com??
  214. Nordstrom mystery shop to open in soho (NYC)
  215. Neiman Marcus Last Call Deals
  216. Any Experiences with Forward by Revolve?
  217. Rant for TNT Woman/Blu
  218. Legit? ShopAustraliaBoots.com
  219. Solutions for Poor / Bad Customer Service
  220. How many of you purchase luxury handbags online?
  221. chanel sunnies
  222. Has anyone shopped at footnotesonline.com before
  223. An Open Letter to (some) SA's
  224. Hermes kelly flat
  225. What happened to......
  226. Received a BlueFly handbag without security tag?
  227. Why does Nordstrom forward online orders to stores?
  228. Where can I find (printable) coupon for Macy's one day sale?
  229. Nordstrom Rack is Now Online!
  230. Nordstrom Rack in NYC
  231. Can't decide!
  232. xxxxx
  233. National Jean Company
  234. Overwhelmed by options?
  235. Tiffany & Co. keys: Fad or Trend?
  236. UK Fashion's Night In - 1st Nov 2010
  237. Zara jacket wanted!!
  238. USPS sent my parcel to the wrong country.. !!
  239. Refund tfrom Lunaboston.com
  240. Tomas Maier Gives Expired Tea to Special Customers
  241. Does Forever21.com send out a shipping notification?
  242. Australian TPFers Have You Ever Had Irrecoverable Missing Parcel?
  243. New shopping website- Bags Bonanza!
  244. etiquettes while shopping!
  245. Have you used your Gap Groupon?
  246. Feedback on x
  247. Anyone used Japan deputy services?
  248. Prada is this the Real Deal
  249. can't decide! what would you choose?
  250. Does anyone know what happened to UK's Always Authentic?