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  1. Clean these shoes
  2. Anouk
  3. patriot pat - which size?
  4. Is there a way to "refurbish" my riki?
  5. Any special instructions for patent?
  6. Is there any difference
  7. liquid patent and suede
  8. Satin V Leather
  9. A Quick Question....
  10. Grease stain removal
  11. Nappa (normal solid leather) VS Embossed or Snakeskin like leather?
  12. Ramona: Should be a cobbler able to fix it?
  13. Choo pink dust bags
  14. I think that my ramona's color is fading
  15. Tarnished grommets on Ramona
  16. Help! how to clean the juice stain on my mahala?
  17. How to clean nude patent leather???
  18. How to care for my jimmy choo shoes?
  19. how to clean / restore name plate?
  20. Apple Garde and Metal Hardware
  21. Dyeing a JC bag?
  22. Ramona vs Riki
  23. Shoe sizing?
  24. Mrs. O's pumps?
  25. Best way to clean my used Riki
  26. Care Of Off White Drummed Leather-Any Suggestions?
  27. Nameplate on Textured Platinum bags. Pix.
  28. Zippers on the Maddy/Mahala
  29. Is there a way to remove scratches from a EB Maddy?
  30. Jimmy Choo Metallic Python Mahala
  31. Navy Drummed Riki Changing Colors
  32. Discuss the Jimmy Choo Newbies Guide
  33. Please read me FIRST for Choo Basics and FAQs! - The Choobies Guide
  34. Cleaning and Protecting the INSIDE of your Jimmy Choo
  35. Cleaning and Protecting the OUTSIDE of your Jimmy Choo
  36. Purse Insert Reference - Keep that bag clean!
  37. Jimmy Choo Leather Guide
  38. White bags...Are they too high maintenance?
  39. Liquid JC's Practicality
  40. Authenticity Card?
  41. Liquid Patent Mahala - cracked surface
  42. Smudged/scratched my new Riki!
  43. Can the Mahala go over the shoulder?
  44. Question on Leather on Saba
  45. Choo bangles?
  46. JC Chocolate Leather Saba--available every season?
  47. what's the difference?
  48. Key snap and Zipper pull questions....
  49. No interior lilac plate?
  50. JC Repairs ?
  51. How Do You Store Your Precious Baby's!!
  52. Jimmy Choo Python Care
  53. HELP! ink stain on my new white patent Rio!!
  54. I'm afraid of my Python Mahala and my Turquoise is thirsty!
  55. Oil stain alert: Help!
  56. Hopeless Off-White Rania??
  57. How to protect/clean moleskin lining?
  58. authenticity card on bags?
  59. Ramona help please! Does your Ramona sag?!
  60. Repairing leather?
  61. How do I remove a perfume odor?
  62. Difference Between Malena and Mahala????
  63. Pre-conditioner treatment for Choo's?
  64. Just Curious...Ramona Problems?
  65. Which leathers used for black Ramonas this season?
  66. Question for leather handbag experts
  67. Hardware Refinishing?
  68. my rikki bag does not come w/ a card?
  69. Scratched hardware...is there anything you can do to repair it?
  70. Protecting pony hair--Applegard?
  71. NeeD INFO ASAP about pony hair, please....
  72. Metallic Suede Question
  73. Jimmy Choo Suede Care...Help Please
  74. White Ramona- do they get dirty?
  75. Hardware scratches, prevention and cure
  76. Jimmy Choo Metallic protecting & cleaning: please help
  77. Watersnake trim question
  78. Problem with the hardware on my Rikki
  79. What kind of keyring fits the snap...
  80. Questions about hardware and a couple of other ?
  81. OK fess up...what's the soup can break in trick???
  82. HELP! What is difference between maddy and mahala?
  83. Cans of soup and beans.....why?
  84. Sizing of JC flats?
  85. Nappa Leather?
  86. Suggested leather cleaner from my SA
  87. What's the process for repairing a JC?
  88. Smoke inhalation
  89. Pony vs Calfskin Leather?
  90. What size should I order in JC flats?
  91. You hoo... Calling Liquid Patent Mahale Owners!
  92. My Alex bag's gold hardware has gone weird
  93. Can we talk about JChoo handbag care and characteristics of the leather?
  94. JC Disco shoes sizing?
  95. Newbie wondering about Jimmy Choo shoe sizes?
  96. Note RE: Stock Photos Not Matching Actual Bag
  97. Ramona Size Question
  98. treatment for python bag??
  99. Do you treat your leather JC bags with a water repellent spray?
  100. Opinion on most durable Choo material?
  101. Fake vs. real maddy/mahala
  102. repairing a jimmy choo
  103. small ink stain
  104. Help! Choo leather in distress. Can I fix it?
  105. Fake JC Ramona's/Rikis - What to Watch for.....
  106. Keeping Jimmy clean
  107. Jimmy Choo owners...care question