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  1. My very first Linea Pelle... I love it!
  2. Need help deciding.....
  3. Shimmer Sale Reveal!
  4. Saw some interesting LPs at NMLC!
  5. Vanessa Large Hobo
  6. New Year New Accessory
  7. Linea Pelle Stores or Warehouse?
  8. wanna see my gawwgess lp family in action? come see!!
  9. Holiday Shimmer Sample Sale
  10. Color help?!
  11. How bad should imperfections be?
  12. How do the new LP cuffs fit?
  13. Can anyone tell me what linea pelle bag this is?
  14. Linea Pelle Leather Fraying Question
  15. pyramid cuffs - gold/brass rubs off
  16. Can't get into any LP page!
  17. Lovin Luna Boston!
  18. hey check out the deals at blooming bloomingdales!!
  19. Jacklin Sample Sale
  20. Dylan large bowler in cognac anyone?
  21. large speedy in olive or medium tote in azure
  22. Dylan French Wallet?
  23. My first LP and I am in looooove...
  24. dylan large speedy
  25. Dylan Long Zip Wallet Question
  26. Dylan Medium Tote vs. Dylan Zip Tote and Teak vs. Scotch
  27. Linea Pelle belts - Are they worth the price?
  28. bottom of bag, separate?
  29. Special promos for tPF members!!!
  30. New Heart Keychains
  31. Linea Pelle Piper...available anywhere?
  32. LP Sample Sale this Saturday
  33. Dare to Dylan?
  34. Teak or Scotch
  35. Parrot?
  36. Deciding between Cognac or Persimmon.
  37. Dylan Smoke Grey Speedy
  38. My first LP...LOVE it!!!
  39. Dylan Folding Clutch -- Convince Me!
  40. Question abt the Dylan Wallet
  41. Special Linea Pelle promo for tPF starts today!
  42. Colors
  43. Dylan Speedy on Bluefly
  44. Vanessa pre-sale!!! But, um, where are they?
  45. Please help identify the color of this dylan long speedy
  46. Shoulder straps...
  47. My Dylan Zip Tote is out for delivery!!!
  48. Question about LP's Hollywood/Celebrity Promotion
  49. giving away a linea pelle dust bag
  50. Is Dylan Croco discontinued?
  51. Ashley in Marine blue
  52. Dylan Zip Tote...
  53. Aster Alice Thursday coupon
  54. Dylan large bowler..
  55. Sample sale going now!
  56. Linea Pelle Black Zip Tote
  57. Help needed with choosing a color for Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote
  58. Dylan Shoulder bag....should I?
  59. Goodbye to my Turquoise Croc Dylan
  60. Just pre-ordered.. No idea what I'm doing.
  61. You CRAZY LP gals finally got to me :)
  62. Finally cracked!
  63. Large Lola?
  64. Can't tell the difference Cognac & Scotch
  65. To set things straight
  66. NEWBIE Question!!
  67. Interior - zebra or brown????
  68. Black Dylan Tote Interior??
  69. Newbie here...help!
  70. Warning - Pure Allure Boutique RIP OFF
  71. Dylan Medium Tote- Colours & Backordering?
  72. New To Linea Pelle. Help!
  73. Amethyst small messager bag, good deal?
  74. New Style Dylans in the New Colors Available @ LP !
  75. My first LP! Purple Dylan Large Speedy
  76. Dylan Medium Tote - Lots of Pics for Reference
  77. LP on Purse Blog Savvy...
  78. Love my new Dylan tote!
  79. My poor lola
  80. Quick Poll-What color Dylan Folding Clutch??
  81. Two Linea Pelle Bracelets Available
  82. ~*~ Linea Pelle Chat thread! ~*~
  83. Whatever Lola wants....
  84. Dylan Shoulder Bag on its way!!
  85. Linea Pelle on-line
  86. Come See my New Dylan Croc Shoulder Bag in Topaz
  87. come see my freshly painted dylan wallet
  88. Allow me to present Ms. Persimmon Linea Pelle Dylan Large Bowler and a story
  89. Hi Everyone. Newbie in Love with Linea leather.........
  90. Linea Pelle at Pure Allure Boutique?
  91. Just a few of the new bags
  92. System for the Dylan folding tote
  93. Help Please-Dylan Croco SHoulder Bag in Topaz...Should I?
  94. Fall Dylan shoulder bags sold out in scotch??
  95. New bags rec'd!
  96. are there any LC Totes by Lauren Conrad left anywhere? help!
  97. Fall line - when??
  98. Newbie waiting for 1st LP, any info?
  99. Looking for a GREAT deal on LP Dylan Zip Tote in Scotch
  100. I made a decision!
  101. ~Linea Pelle Sale Starts Monday 8/10 @ 8am PST~
  102. Luna Boston LP September 26th Event LIVE !
  103. LP Newbie w/ Questions...
  104. cognac or topaz croc?
  105. freying edges on dylan
  106. Dylan Zip Tote/Dylan Medium Tote
  107. LP Hot Item of the Month
  108. Bamboo bracelet
  109. Recieved a seriously defective Janis Shoulder bag from LP site!
  110. dylan medium tote
  111. lola
  112. Seeking Black Linea Pelle Dylan Tote
  113. Linea Pelle in Dallas, TX?
  114. weight of linea pelle vs rebecca minkoff
  115. Fall Dylan Zip Tote - different zipper?
  116. new to lp-dylan tote question
  117. BCA Tote - Stiff Handles
  118. Color changes to darker after sun exposure??
  119. Pre Order question
  120. 25% off Alyssa
  121. My Lovely Dylan Double Handle
  122. dylan shoulder bag comparison?
  123. clutches 30% off this week only
  124. Response to magnet issue and iPhones
  125. Anyone have pictures of a cognac small speedy with strap?
  126. Does any know where I can find a black dylan messanger??
  127. ?: Confused on How LP Leathers Should Look After A Number of Wearings
  128. Summer Solstice Sample Sale now on!!
  129. Please help me choose my first Linea Pelle bag!! =)
  130. Week 2 winner here! (Lola Large Tote)
  131. Thoughts on the Coconut color
  132. LP Croco Question
  133. Some LP at Off 5th
  134. Large Bowler Shape Question
  135. new alyssas?
  136. LP Appreciation
  137. Question on leather types...
  138. Who's excited about new fall colors.. any pre-orders?
  139. 40-50% off Linea Pelle
  140. Stores!!!
  141. Purse Light Key Chain
  142. Coconut Dylan Large Bowler for a STEAL!
  143. Thank You Dani !!
  144. Found a 40% off coupon I had I forgot about!
  145. Lauren Conrad
  146. my desperate search :(
  147. Recently Got a LC Clutch Mad Cheap and Love it!
  148. Code for Stefanibags.com 25% off
  149. LP at TJ Maxx???
  150. Come see my LP family!
  151. a question about brand new dylan small messenger in cognac
  152. LP Lola Shoulder Handbag
  153. Have you used LP's new referral program yet?
  154. New to Linea Pelle- Next Sample Sale?
  155. Dylan Bowler straps
  156. dylan small messenger
  157. Black Dylan Zip Tote is available now..who got it?
  158. Pre order Dylans
  159. who else is drooling over the dylan fall pre-orders
  160. Dylan Croco and Double Zippy on Gomatta Girls
  161. LP on Hautelook
  162. any modeling pics of dylan zip tote?
  163. Celeb & bag ID - is it LP?
  164. Another Dylan Tote Reveal
  165. leaf long dylan speedy, anyone has it?
  166. New LP bag?
  167. Am I a horrible person....
  168. Andrew Cotton's Guest Blog Today!
  169. has anyone ever used a purseket in lp for structure?
  170. Reveal - Dylan Double Handle in Black
  171. 50% off Linea Pelle Dylan Long Speedy
  172. Celebrties with Linea Pelle
  173. Dylan SS Clutch in Lime and Camel Reveal!!
  174. purple heaven,,& my handpainted zebra dylan wallet!
  175. Dylan Tote in Camel Reveal!
  176. When are LP giveaway winners announced?
  177. come see my rainbow of "properly fed" lps
  178. How much can a dylan bowler hold?
  179. Lime Green Dylan Folding Tote
  180. Some GREEN for Earth Day today! And a question...
  181. where can i find this white skinny belt
  182. Do you like distressed leather?
  183. Dylan Zip Tote Strap Length Question
  184. Earth Day Dylan Sample sale...Axewoman
  185. tara reid
  186. shoulder strap for dylan bowler
  187. LP sighting on "How I Met Your Mother"
  188. How heavy are the dylans?
  189. Need some advice on the size of Dylan Crocs Should bag
  190. Great deal at overstock
  191. I've received my long speedy!
  192. Dylan Small Messenger strap length
  193. Angie or Piper Speedy ever coming back?
  194. Andrew Cotton Fan Club
  195. anybody likes LC tote?
  196. Dylan Zip Tote in Leaf on Piperlime!
  197. I love Janis!
  198. LP website working today???
  199. Help! HOw to clean a grease spot!!!
  200. Help! Trying to decide which LP dylan to buy.
  201. Defects and exchanges
  202. Did you all enter the LP giveaway?
  203. So many sales! Such a hard decision to make!
  204. Did the Dylan shoulder bag DISAPPEAR into thin air??
  205. New to LP! Help!
  206. Has anybody ordered a couple of the EXACT same bag to pick the one you like?
  207. Dylan Folding Tote
  208. Post count
  209. Oh pretty Dylan in Persimmon!
  210. My first LP is on its way to me!!!
  211. Which lp are you carrying today???
  212. Gomatta Girls Dylan Long Speedy Black...
  213. OK, I'm hooked...
  214. My positive experience with LP's Customer Service
  215. I love the words: On fedex truck for delivery!
  216. NEW bags - Alyssa!
  217. Spring 3-pack Bracelets reveal! Lots of pics!
  218. Does anyone have a Samantha clutch??
  219. Anyone know LP's customer service EMAIL?
  220. Anyone own the new spring Dylan Tote or Large Bowler?
  221. Thread for Nikki
  222. Show what u wear with your fav lp???
  223. Dylan Long Speedy from LP - No Tags??
  224. Pssstů want insider scoop?
  225. Ready... Set... DROOL! (Pictures of my new Croco and the rest of the purse family)
  226. Dyeing my 2 white Dylan bags. Any suggestions?
  227. Yay! My Emerald Dylan Croc Shoulder bag is here!
  228. What's the true dimensions of the Dylan Croco Double Zippy?
  229. Dylan Long Speedy - Mine's all floppy!
  230. Back in the 70's -- New Janis with fringe!
  231. Why am I so different?! I hate the colors of the Turq and Emerald corcs!
  232. Croc madness continues!! Come see!!!
  233. Help me make a decision on my first LP
  234. ok here are the bags....
  235. Piper Speedy has an evil twin...
  236. :New LPs - janis...joplin?
  237. Starting small with LP... Reveal!
  238. no dust bag for Dylan Croco Cross Body Clutch from Gomattagirls?
  239. Help!! I'm addicted to LP!!
  240. Red Velvet Couture Legitimate?
  241. new bags!
  242. Help with color - Cognac
  243. just a 'small' reveal...
  244. "I just wanted to call and let you know you have a package in the office..."
  245. Does anyone use LMB with any of their Dylan Croco Bags for protection?
  246. Magnet issue with LP handbags
  247. These bags are total junk
  248. for Syb: Lefty Bags
  249. 50% off Dylan Long Speedy (non-holiday) on LP go now!
  250. Piper Speedy Magnet Warning!!!