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  1. Mom Charged in Girl's Death Could Get Trust Fund
  2. Man charged with child abuse held 9 boys captive
  3. 11 shot, including 3-year-old boy, in Chicago
  4. Indianapolis police Officer Perry Renn killed in shootout with suspect
  5. Chicago woman found dead in suitcase
  6. Human Trafficking case in Alabama
  7. 2 Married Tulsa, OK Officers Charged in Fatal Shooting
  8. Nurse who 'murdered 40 infants' in the 1980s is up for parole
  9. Wyoming couple kept a 7 yr old in an outdoor cage
  10. Alleged Kidnapping Victim Sent To Jail To Ensure That She Testifies
  11. I just stabbed somebody. Come pick me up': Boy, 12, kills 9 yr old on playground
  12. Virginia Family of Five Found Shot
  13. Molestor shot dead in NYC
  14. Maine Family of Five Found Shot
  15. Gunman shoots two at Darby hospital, doctor returns fire
  16. Inside America's most bizarre unsolved murder mystery 5 years after family vanished
  17. Albuquerque 'Homeless' Double-Killing Survivor Says Teens Giggled
  18. 3 Dead After California Bank Robbery Turns Into Gun Battle
  19. Yet Another Family Annihilation
  20. UM dismisses linebackers after sexual battery arrests
  21. Prostitute Arrested In Heroin Overdose Death Of Google Executive
  22. Two Year Old Executed To Punish Her Father
  23. Bourbon Street shooting leaves 9 injured
  24. LA serial killer on death row for killing ten women is guilty of killing 4 more
  25. Female teacher is stabbed in the head with a pen and raped in Arizona prison
  26. Aunt Discovers Teen's Murder Plot With Fake Facebook Profile
  27. Oregon H.S. Shooting
  28. Father shoots and kills wife, three daughters in San Carlos Park murder-suicide
  29. And for today's mass shooting, we go to Las Vegas
  30. Student Disarmed University Gunman; 1 Killed, 3 Injured
  31. 3 police officers dead, 2 injured in New Brunswick shooting
  32. 12-year-old Wisconsin girls charged in stabbing
  33. 2 yrs old was beheaded for "revenge"
  34. 16 Year Old VA Honor Student Admits Killing His Parents For Taking His iPad
  35. Police Arrested For Gang Raping Teen Twins; Hanging Them From Tree.
  36. Woman killed by family for marrying man she loved
  37. “That’s what I do to people that don’t listen.”
  38. Massacre at UCSB Friday night in which 6 people were shot dead
  39. Family of 4 dead in burning home
  40. Graphic emails sent from state rep's office as he is charge w/ child porn
  41. 6 Injured in Shooting at FedEx Facility Outside Atlanta: Reports
  42. boy, 16, who stabbed his 'friend' to death after she refused to go to prom with him
  43. Mom admits to killing at least six of her babies
  44. Mass stabbings at Pennsylvania High School
  45. Du Pont heir convicted of raping own daughter spared prison
  46. Suspected Fort Hood shooter dead; situation ongoing
  47. True crimes forum...
  48. Kids Being Kids
  49. 3 charged over 'brutal rape and assault of woman who was shot, set afire but lived
  50. Florida vs. Michael Dunn - Eerily Similar, Yet Nearly Unknown
  51. Schoolboy, 13, rapes his eight-year-old sister after watching porn on the X-Box
  52. Serial killer finally named suspect in cold case of missing Florida coed after 25 yrs
  53. Naked man ‘high’ shot dead in Florida after biting off the face of an 18-y-o
  54. He Says He Killed Them With A Hammer Becasue They Were Witches
  55. Baltimore Mall Shooting, 3 Dead
  56. 17-Year-Old Mother Shot Dead In Oakland Apartment; Younger Brother Suspected
  57. Woman who was badly beaten outside Santa Ana nightclub dies
  58. Human remains found in Queens ID'd as missing boy with autism - Avonte Oquendo
  59. Police: Lindon [UT] police officer responsible for Spanish Fork murder-suicide
  60. FL Theater Shooter Might Have Alomst Done It Before
  61. Police: Boy, 12, is N.M. school shooter who injured two
  62. How 4-year-old boy ended up 'burned, starved and beaten to death by his jailed father
  63. Father, throws 3-year-old son to his death from top of skyscraper and then jumps too
  64. Carjacking at NJ mall
  65. Active Shooter, Colorado High School
  66. New Mexico Trooper Fired After Shooting At Van With Kids
  67. straight-A student shot dead by college cop after being stopped for speeding
  68. Pa. woman admits killing man she met on Craigslist, claims she killed others
  69. Family of 11 'pedophiles' arrested in case of missing Alabama teen
  70. 2 Shot over $600Coat at Popular NYC Tourist Attraction - Bryant Park Ice Skating Rink
  71. Teen Seeking Help Shot In The Face -- Accidentally?
  72. Shooting at LAX
  73. Student Charged in Murder of Teacher in Massachusetts
  74. Teacher killed, two wounded in Nevada middle school shooting
  75. Assassin dressed as a clown kills Mexican drug lord
  76. Justice for "Baby Hope"
  77. Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson's 2 year old dies
  78. Saudi Arabia preacher who beat his 5 y.o. DD to death is jailed for 8yrs & 600 lashes
  79. Ohio day care worker accused of raping 2 children in her care
  80. Three black soldiers arrested for stabbing white comrade to death
  81. 14 Year Old Held In Double Homicide
  82. US Capitol Hill On Lockdown After Gunshots Are Fired...
  83. North Carolina Wal-Mart shooter chose victims by race, shot only whites
  84. Justice for Puppy Doe
  85. 5 Year Old Starved to Death by Grandparents
  86. Teen Girls Put Kitten in Microwave
  87. 1 student dead, 3 injured after stabbing at Spring High School
  88. Ariel Castro committs suicide in prison
  89. After 1-Year-Old Is Killed, Father Is Silent About Suspects
  90. Beaten, starved, gang-raped and forced to give birth to a child in captivity
  91. Police looking for suspect who cut off elderly woman's nose
  92. Boys eyes gouged
  93. Teacher Who Admitted Raping 14-Year-Old Student Gets 30 Days In Jail
  94. Investigators believe 8-year-old intentionally killed 90-year-old woman
  95. Mexico police exhume decomposing bodies from mass grave
  96. WWII vet Delbert Belton, 88, beaten to death by teens in Spokane, Washington
  97. 2 teens charged w/ murder for shooting college baseball star because they were bored
  98. Hannah Anderson Kidnapping...
  99. Man Kills His Wife And Posts A Picture On Facebook
  100. Florida lets university exhume bodies at school where boys disappeared
  101. Driver plows into crowd on Venice Beach CA boardwalk
  102. FBI rescues more than 100 children, arrests 150 pimps in sex-trafficking raid
  103. Guinness record holder (for shoe collection) found dead in pool
  104. Suspect in three Cleveland killings inspired by 2011 serial killer
  105. Girl, 8, shot dead at sleepover after gunmen storm apartment
  106. Man guilty of shooting 13 year old neighbor
  107. Baby Stabbed 90 Times By Own Mom After Biting Her During Breast Feeding In China
  108. More beheadings - cartel violence is up this year already
  109. girl, 6, found murdered under a tarp
  110. 2 separate and terrible police injuries in LA today
  111. New England Patriots star is murder suspect
  112. Judge bans Fort Hood suspect's defense strategy
  113. Mother killed by Indian mob because her daughter refused to stop wearing jeans
  114. Murder Most Heeled, or A Well Heeled Killing (Yeah, Texas Again)
  115. Shooting at Santa Monica College
  116. Bolivian villagers bury suspected killer alive with victim
  117. baby found in sewage pipe in China
  118. Utah boy, 15, arrested in deaths of two younger brothers
  119. Machete Attack In Woolwich,London
  120. New Orleans Mother's Day Parade shooting
  121. Second child of fundamentalist parents dies after faith healing, no medicine
  122. Remains may be Missing IU Student
  123. Hungarian Fashion Designer Murdered.
  124. UK couple convicted of manslaughter six children
  125. Who's Killing Texas Prosecutors?
  126. Colville boys, 10 and 11, will stand trial in murder conspiracy
  127. Students Attempt to Poison Teacher with Hand Sanitizer
  128. Horror in Mexico as seven men are executed and dumped on chairs in city centre
  129. 2 Boys wanted for shotting and killing baby in stroller
  130. Steubenville Rape Case
  131. Drug Gangs Cut Dogs Open To Get Drugs Through
  132. India shocked at another brutal gang rape
  133. Cannibal Cop
  134. Expectant parents, baby killed in Brooklyn en route to the hospital after hit-and-run
  135. Jodi Arias trial
  136. Mum Kills Son Because He Has A Small Penis
  137. Missing Canadian tourist found dead inside the water tank of the Cecil Hotel in LA
  138. Man attacks his wife with a MEAT CLEAVER as he drags her down a busy New York
  139. Indian sisters, 11, nine and six lured with food, raped, murdered and dumped in well
  140. Olympic Athlete Oscar Pistorius Charged with Murder
  141. 2 Students Dead after College Park Murder-Suicide
  142. Manhunt On For Rogue Ex-cop Chris Dorner
  143. Schoolgirl, 15, who claims she was raped by step-father could be flogged.
  144. Indian Woman raped by 6 and abused with metal rod, dead
  145. Deadly day in Public Safety
  146. Shooting may have started at PA church; 4 dead, 3 Troopers injured
  147. School Attacks in China
  148. Deadly School Shooting in CT :(
  149. Hey, They're Only Kids, Right?
  150. Man Accidentally Shoots Son Outside Gun Store
  151. Wife kills abusive husband in self-defense only to discover 'he' was actually a woman
  152. Cops Seek Subway Killer After Man Is Pushed to His Death in Manhattan
  153. Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend and Commits Suicide
  154. Man Had 6 Sex Slaves in Dungeon. 2 Are Dead
  155. Teen Brother brutally beats sister's girlfriend
  156. Mexican Female Mayor Beaten To Death By Drug Cartel After Surviving Two Assassination
  157. Police search French caves for Xavier Dupont who butchered his wife and kids
  158. Girl, 16, punched so hard by stranger she was knocked out .
  159. Woman Having Sex With Skeletons
  160. Monkey Killed At Zoo Boise During Break-In
  161. Who murdered this man 44 years ago?
  162. Murder-suicide eyed in 5 deaths in Ohio
  163. McAfee founder wanted for murder in Belize
  164. Two Young Children Found Stabbed to Death in Illinois Home
  165. NYC nanny suspected in stabbing and killing 2 children in her care
  166. New York City Cop Plotted to Kill, Cook, Eat 100 Women
  167. Indonesian Monkey Prostitute
  168. Did Boys 15 and 17 Kill 12 Year Old Girl For Her Bike?
  169. Starbucks barista missing girl found dead :(
  170. Help Identify 'Grim Sleeper' Victims
  171. Mom gets 99 years for gluing girl's hands
  172. Baby decapitated during birth
  173. 10 yr old girl missing in Denver
  174. 17 year old Called 911 to Report that He Killed His Mother and Sister
  175. Johnny Lewis Death & Murder
  176. Tiger hacked to pieces by poachers inside zoo.
  177. Worst Case Ever: Horrible Death of Baby
  178. Mum Raped Son, 5, and Daughter, 11, Repeatedly
  179. Drew Peterson found GUILTY
  180. Rape Victim Decapitates Rapist, Dumps Severed Head In Villiage Square
  181. Shooting at Empire State Building
  182. Guess the Honeymoon's Over
  183. Mass shooting after Batman midnight showing in colorado
  184. Teens Going On Rampage!
  185. Man High on Drugs eats Family Dog Alive
  186. Father Won't Face Charges For Killing Daughter's Attacker
  187. Erika Perdue, Dallas socialite, arrested on child pornography charges
  188. First Miami, Now Maryland; Zombie Apocalyse Is Upon Us
  189. Foot sent to Conservatives...
  190. Naked Man Chews Off Victim's Face
  191. Another Parent Eliminates Her Family
  192. Bride Found Dead in Bathtub in Wedding Gown
  193. 49 Headless Corpses Found Along Mexican Highway
  194. Mother beats 8 month old baby
  195. Mum Lets Man Rape Her 5-Month-Old Daughter
  196. Gang-Rape Video Goes Viral
  197. Newborn abducted after mother shot dead - Texas
  198. Sacramento Rape VICTIM Jailed, forced to Testify
  199. Trayvon Martin / Zimmerman trial
  200. Sick Young Couple Rape, Murder 8yo Girl
  201. (JOSEPH) KONY 2012::Invisible Children
  202. High school shooting in Chardon, Ohio
  203. "I hated my son, so I killed him"
  204. Yet Another Mother Drowned Her Kids
  205. Shafia family found guilty of "Honour Killing" murder of 3 daughters and mother
  206. Chinese man, daughter shot dead in Rome by robbers
  207. NYC Police: Suspect says woman set afire over debt
  208. Man Buys LV Bag for Wife as Gift, Then Kills Her
  209. Woman accused of trying to cook Meth inside WalMart.
  210. Shhh, Don't look under the Christmas tree.
  211. 7 year old child sexually assaulted, beaten, murdered
  212. Parents: Choking Game, Not Suicide, Killed 10 Year Old Boy
  213. Long Island Killer(s)
  214. Fatal Attraction in North Carolina
  215. Mother charged with the murder of 1 y/o son.
  216. Paedophile kicked to death because he 'deserved it'
  217. Shooting at Seal Beach, Calif salon, 8 dead
  218. Another Pregnant Mother Killed, Baby Taken
  219. Missing Infant Lisa Irwin
  220. Young Mother Hid Pregnancy And Smothered Twins Upon Birth
  221. New incest case with Fritzl echoes shocks Austrians
  222. Mississippi man beaten and gets ran over in hate crime
  223. Man decapitates disabled son
  224. Oregon mom loses fight to keep sons away from stepmom
  225. Girl caged by parents found eating own skin
  226. Teen Kills Parents, Hosts House Party with Bodies Inside: Cops
  227. Eight year old Brooklyn boy found severed in freezer (graphic and sad)
  228. Mother Drowned Four Year Old Daughter on Hospital Grounds
  229. Casey Anthony: Guilty or Not Guilty?
  230. Missing Missouri Mom of Triplets
  231. Mom Kills Infant; Carries Body Several Hours While Shopping
  232. Daughter says dad made her dismember mom
  233. 5 yr old girl faces murder charges
  234. Boy Charged With Fatally Beating Little Brother
  235. Mother Caught on Video Smothering Child!
  236. Woman beheaded in Tenerife
  237. 53 YO Woman Attacked in Shower, Kills Intruder
  238. Irish Glamour Model Attacked
  239. Ohio Man Kills Wife, Kids, Self.
  240. Mother kills self, 3 kids by driving van into Hudson River, 1 escapes
  241. Duke lacrosse accuser arrested in boyfriend's stabbing
  242. Baby 'stabbed with scissors'
  243. Serial Killer - Long Island Barrier Beach Dumping Ground
  244. Man gets life in prison for impregnating 9yo child
  245. Man sentenced to 30 years for forcing child to be his sex slave for more than 20 year
  246. Mistaken Identity May Have Led to California Ax Slaying
  247. Special Needs Child Found Abused.
  248. Man obtains key to wrong hotel room, molests 9-year-old girl
  249. You're Going to Have to Read This One Yourselves
  250. Man conned moms to sexually abuse their own children