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  1. Anyone have experience with RM metallic leather?
  2. does rm light leather stain easily?
  3. Who has the amorous satchel? Show! 😆
  4. Obsession With the Quilted MAB With studs - HELP!
  5. Obsessed with Minkoff!!!
  6. M.A.B Tote, worth it?
  7. Jules Cross Body?
  8. Disappointed by hot red colour
  9. How does RM quality compare?
  10. Rebecca Minkoff Perry and Affair-Givenchy and Chanel?
  11. Neon Pink/ gold Mini Mac reveal
  12. oh... i need to rant! >:|
  13. Cupid vs. Mini MAB
  14. ~~~APRIL purchases! Let's see them!~~~
  15. New to me- Distressed Nikki!!!
  16. New to me reveal...what color is this?
  17. RM color difference
  18. Birthday Surprise
  19. What's Your Very First RM Bag??
  20. Is this normal??
  21. My First RM/Reveal
  22. Still no Perry Satchel reveals??
  23. Hello Fellow Minkettes
  24. RM Perry @ Saks... Monogrammed?
  25. Question about RM leather
  26. Mini Affair- did you remove the leather from chain?
  27. Opinion on 'Leo' Clutch
  28. Black Beauty(Reveal)
  29. Fern Green?
  30. Chain straps are annoying!!!
  31. MAM Noob Questions
  32. Does anyone have anything in "Acid Yellow"?
  33. Share your purchases from RM Friends and Family Sale!!
  34. Disappointed with RM Customer Service Today
  35. Opinion on the Hudson
  36. The side loops on MACs have changed position
  37. St.Patrick's Day Reveal
  38. So I bought a mini mac but it might turn out to be a MAC?
  39. Help on a Craig camera bag?
  40. Orangina? Marigold?
  41. Upset with Zappo's
  42. can I make my new bag more slouchy? (with pics)
  43. Omg rm reveal! <3
  44. New Bag - Reveal
  45. Mini Mac VS. Mini 5 Zip?
  46. I came across this bag for $75 what do you think?
  47. Weight of Swing Bag
  48. Super happy with my first RM (spring) bag
  49. name this RM bag
  50. Oh Man...well...Matinee...Please Help...
  51. So I'm noticing something in regards to MAMs...
  52. Where can I buy RM in Toronto Canada?
  53. *** March Purchases - Come show them off! ***
  54. Sensors??
  55. Perry Tote
  56. Pale Gray or Pale Pink?
  57. A Funny Affair of a Story
  58. Medium MAB Tote Oxford Tote/Navy
  59. Mini Affair strap
  60. Whats in your cory pouch?
  61. Does anyone have a Wilson?
  62. Help me choose!
  63. My first designer reveal (Not happy!)
  64. What Fits in Sunnies Pouch?
  65. Minty
  66. Rebecca Minkoff help. First time buying a purse
  67. Crossbody strap on Nikki?
  68. Cupid
  69. I need help choosing!
  70. what should I buy: RM mimi mac or balenciaga hip?
  71. Rebecca Minkoff jeans
  72. What's in Her Bag? Whose Bag? Rebecca Minkoff's
  73. Large Zach convertible backpack - anyone have one?
  74. Rare Reveal **Embossed Mini Mac in Plum**
  75. Exclusive Reveal with Rebecca Minkoff TODAY!
  76. Please help! What hardware is this?
  77. Full Size Elle Bag??? Silver hardware?
  78. The truth about the iridescent Elle bag
  79. Mac clutch in perdummon
  80. First PF RM post, and also, what bag should i get?
  81. Traded my Azure Cupid for Turquoise
  82. My first reveal...I haven't seen many of these on here..
  83. jennalovesbags RM Collection
  84. Help for my new Cupid?
  85. My "new" RM lots
  86. RM bag w/Rose Gold HW - made in NYC?
  87. I need help, ladies Nikki wine vs Fresia
  88. Dexter bucket bag
  89. Anyone used Leather Honey on RM bags?
  90. Please help me decide. Priscilla Pouch Wallet in Plum vs Colorblock Wallet on Chain i
  91. Luca pouch
  92. I've been waiting for this!
  93. Wasn't sure but bought it anyway....
  94. Hunter green bag on sale at Neiman Marcus
  95. This old-school Minkette picked up something new
  96. Question re: Loveletter
  97. *-*-*Post your January & February RM purchases here*-*-*
  98. Cupid in Azure not what I thought...
  99. Elephant colour - does it get dirty?
  100. Any advice would be appreciated.
  101. New made in NYC bags
  102. My first RM bag!
  103. Bought a Mini MAC for my SIL, and then it was eclipsed...
  104. The Color Bittersweet
  105. Hudson Moto Hobo
  106. I couldn't pass it up!
  107. my first ever purseforum reveal
  108. New RM fan Double Reveal!
  109. Longtime TPF'r, first RM!
  110. Help me decide on my first RM bag!
  111. Reveal - eBay score! My first RM :D
  112. How would you style this RM Studded Kerry Pouch?
  113. different leather on new RM bags?
  114. Sample sale bags
  115. MAB and MAM in Black - do I need both?
  116. Say hello to the Moto Mini Hudson in Rose Gold!
  117. Needing some info on a bag
  118. New Swings- No Call Vincent Card?
  119. Am I just unlucky?
  120. Darcy Reveal
  121. A preloved reveal! My very first RM!!!
  122. rose gold?!
  123. Rose Gold Moto Line
  124. The Rebecca Minkoff Live Chat Q&A Session. Today 1-2pm EST! Come join in...!
  125. Live Q&A with Rebecca Minkoff Tomorrow, Wed 12/4 at 1-2PM EST!
  126. Hudson Moto full sized black with gold hardware reveal!
  127. @} -->- Gold is BACK! ~ Reveal ~
  128. MAM in Sapphire
  129. Double Reveal!
  130. Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2014 Sneak Peak
  131. 1:00am on the Bay...
  132. RM new pieces :)
  133. which MAM to sell? (pics attached)
  134. MAM petal pink
  135. Hudson Moto Mini Hunter Reveal/Photos
  136. Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody - Hudson Moto (Full Size)
  137. Rebecca Minkoff price drops/constant sales/ company problems?
  138. My Darcy Reveal!!
  139. Question Re selling my MAB
  140. Mini Mac - light gold hardware
  141. Amazing deal, so happy!
  142. Moto vs. Mini Moto
  143. My new M.A.C.
  144. Hudson Moto Mini
  145. Sample sale finds...
  146. Just won a NWOT Hunter Hudson Moto Mini on the bay!!!!
  147. Newbie here - Questions about the Affair Bag
  148. MAB steal!!!
  149. My new M.A.B
  150. Which RM?
  151. Where are all the black MACs?
  152. Rebecca Minkoff will be at Holts in Toronto this Saturday!
  153. Hunter green color good for only fall/ winter or all year around??
  154. Rebecca Minkoff 'Cupid' Satchel
  155. iPad cross body in Kona leather-purple
  156. Will this dye? Or should I take the refund...
  157. Perry Moto
  158. My first Mini MAC - in Black Holographic - lots of pics
  159. Size difference on Mini Elle's?
  160. My unexpected buy - Mini MAC in Azure
  161. Interesting piece of news
  162. My first RM!
  163. Hudson Mini Moto
  164. Mab Mini Bombe on sale @ Saks!
  165. My new mini MAB
  166. Looking for a Christmas gift for my 20 something daughter
  167. Supernova MAM is back!
  168. Do they make a studded mini affair in black with silver hardware?
  169. My two new babies! Iridescent Elle and Periwinkle Darcy!
  170. My first RM - holographic Elle! Photo heavy...
  171. RM shoe find at TJ Maxx
  172. First new RM. Questions.
  173. She's heerreeeee!
  174. Colorblock mini MACs and monogrammed mini MACs
  175. Today is the day.. Help me choose!
  176. Iridescent/holo Elle??
  177. "Coffee" colour cupid? Blue/black lining
  178. Does B&W floral dustbag exist?
  179. Are there fake Minkoffs on eBay?
  180. Logan Backpack
  181. Help? Mint vs Jungle Green for a mini 5 zip
  182. Mmm Black Cherry...Yum Yum!!!
  183. RM Rose Gold Cupid Satchel
  184. New Quilted Affair (without studs)
  185. Cupid hardware
  186. Mini affair and wallet
  187. Pls choose color for my first RM Mac mini
  188. Cupid-Bad-Bad Reviews???
  189. She's here! The dance of the sugar plum fairy.
  190. Post your october - December purchases here.
  191. Opinions on my First RM Purchase
  192. Cleaning my RM mini mac
  193. Floral-Print (New this November)
  194. ~New Mini MAB with the New Price~
  195. Please help me choose my next RM bag!
  196. Mab mini or Mab which do you prefer?
  197. What do you love about Rebecca Minkoff bags?
  198. New to Rebecca Minkoff , but it is true love!
  199. new style: Hologram Mila cosmetics bag
  200. new style: Jerry Satchel
  201. My RM Mini Mac is authentic BUT is this a defective good?
  202. My first RM reveal
  203. Doesn't anyone own this RM?
  204. Love this pouch...
  205. RM Hardware Issue - Broken spring on strap
  206. MAM with circles stamped in leather?
  207. Colour for 2nd mini mac and versatility of black mini mac?
  208. A must buy colour for mab mini will be...?
  209. What blue is this?
  210. Anyone bought DARCY but returned it?
  211. How MANY Rebecca Minkoff bags do you own?
  212. No Black MAMs with $395 price point and b/w lining?
  213. Rose gold?
  214. My First MAM to Arrive!
  215. 5 zip mini in hunter green - horrible hard leather?? which colours are good?
  216. Maddie Zipper Trim
  217. Kerry Pouch
  218. Can anyone tell me about the color "Elephant"?
  219. Help me decide the color of my next Affair?
  220. My First RM Reveal
  221. ADDICTING? No Kidding.. I just had to.
  222. MAB/MAB Minis - interior colors
  223. HELP! Should I get this mini MAC in Purple?
  224. Spur of the Moment REVEAL- Keep or No?
  225. Reveal: My New MAC
  226. Should I get this?
  227. My First Rebecca Minkoff: A Periwinkle Mini MAC
  228. Black Metallic Leather
  229. BBW MAM need breaking in or intended to be stiff?
  230. 2 Reveals: The case of the accidental bag....
  231. Help me identify authenticate name and color
  232. Contemplating on a mini MAC.. Help!
  233. My new cream and brown Steady!!
  234. My first RM Reveal! :)
  235. M.A.B. Tote owners I need your help!
  236. Which mini bag??
  237. Lavender or Almond MAB
  238. Port MAM reveal
  239. Mini Cupid reveal!!
  240. Zip Mam Colors
  241. Mini affair- flap secure?
  242. Question about Jayden
  243. Cupid Top Handle Question
  244. Endless Summer Sale
  245. New Lining for 2014?
  246. Mini mac in sea glass vs mint
  247. Luca baby pouch
  248. Post your August/September Purchases here!
  249. Mini Mac or mini 5 zip fit in LV Neverfull
  250. Anyone own a luscious hobo? Is the strap comfortable?