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  1. Man Arrested With 633 Packs Of 'Ebola'-branded Heroin
  2. UNC report finds 18 years of academic fraud to keep athletes playing
  3. 3 Denver girls skipped school and tried to join ISIS
  4. Partial Solar Eclipse Due, Thursday, Oct 23, Central US States
  5. Toys R Us Breaks Bad Decision
  6. Man accused of shooting at police stations, patrol cars & officers in 3 WA cities
  7. Jury Says Trinity Industries, a Highway Guardrail Maker, Defrauded U.S.
  8. Bat-Wielding Women Break Glass of School Bus, Hurt Child in Apparent Road Rage
  9. Goliath encounter: Puppy-sized spider surprises scientist in rainforest
  10. Pacific Storm - Ana; Targeting Hawaii'
  11. Crabzilla!
  12. ‘Wasco Clown’ Photo Project: Clowns Haunt California Town
  13. At Florida State, Football Clouds Justice
  14. Next Up In The Nudie Pic Hack Parade? SnapChat.
  15. Family has been forced out of their home after 6,000 brown recluse spiders move in
  16. Malala Shares the Nobel Peace Prize
  17. Eiffel Tower gets dizzying glass floor
  18. Where is the world is Kim Jong Un?
  19. Officials: Man Impersonates Police, Confronts Undercover Officer
  20. Red Bull to Refund Cash After "Gives You Wings" $13M Lawsuit
  21. AT&T to Pay $105M for Bogus Phone Charges
  22. John Crawford supporters occupying Beavercreek police station
  23. Girl, 4, shares heroin 'candy' at day care center
  24. 7th Heaven' Dad Stephen Collins - Confesses on Tape to Child Molestation
  25. NJ High School Cancels Entire Football Season Due To Hazing/Bullying.
  26. Officer gives young mom with limited income a car seat instead of a ticket
  27. East Texas Robbers Answer Stolen Cellphone
  28. Houston Police Work to Clear Rape Kit Backlog
  29. AT&T fired employee who improperly accessed accounts
  30. Saks Fifth Avenue ID Theft Was Inside Job
  31. American student, 19, 'trying to join ISIS' arrested at Chicago's O'Hare airport
  32. Operation REPLICA: 1.2 million counterfeit goods seized
  33. Woman declared dead by Social Security is very much alive
  34. Man in floating bubble rescued in Atlantic Ocean
  35. 3 High School Football Deaths This Week
  36. Teachers and Students
  37. Texas girl, missing for 12 years, rescued in Mexico
  38. City council votes to dissolve Waldo [FL] Police Department
  39. Brooklyn Teacher Is Accused of Abusing Girls for 3 Years
  40. 58 students missing after protest in Mexico
  41. 45 of 93 Dogs In House Died In Fire.
  42. Forensic evidence links suspect to previous missing student
  43. Remember that expensive ring you shipped UPS?
  44. 4 College Softball Players Died in Weekend Bus Crash
  45. Monster Truck Crashes Into Crowd In Netherlands, kills 3
  46. Volcano erupts in Japan
  47. Who Remembers "Jaspar" aka Future Fashionista aka Elana Rubin - Read This
  48. Cops: Mom put baby in trunk to avoid ticket for no car seat
  49. UKIP Proposes "Luxury Tax"
  50. Number of police officers killed on job up 40 percent over last year
  51. All Chicago Flights Halted Due to Fire at FAA Facility
  52. In Sunset Park, Videos of Confrontations Elevate Mistrust of Police
  53. Woman Evades Mentally Ill Home Intruder By Hiding Half-Naked On Roof
  54. Woman caught on camera running over parking attendant and driving 12 blocks w/ him!
  55. Ex-Trooper Who Shot Unarmed Man Facing Charges
  56. FBI Report; Active/Mass Shooter Cases Increasing In Frequency
  57. Homeless Man Picks-up Women Nightly
  58. 3 Afghan officers missing from Cape Cod
  59. Mayon volcano ready to blow
  60. Terror Raids carried out in Sydney and Brisbane
  61. Urban Outfitters Apologizes for Insensitive Kent State Sweatshirt Sale
  62. Sidewalk "No Cell Phone" Lanes.
  63. Crazy Woman admits pranks aimed at driving couple from the home she want
  64. Sydney in the firing line of ISS fanatics
  65. $50G reward offered for tips on Pennsylvania state trooper's murder
  66. FBI: Man Sexually Assaulted Woman on Flight
  67. Dozens of children accidentally drink bleach at daycare center
  68. Ex-Mets Executive Sues Jeff Wilpon, Citing Discrimination Over Pregnancy
  69. What Happens When a Biracial Woman Asks 18 Countries to Photoshop Her Portrait?
  70. Feds Raid LA Fashion District; Seize Drug Cartel Cash
  71. Man butt-dials 911 and is arrested for drugs
  72. NTSB: Fatigue a factor in fatal UPS crash
  73. Arrests made in death of NY Rangers player Derek Boogaard
  74. Ind. Couple Locked Missing Mom in Cage
  75. Air Marshal Attacked With Syringe in Nigeria
  76. Teen Inspired by 'Slender Man' Set House on Fire, Police Say
  77. Ice Bucket Challenge Prank on Autistic Boy
  78. Lava Flow Heading for Big Island (Hawaii) homes, town
  79. Maine mom fights state over no-resuscitation order
  80. They Say When It's Your Time To Go .......
  81. Fighter Jets Following Unresponsive Plane Over Atlantic
  82. Firemen rescue baby from 111 degree car
  83. Woman in India Marries Dog to Ward Off Evil
  84. Woman accused of stealing $144 worth of eye shadow
  85. Judge orders attorney to wear socks in court
  86. Another American journalist beheaded
  87. Grandpa pours icy cold water on infant in Ice Bucket Challenge
  88. Sand collapse kills 9-year-old girl at Oregon beach By Faith Karimi, CNN updated 6:58
  89. Unconscious Pilot Flies Over D.C., Crashes Into Ocean
  90. Widower's beloved photos of wife returned
  91. Beauty queen stripped of title 'for being rude' goes on the run with £120,000 tiara
  92. Prosecutors: Police commander shoved service weapon 'deep down' man's throat
  93. Mystery of Death Valley's Sailing Stones Solved
  94. JP Morgan and other banks struck by Russian hackers
  95. Hello kitty is not a cat!!! (And she's British)
  96. Canadian man, presumed dead, found alive in Oklahoma
  97. COPS TV Show Audio Technician Dies, Hit By Police Fire
  98. Phoenix police hand officer-shooting inquiry to DPS
  99. Reports: LA Police Ignored Arrested Man’s Pleas Of Help Before Dying In Custody
  100. 9-Year-Old Girl Kills Shooting Instructor in Machine Gun Accident
  101. Kansas Teen with Mental Health Issues Shot and killed by Police Officers
  102. Mississippi man beaten after he's warned restaurant wasn't safe for whites
  103. Kill Switches Now Required on All Smartphones in California
  104. Flight Diverted, Cops Called After Reclining Seat Fight
  105. Florida Man Complains About 12-year-old's Lemonade Stand
  106. Nail polish that can detect drugs in your drink
  107. Students Aren't Getting Enough Sleep—School Starts Too Early
  108. Chef cooking snake dies after cobra bites him - 20 minutes AFTER head was cut off
  109. 6.0 earthquake wakes up Bay Area — biggest in 25 years; damage reported
  110. Babysitter Accused of Setting Fire to Family's Home
  111. Counterfeit Goods Smuggling Ring Dismantled
  112. Teen suspended for saying "bless you" in class
  113. Couple sought after selfies appear following Santa Clarita break-in
  114. $5-million LAPD payout: 'They shot my son in cold blood,' dad says
  115. CHP officer videotaped punching woman could face 'serious charges'
  116. Police: Officer's stray bullet kills woman at downtown Orlando bar
  117. 6 Children 4 Adults Held Hostage in Illinois-Day2
  118. Skateboarder's Violent Attack on City Park Ranger Caught on Video
  119. Boy turns in mom for making meth in car
  120. Family Says Man Killed By Salt Lake Police Was Unarmed
  121. Loudoun Deputy Shoots Daughter After Mistaking Her for Intruder; Gets in Accident on
  122. Incomplete and Inaccurate Accountings Of Killings By Police
  123. 2 Italian women who snuck into Syria feared kidnapped by Islamist militants
  124. Parents accused of starving teen
  125. Family Sues DirecTV Because Sex Offenders Shouldn't Be Going Into Customers' Homes
  126. Teen Lives Undetected at N. Texas Wal-Mart for 2 Days
  127. Unarmed Subject Killed By LAPD
  128. ~Robin Williams dies at 63 in apparent suicide~
  129. Woman learns husband is long lost brother
  130. Outrage, unrest erupt after fatal shooting of Missouri teen by police
  131. Tony Stewart hits, kills walking driver on sprint-car track
  132. Australian couple takes home one twin leaves Down syndrome boy with surrogate, denies
  133. Family finds girl lost in Indonesia tsunami 10 years ago
  134. What Happened To Hayley Turner?
  135. Hundreds of Iraqi women being held captive
  136. Emmy-winning reporter arrested for stealing Coach bags
  137. Company Pays Settlement in Buckets of Loose Change
  138. This was the greatest day of my life: Missing boy, 9, enjoys 2 hrs lost in NYC
  139. Woman with world's largest closet robbed
  140. Owners of Dogs In Fatal Mauling Charged With Second Degree Murder
  141. Mysterious holes appearing in Siberia
  142. Ebola epidemic worst in recorded history
  143. NOT a Good Beach Day!!!
  144. What Happened To Abby Hernandez?
  145. Air Algerie plane with 116 on board drops off radar......now missing!
  146. Taiwan plane crash in typhoon kills 47
  147. StubHub was victim of cyber fraud ring; arrests to be announced
  148. Brooklyn Bridges Surrenders!
  149. Man arrested for leaving elderly mother in hot car
  150. ALL U.S. flights to Israel cancelled: FAA bans travel to Tel Aviv
  151. Burglars call Police on homeowner after he fires 2 warning shots in air
  152. 22 Y/O Autistic twins kept in Md. basement by their parents
  153. Report: 'about 23%' of US children are in families living below the poverty level.
  154. Children paying a terrible price in Gaza
  155. Johns Hopkins to pay $190M to patients of gynecologist who secretly videotaped women
  156. Was She Wearing A Dunce Cap Too?
  157. Jury Awards Widow of Smoker $23.6 Billion in Punitive Damages
  158. ‘Dead’ girl wakes up in coffin during her own funeral
  159. Alleged Shoplifter Wins $510,000 Settlement for Breaking Ankle During Arrest
  160. Florida dad beats man he found allegedly raping his son
  161. Malaysian airliner carrying 295 passengers shot down over Ukraine
  162. U.S. Open named as terror target by Al Qaeda magazine
  163. Another Deadly Typhoon Slams the Philippines
  164. Man Claims Land As Kingdom; Names Daughter Princess
  165. Warrant calls for teen to pose nude for cops
  166. Officer critical, others injured after man sets himself on fire
  167. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Sentenced to 10 Years
  168. If You Found Out Your Home Was A Crime Scene ...
  169. Is It Appropriate To Charge This Woman?
  170. Facebook's secret user manipulation experiment
  171. Seven-foot shark attacked a swimmer near the Manhattan Beach Pier, CA
  172. Authorities Search for Pregnant Marine Wife Missing in California
  173. Overpass collapses in World Cup city, crushes vehicles
  174. "Hot mugshot" felon scores modeling agent
  175. Plans for More Security at Airports
  176. Teen held against her will by hospital for 16 months
  177. Man rides down NC expressway outside of car on trunk.....smashes back window
  178. Nanny leaves kids in car while tanning, police say
  179. Did The Nanny That Wouldn't Leave .... Umm ... Leave?
  180. NJ mom brutally beaten in front of 2-year-old son
  181. Nancy Grace tells man his missing son was found in his basement
  182. Toddler dies after being left in hot car by Father for over 8 hours
  183. Fire at Barnsley ASOS fashion warehouse 'deliberate'
  184. $40 Million Settlement In Infamous "Central Park Five" Jogger Assault Case
  185. Florida's Dirtiest Cop Who Wouldn't Stay Fired Finally Convicted of 2 Felonies
  186. Frat boys sexually assaulted and filmed it as college expels them AFTER the graduate
  187. Mom jailed after four children fall from roof of her car while she was driving drunk
  188. American Apparel to terminate CEO Dov Charney for cause
  189. Reformed ex-convict saves one-year-old girl crawling alone on side of highway
  190. Picasso painting reveals hidden man
  191. Girl scarred by pit bull attack asked to leave restaurant
  192. Twin tornadoes tear through Nebraska town; 2 dead
  193. US Supreme Court To Hear Case Regarding On-Line Threats.
  194. Two Teens 'Were Frolicking' When They Fell To Their Deaths From Balcony
  195. Principal resigns over bad attendance students attending graduation
  196. Slave labour in fishery could cost Thailand dearly
  197. "Cool" Kids May Not Become "Cool" Adults
  198. Accountant 'imprisoned three women in drug-filled house of horrors'
  199. Singapore casino stops serving shark fin
  200. Father shoots dead armed robbers using his teenage daughter as human shield
  201. Judge Rejects Teacher Tenure for California
  202. 5 charged with Robbing Men in Strip Club Theme.
  203. Terrible Animal Abuse at BC Dairy Farm
  204. "Rat girl" releasing pet rats in San Francisco
  205. Caver Trapped 3,000' Below Ground Under German Alps
  206. Grandson of suicide barrier advocate, leaps to death from Golden Gate Bridge
  207. Ireland: Mass Grave At Former Women's and Children's Home
  208. FBI manhunt for San Francisco man after explosives are found
  209. Philadelphia Inquirer Co-Owner Among 7 Killed in Fiery Plane Crash
  210. U.s. Soldier freed from captivity!!!!!
  211. 6 Cleveland Officers Indicted In Fatal Shooting Of 2 Unarmed Subjects
  212. 19 Month Old In Coma After Police Flash-Bang Grenade Lands In Crib During Raid
  213. Students say altered yearbook photos meant to shame them
  214. Willis Tower's 103rd floor glass viewing platform CRACKED under tourists' feet
  215. Family Outing Includes Burglary, High Speed Pursuit
  216. Lightning Strikes 1 World Trade Center
  217. Parents say Avon, Conn., teachers lured their daughters into a cult
  218. Mother's anger after daughter, 9, is sent home w/ letter telling her she's overweight
  219. Indian students outsource homework
  220. Another Case of Affluenza
  221. Kidnapped at age 15, woman freed after 10 years in captivity
  222. Rich People Problems (Boo-Hoo-Hoo)
  223. Woman makes bomb threats rather than tell parents she wasn't graduating
  224. Students rally around tux-wearing teen left out of yearbook
  225. Woman Finds Snake In Bathroom
  226. Turkish Mine Disaster
  227. Three cheers for hero cat!
  228. Massachusetts police encourage driver safety w/ road sign accents they can understand
  229. You Say You Don't Like Your Neighbors?
  230. Protesters March Through Hearne (TX) To Demand Firing, Arrest of Officer
  231. Father ARRESTED at school board meeting for complaining about sexually explicit book
  232. Traffic chaos after bridge COLLAPSES on main freeway from LA to Vegas
  233. Rapist gets probation, community service at rape crisis center
  234. Dolce and Gabbana scandal
  235. 55 Schools Face US Federal Sex Assault Probe
  236. Block-long chunk of street collapses in Baltimore
  237. Lynchburgh, VA: OIl Train Explosion/Fire
  238. Woman finds letter pleading from help in SAKS bag from "slave"
  239. N.B.A. Bars Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for Life
  240. At least 17 dead after tornadoes cause devastation across central states
  241. Police: Driver took selfies, posted about Happy song on FB just before fatal crash
  242. 230 girls kidnapped from school in Nigeria
  243. Florida School Board Member wants dress code for parents
  244. Teen OK after riding in wheel well of Hawaii jet
  245. Nearly 300 missing after ferry sinks off South Korea coast
  246. Missing Child Found In .....
  247. Teen fined for "wiretapping" his bullies
  248. Kids react to...
  249. Mystery Surrounds Death of Twin Brothers
  250. Stay-at-home moms are often young, poor, lacking education