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  1. Man sues hooker for refund
  2. Fish-flinging female assaults 2 men
  3. 23 Yr Old Kidnapped as an Infant, Reuintes w/Birth Mother
  4. Fountain Girl may file lawsuit
  5. Man breaks into exgf house and... ewwwww
  6. Robbers accidentally snorted remains of dog and homeowners father
  7. Is 14 yr old student 10 years older than he says?
  8. Woman abducted as an infant from Harlem Hospital reunites with parents
  9. Major earthquake strikes southwestern Pakistan
  10. New Starbucks "Trenta" How Big is too big
  11. 60yo Strip Club Worker Wins Age Discrimination Settlement
  12. Steave Jobs Medical Leave of Absence from Apple
  13. Women spend $13,000 each on makeup
  14. 2 teen girls face charges for FB bullying
  15. please delete
  16. "Woman Accused of Stashing Fur Coat in Her Underwear"
  17. Three giant spaceships to attack Earth in 2012
  18. 13 Month Old Drowns While Mom Plays on Facebook
  19. 20 Coffins To Die For **with Pics**
  20. Man's genitalia 'accidentally' amputated...
  21. Southwest Pilot Holds Flight For Dying Toddler’s Grandfather
  22. Man on horse: We just wanted a night of fun
  23. The Web Stats of 2010
  24. 'Save My Brother First': Boy, 13, Sacrifices Life in Australian Flood
  25. Ophiuchus -- New Zodiac Sign
  26. Boy's Tongue Stuck to Frozen Pole After 'Christmas Story' Dare
  27. Woman sets BFs genitals on FIRE cause she though he was cheating
  28. I'll see your 200K dead fish and raise you 2 Million.
  29. Law passed to ban picketing of Arizona funerals
  30. Floods in Queensland, Australia
  31. Spain's National TV will no longer carry bullfights
  32. Woman breastfeeds dogs.....
  33. Congresswoman Shot in Arizona During Public Forum
  34. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
  35. Police: National Media Needed in Search for Missing North Carolina Teen
  36. Woman accused of snatching baby from fake casting call
  37. Fluorosis Rates at over 40%
  38. Extremely Fat Man Sues Health Dept. For His Fatness
  39. John Edwards Proposes to Rielle Hunter
  40. This Baby-Swinging Yoga Video Can't Be Real, Right?
  41. Middle school girls arrested for ‘Attack a Teacher Day' event on FB
  42. Eating Roundworm Eggs for the "Edge" in Job Interviews?
  43. Homeless Man with Golden Radio Voice
  44. Another Diabetic Sues Cops for Beating
  45. 100,000 Fish Dead in Arkansas!
  46. 9/11 First Responders Bill Signed
  47. More than 1,000 dead birds fall from sky in Ark.
  48. Too Tall: Had to Stand on Flight
  49. Beards and Tattoos Are Biggest Turn-Offs
  50. 'Dead' woman wakes up in coffin
  51. Wilmington, NC jeweler pays up for Asheville snow - rather his insurance company does
  52. Indiana Earthquake
  53. Model Isabelle Caro Dies
  54. The Noreaster Blizzard...A Billion in Lost Sales
  55. Woman Vandalized Taxi When Driver Refused Sex
  56. The Noreaster...3 Days Later
  57. Ski Lift Derailment Leaves Several Injured at Popular Maine Resort
  58. Man arrested after mastiff attacks woman
  59. The Bloggess and the Christmas Gift Card Miracle of 2010
  60. Revolve Clothing Model's Photos Yanked for Her Weight
  61. Blizzard fills inside of home with snow (and lots of it!)
  62. Man jailed for giving fake gyn. exams :-|
  63. Festivus In Jail: Inmate Gets Kosher Meals Due To Festivus Belief
  64. Reindeer Do Drugs
  65. Women Force Men To Do Sit-Ups On Train
  66. Huge Magnetic Filament Erupts on the Sun
  67. Family Dog Kills Baby
  68. Paper Checks RIP
  69. Scandalous Wedding Announcement
  70. $11 Million Dollar Christmas Tree -- Overboard?
  71. Bones Found on Island Might Be Amelia Earhart's
  72. Storm Turns Ohio Lighthouse Into Ice Sculpture
  73. Granny gives attacker a beatdown with frying pan
  74. Woman Hits School Board Gunman with Brahmin Bag and Lives to Tell!
  75. Thief robs family, then posts picture on son's Facebook
  76. Naked mailman busted after special delivery
  77. Check your attic, part two. Not what you were expecting either!
  78. Check your attic. That noise up there might not be what you think!
  79. Man Castrates Teen Daughter's 57 yr old Boyfriend
  80. Thief Made To Dress Like Bert From Sesame Street
  81. Man Fined $5,000 For Library Book Returned 50 Years Late
  82. Police: Doughnut thief pees, offers officer sex
  83. Morrison pardon doesn't change The Doors' history
  84. Madoff's Son Found Dead
  85. Facebook Used to Stalk & Harass Sorority Pledges
  86. This is 7 years old, a bit GRAPHIC - Man Cuts off *****, Eats It
  87. Posted on fark.com - don't look at this if you want to sleep tonight
  88. 6-year-olds, 3-year-old burglarize home
  89. Ivy League professor charged after 'three-year relationship with daughter
  90. Royal Car In Fee Protest Attack
  91. 'The Force' is with you, Katie - How a little girl overcame bullying
  92. "Police: Women Use Children in High Dollar Thefts"
  93. Prof Strips In Front of Class
  94. More U.S. billionaires pledge to give away wealth
  95. Macy's Fires Santa Clause
  96. Mother beat on a PUBLIC bus...no one intervened---Wow!
  97. WikiLeaks Founder Arrested on Sex Charges
  98. Notorious Rude, Bullying Web Seller Arrested By Feds
  99. Elizabeth Edwards says goodbye
  100. Newborn born with Teeth!
  101. Balloon racers found dead in basket
  102. Drunk-to-keep-warm defense works for DWI suspect
  103. Woman called police over 'stolen' snowman
  104. Toilet paper injury lawsuit can go to jury
  105. Woman Dies After 10 Doctors Fail To Diagnose Her Cancer
  106. Canadian Killed By Pirates In Honduras
  107. What Not to do at a Harry Potter Movie
  108. U.S. Congress Passes CALM Act to Regulate TV Commercial Volume
  109. No foul play suspected after body found with recycling
  110. Murderer has Blackberry in Prison and Posts to Facebook
  111. I really want to report this mom...
  112. Joint Disease Hospital 10th Floor - Bedbugs!
  113. Women hid stolen good in their body fat
  114. Social Networking for Toddlers?
  115. 23 year old man dies at Soldier Field
  116. Suspect in nursing home killing charged with murder
  117. Couple Hid 5 Children From Society
  118. Armed student in WI holds students, teacher hostage
  119. Students Whipped Into a Frenzy
  120. Birthday suit burglar breaks into school, dances naked
  121. Man Trapped In Body Must Starve To Exit Pain
  122. Mother of the Year Candidate
  123. After 50 days adrift, 3 teens rescued in S Pacific
  124. Woman arraigned in theft of $350,000 from mom
  125. N Korea Fires Rockets At S Korea
  126. Fake doctor jailed for giving breast exams in bars
  127. They were mating in plain sight!
  128. 6 Year Old Chinese Boy Lives Alone
  129. Study: Native Americans in Iceland 1,000 years ago
  130. Homeless Arizona man returns $3,300 and laptop he found
  131. Woman Sues Debt Collector Over Facebook Messages
  132. Thief returns car, chastises mom, after realizing child was inside
  133. Bride paralyzed after being pushed into pool by BFF after bachelorette party
  134. Driver in fatal crash sues victim's parents
  135. Test under way to see if bone is Holloway's
  136. Hero Dog Mistakenly Euthanized
  137. Mother held fake funeral for her daughter to con money from family and friends
  138. 15 stats that indicate who among us is more stressed out
  139. More than 925 pigs found dead on abandoned Pennsylvania farm
  140. Inspirational speech by 14-year-old gay student defending suspended teacher
  141. Prince William engaged to Kate Middleton
  142. NFL pension, 2 wives equals Pa. court fight
  143. To hospital for gunshot wounds or eat my delicious sandwich first? Nom, nom, nom ...
  144. Cops called on boys' cupcake sale
  145. Penis tattoo charge upgraded to grievous bodily harm
  146. Chocolate Shortage Coming? Will you be able to afford it?
  147. Morgue Workers Filmed Dragging Body Around Building
  148. Got a Gripe About How Somebody Parks? This Site's For You!
  149. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Potential Groom Scorned
  150. Reggae loving baby
  151. BBB Accused of Selling Grades
  152. 2 of the Gosselin Kids were Expelled
  153. Racism is alive and well in Hingham, MA
  154. "A Pedophile's Guide to Love & Pleasure" book removed from Amazon
  155. Voice of the Seattle Mariners, Dave Niehaus, passes away
  156. Hong Kong McDonald's To Offer McWeddings
  157. Grandmother trys to sell grandchild for $30,000
  158. Texting Teens Naughtier?
  159. Single Mom Ordered to Pay $1.5 Million For Illegally Downloading 24 Songs
  160. Feds crack down on kiddie prostitution
  161. Google Maps Mistake: Nicaragua Accused Of Invading Costa Rica
  162. Steven Hayes Sentenced to Death
  163. Mother puts newborn baby through FULL SPIN cycle in washing machine
  164. Dude is a lady, nah is a dude again....WTH
  165. Laptop Use Affects Male Fertility?
  166. Baby Dolphin Nursed Back to Health (Cute Photos)
  167. Assyrian Christians in Iraq were innocently killed by terrorists on October 31, 2010
  168. I now pronounce you Self & Self, you may kiss yourself
  169. More Teens Posting Explicit Images Online - SKY News
  170. Second QANTAS incident in two days: 747 engine catches fire
  171. Asian man sneaks into Canada disguised as elder Caucasian
  172. People to be moved from "cancer-village"
  173. Minnesota Mom Hit With $1.5 Million Fine for Downloading 24 Songs
  174. Couple Donates $11M Lottery Winnings
  175. QANTAS A380 Midair Engine Explosion
  176. Man Flashes At Woman, Gets Attacked By Her Dog
  177. Mum 'cheered as young son downed shots'
  178. You'll never believe the birthdate's of this couple's 3 children!
  179. First transgender athlete to play in NCAA basketball
  180. Dementia patient in PJs buys car, dies after high speed chase
  181. Child survives eight-floor fall
  182. Spanish Girl, 10, gives birth
  183. Newborn Taken From Mother Over False Positive Drug Test Due to Poppyseed Bagel
  184. Teen Eggs Car. Driver Kills Teen.
  185. Facebook Again..... School Board Member Resigns Over FB Post
  186. Halloween prank gone wrong: Neighbor calls 911, reports homicide
  187. Drunk Man Goes "Home" & Showers In Wrong House
  188. Brazilian Judge to McDonald's: You made employee fat, so pay up!
  189. Girl Runs Into Deer ------- Literally
  190. Notre Dame Student Dies In Freak Accident
  191. US Alert: Suspicous Packages from Yemen Found on Cargo Planes
  192. 4yo Can Be Sued, Judge Rules
  193. Hell's Angels Sue Alexander McQueen, Saks, Zappos - Trademark Infringement
  194. Robber takes off mask a bit too early
  195. Police Use iPhone App To Find Stolen Purse & Suspect
  196. British Government to Investigate baby deaths
  197. World's Oldest Mother, 70, Says She's Dying 18 Months After Giving Birth
  198. Hungry Bears Raid Graveyards
  199. Hayward trucker's family sues Caltrans over Bay Bridge S-curve
  200. Paul the psychic won't be predicting another world cup
  201. Police investigate burglary of virtual Facebook home
  202. Salon Shootout
  203. NY county to launch first animal abuser registry
  204. Italian seaside town planning miniskirt ban
  205. Google Says Its Cars Grabbed Emails, Passwords
  206. Parents sue restaurant after hot sauce incident
  207. Joel Burns, Fort Worth Texas City Councillor about BULLYING and TEEN SUICIDE
  208. Crocodile blamed for air crash
  209. Unbelievable! Like The Carnies From The Simpsons
  210. College student named police chief in Mexico; no one else applied
  211. Anchorman Fired After Drinking Beer on Live TV
  212. Transgenders competing in Sports Against Biological Males and Females
  213. In courtroom twist, juror now a witness
  214. couple starves child to play online
  215. Man Shoots Neighbor for Doggie Deposits
  216. Dad Gets Drunk, Arrested, Forgets 3 Year Old In Car, Sets Off Search
  217. Death Penalty
  218. Four Trapped In Ecuador Gold Mine Collapse
  219. Anger Management Class Not Working Out So Well
  220. Man accused of leading moms to assault their kids.
  221. Amazing Photos & Vid: Goats Climb Huge, Steep Wall
  222. French Women: Do It All and Look Good At the Same Time
  223. 2 accused in cursed money scam
  224. CVS fined $75 million for sale of meth ingredient
  225. Honey if you take my PlayStation, I'll Run you off the Road!
  226. You'll Never Imagine what Caused this Women's Nose to Collapse!
  227. Two gorillas and a chicken steal kid's bike
  228. 3-year-old too fat for nursery school at 140 pounds!
  229. Woman Goes Into Labor While Robbing Wal Mart
  230. McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months: fact or urban legend?
  231. Man In Malaria Test Doesn't Return For Vaccine
  232. Wild goose chase -- Goose 1, Drunk 0
  233. 5yo left home alone as dad gets hitched
  234. Armless pianist plays with toes to win "China's Got Talent"
  235. Armless pianist wins China's Got Talent
  236. 10/10/10 Makes Vegas Wedding Chapel Bells Ring
  237. Couple Mock Dying Girl (7) On Facebook
  238. Coming to a Mall Near You: Cadavers of Chinese Prisoners
  239. Trenton woman apologizes for Facebook taunts
  240. 1 Ohio School, 4 Bullied Teens Dead at Own Hand
  241. How a cell phone picture led to a 13 yr old girl's suicide
  242. Shark Attack Survivors Fight to Save Sharks
  243. Woman tosses dog poop at driver's face because she saw him speeding
  244. You know it's time to atop drinking when... DUI Scooter
  245. Girl Abducted 26 Years Ago Found; Mom Arrested
  246. Wild Monkey Kills Newborn Malaysian Baby
  247. 100 Drunken Women Brawl Over Male Stripper
  248. Duke coed’s scandalous sex ratings are viral sensation
  249. 39% of Kids Believe Everything They Read Online
  250. ESPN producer goes all pervy on his neighbor, gets arrested