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  1. For those still pregnant..
  2. Worried about the messy side of labour!
  3. Unisom sleep tabs with Doxylamine during 3rd trimester?????
  4. Bugaboo: aluminum vs all black chassis
  5. How did you know?
  6. 36 weeks and FREAKED OUT
  7. All things 3 year olds
  8. For those with twins...
  9. Desperately need help and advice...
  10. Recalls
  11. Naming a child
  12. Luxury SUV's that fit 3 car seats?!
  13. What do you think of these names?
  14. Urbini Omni 3-in-1 Travel System
  15. G3 Orbit baby OR Stokke Xplory
  16. Please help PETITE size mama
  17. Battle of the sexes
  18. Products that you love and want to share!
  19. baby bathtubs
  20. The best thing to ever happen to us (besides my son)
  21. Ipad & Iphone radiation for pregnant woman?
  22. Becoming a Step Mother of Teenage Girl - Need Advice!
  23. Emotionally raw.. RAW.
  24. Helping a Disabled Child with Grief
  25. MIL already playing favorites with my stepson--advice?
  26. chances of being pregnant but still getting full blown periods
  27. Post pregnancy shapewear
  28. New SIDS Research
  29. Sports, Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Etc... What extracurriculars do your kids do?
  30. ADHD classified into 3 types based on kids' personalities
  31. Can't decide on a Baby Crib and Dresser, Help!
  32. I know some of you are interested in special education... check this out
  33. Question for Parents With Children in Preschool/Daycare
  34. Help with clothes for a new baby!
  35. Starbucks barista gave breast feeding mom free coffee after lady calls her disgusting
  36. At what age should you be able to leave your child at home alone?
  37. Uppababy vista/uppababy mesa
  38. TPF Baby Book
  39. Kids are coming home!!
  40. Anyone else exhausted?
  41. Buying the big things
  42. Im pregnant and have chosen to abort but do i tell him?
  43. My 20-month-old daughter won't eat her meals
  44. Help: Daughter Involved in Theft of Beloved Coach Bag
  45. Grown stepdaughter insecure of new baby
  46. Help an 18 year old girl reason with her parents?
  47. Formula?!
  48. Dealing with a teen child -
  49. NYC restaurants w/changing rooms
  50. Rude questions to mama/mama to be
  51. HIlarious pics!
  52. College time...letting go... Ugh
  53. How many parents here read to/with their kids?
  54. NYC Mommies to Be & public transport
  55. Support for hard-working fabulous mums ( and awesome dads too). You're doing great!
  56. Blood disorder while pregnant?
  57. Help with boy's middle name
  58. Yes or no?
  59. San Diego high schools
  60. Baby or Toddler Secondhand/Prelove Stores?
  61. Flat head syndrome
  62. Newborn Q&A!
  63. Can you ID this doll??
  64. Show off your bump!
  65. Birthing stories, anyone?
  66. Worried....
  67. going on vacation without lo
  68. Autism begins in the womb: Study shows
  69. Clearblue Fertility monitor
  70. Heartburn
  71. Double Stroller
  72. stroller/carseat/highchair deals
  73. Sleep Training Help
  74. Play yard help!
  75. Stokke Tripp trapp anyone?
  76. Birth announcements!
  77. Plan b baby
  78. Carseat Help
  79. Being "Motherly"
  80. Starting kindergarten at age 5 vs 6
  81. Do you think I am pregnant?
  82. Babies' eyes color
  83. Proper etiquette for birthday gift giving?
  84. Good baby game apps
  85. My kid "broke" her friend's cell phone and now parents are threatening..
  86. Graco recalling nearly 3.8 million child car seats in U.S.
  87. How do you manage budgets?
  88. Help! Need my kindergartener to eat more, esp at school
  89. Soooo excited!!! BABY #3 :D
  90. Genetic Testing Before TTC
  91. Nursery Themes / Pictures
  92. Have a possible pregnancy question!
  93. How do you explain Death to your kids?
  94. Single moms out there
  95. what do you all think of this baby name?
  96. 11 weeks & Red spotting.. Anyone?
  97. Low lying placenta
  98. Situation with my niece
  99. piano lessons for kids?
  100. Curious, do you buy clothes ahead for your baby/child?
  101. Single mom dilemma: Wanting S/O to get closer to your kid/s?
  102. Mucus in baby stools
  103. How did you tell friends/family?
  104. Toddler Diarreaha
  105. Kids Christmas Presents
  106. False and negative?
  107. Stroller help!
  108. Getting a breast pump through insurance
  109. Feeling guilt over stopping breastfeeding
  110. baby's lack of appetite - need advice
  111. Reactions to pregnancy
  112. Angel care monitors recalled...
  113. Babies in the Year of the Horse - 2014/2015
  114. Am I Too Sensitive?
  115. Belly wraps???
  116. When does breast milk come in the second time?
  117. Mamaroo anyone?
  118. Reasons my son is crying blog
  119. How to find my "happy place"
  120. Need help with Christmas gift for 10 year old girl.
  121. Where to Find Work Maternity Clothes?
  122. Pregnancy virgin!
  123. Help with 2.5 old behavior at daycare...
  124. Premature baby won't BF
  125. Gift ideas for 2 year old
  126. Baby boy names.
  127. Midwife vs Traitional OBGYN
  128. My Teenage Daughter
  129. Is this a phase or something more ...my toddler's changing behavior.
  130. 34 wks preggie, should I?
  131. Your Toddler's Favorite Foods!
  132. Plugged Milk Ducts
  133. School rant
  134. Grand parents who drink & smoke wanting to babysit
  135. GMO in baby formula?
  136. lighweight leather tote that can double as diaper bag?
  137. Would you get offended?
  138. Symptoms or no symptoms....
  139. Glass Baby Bottles?
  140. Uppababy Cruz, G-Luxe or Bugaboo Cameleon
  141. Behavior Chart - I need ideas
  142. Safe food during pregnancy- freaking out a bit
  143. How did you know you were financially ready to TTC?
  144. Cybex vs Inglesina stroller
  145. Facebook privacy and kids
  146. Planning on baby 2014
  147. Must have items for twins
  148. When did you start buying/wearing maternity clothes?
  149. Baby Shower/Gifts for work colleague?
  150. Deli meats during pregnancy
  151. Only gained 2lbs so far...
  152. Nearly 40 and we are discussing having another baby?
  153. Pregnant: Now what?
  154. Toddler in birthing room?
  155. Gliders
  156. Considering another baby with a household of three dogs..opinions needed
  157. What is a good age to take a child to the movies?
  158. Staying home sick
  159. What do you think about having 4 kids?
  160. Uppababy cruz anyone?
  161. Nanny cam recs?
  162. Child Benefit Funds??
  163. Gestational Diabetes?
  164. My toddler and a few setbacks. A phase?
  165. Technology for Children with Autism
  166. I need help in stimulating my toddler
  167. Tips on easier labour?
  168. Pregnancy tests
  169. Tory Burch Diaper Bag
  170. Can't help but to be worried and upset
  171. Summer bedtime for toddlers - keep it same or change it?
  172. The problem with anti-bullying
  173. Good bags for moms!
  174. paying a child to babysit sibling(s)
  175. Baby Shower ideas for B/G Twins?
  176. Daily moisturizer with spf for toddlers?
  177. wwyd? daycare vs in-home care
  178. Thoughts on CVS and Amniocentesis testing?
  179. Britax B-Ready vs. Babyjogger City Select
  180. Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism: US Media Blacks Out Story
  181. My 3 and year olds mealtime problems
  182. Anxious, worried, but excited...
  183. What umbrella stroller do you have?
  184. Bugaboo Colour way dilema!
  185. Have one more or not ?
  186. Daughter saw inappropriate cartoon, what to do....
  187. DD potty training specific issue
  188. Abnormal Nuchal Test Ultrasound. Scared and worried mom to be here!
  189. Would you be angry if your mom cut your child's hair without consulting you first?
  190. Social media for elementary-aged kids?
  191. Happy Mothers's Day!
  192. Moving Long Distance W Toddler
  193. anyone's LO deemed Failure to Thrive?
  194. Moms/mums with only one child.
  195. Food Cravings or Rather the Lack Thereof
  196. Toddlers and Fits
  197. funniest thing a kid you know has done lately
  198. Just had some unpasteurized juice
  199. how do the schools you know deal with bullying
  200. Umbrella Strollers, HELP!
  201. Experience introducing formula after months of breastfeeding?
  202. Focusing Too Much On The Superficial?
  203. Newborn grandson, what a joy!
  204. Musical Moms?
  205. PPD 11 months later???
  206. Potty training 18 month old?
  207. Would you do it now or wait?
  208. Sippy Cup
  209. what to do? birthday party
  210. Question about baby ear piercing
  211. Upset and worried
  212. Help! DS been screaming in the middle of the night...
  213. When did you move baby to their crib?
  214. freaking out - daycare/DH woes
  215. Is this rude to ask?
  216. 11 month old Dd prefers Dad
  217. Hubby wants another child, I don't... help!
  218. Bed/guard rail for daybed and THICK mattress
  219. Help with 8 year old who doesn't eat at school
  220. Postpartum tummy flab?
  221. I need potty training HELP!!!!!
  222. 20 week ultrasound is today!!!
  223. pregnancy & working out
  224. Baby shower etiquette questions for the co hosts
  225. Parenting question: Split level house...
  226. Is my child too well-behaved? Other kids seem to take advantage of this.
  227. Told to Gain Weight Pre-Pregnancy?
  228. Stroller question: 3 vs. 4 wheels
  229. What is the purpose of high school?
  230. Could this hurt it?
  231. Venturing into becoming a SAHM/SAHW
  232. Is it hard/harder to get pregnant at 30? Or 35?
  233. Montessori or public kindergarden
  234. Growth spurts, clothing and odd sizes?
  235. Gift ideas
  236. First Birthday Party
  237. Diaper Bags
  238. Whats in your baby/mommy bag
  239. Super frustrated with potty training
  240. Breakfast ideas for picky ideas
  241. Babies in the Year of the Snake (2013/2014!)
  242. Baby bath..
  243. Why won't some parents cut their adult children off financially?
  244. Foonf vs Peg Perego
  245. I want to try for baby number 2 but hubby not game
  246. Third trimester questions...
  247. My babies in highschool
  248. Bath mats for baby
  249. seeking research and opinions on full day versus half day Kindergarten
  250. Miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal loss support thread