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  1. I'm confused... Quick Question
  2. Help! Is there a new serial tag design on the city Bbag?
  3. Zipper on the City
  4. Velo hardware question
  5. "Blues" question...
  6. Brief style change
  7. Classic Envelope Clutches and inner pocket
  8. 2013 RH Work has feet?
  9. Metal Tags
  10. Help! City pockets?
  11. Help about the Giant sizes
  12. Vert Fonce Colour Differences...
  13. Question about an oldie- Caramel Suede/Grey Leather
  14. City RGGH inside pocket Q?
  15. Balenciaga Brogues Hardware
  16. The different between Anthracite 2012 & Anthracite 2013?
  17. Tournesol versus Curry
  18. Canard 2010 versus Anthracite Fall 2013
  19. Gris Ciment vs Gris Glaće?
  20. My search for the perfect blue continues.. Help needed..
  21. Rouge Cardinal vs Coquelicot. I don't see a color difference...
  22. Rose Thulian v. Rose Corail
  23. Label - Capital Letters?
  24. Dark Violet, Raisin, Grape Purples: Which one is darkest?
  25. Sunday tote ?
  26. QUICK QUESTION! - bal city
  27. Plaque or leather label?
  28. Help! Does the 2012 F/W mRGGH velo have open interior pockets??
  29. Balenciaga GSH city in Turquoise 2008
  30. Balenciaga Mens Bags Zippers
  31. HELP!!!!! Two different Tempete colors from 2009.
  32. PLEASE HELP: Just received bag authenticated at TPF but something doesn't feel right
  33. Pink Briar (what year was it release?)
  34. Vintage Balenciaga bags with signature logo
  35. Dark knight SKU#
  36. Bal City tag question
  37. Question regarding the return of the gold hardware.
  38. color comparison -- help needed!!!
  39. Giant hardware, confused...
  40. Has work rh ever come in leather tag?
  41. Turquoise 04 vs Turquoise 05?
  42. Can you describe Cassis, please?
  43. Anyone have pictures of 2012 Anthracite?
  44. Is anthracite discontinued?
  45. Handle sizes
  46. dustbag with thicker fonts
  47. Balenciaga Dustbag Query
  48. Balenciaga work- is it in metal tab or leather tab ??
  49. Bowling PM
  50. weight on 21
  51. Black Stitching - Real or Fake?
  52. Sahara, Praline & Natural - Side by Side Photos Anyone?
  53. MURIER - Fading Issues?
  54. dollar sign on zipper
  55. My very first Balenciaga bag - Confused!!?
  56. Anyone with a 2003 Flat Hobo?
  57. What colour is the stitching on your Anthracite?
  58. RH City tag, is this normal?
  59. Balenciaga with Crossbody????
  60. Are handles the same size (interchangeable) from First to Twiggy to Work etc??
  61. Burning Bal Questions!
  62. Gris poivre vs papyrus vs praline
  63. Coin purse and porte monnaie - what is the difference?
  64. New Rivets at the back of the 2012 giant triple tour bracelet?
  65. Price of 2009 part time?
  66. City RH Grenadine
  67. Is the balenciaga weekender bag discontinued?
  68. Help! Is "made in Italy" behind the leather tab ever printed in capital letters?
  69. '06 Rouge Vif vs Coquelicot?
  70. NOIX vs PAPYRUS!
  71. I NEED a Work - but which ones have feet and which ones don't?
  72. Number 11?
  73. Balenciaga studs
  74. Truffle: 2006-2007 variation?
  75. weekender handle question
  76. **PAPER TAG Help? Spring vs. Fall/Winter?**
  77. Are rh city tags leather now? No more plates?
  78. Innards?
  79. 2004 City
  80. Missing metal plate inside??
  81. Wanted to share a DIY: antiqueing brass
  82. 04 khaki or 05 olive????
  83. help pls..cyclade fans?
  84. 2003 balenciaga zipper question
  85. 2011 handles on my bag
  86. Request:could someone post a an 05 caramel next to siegle?
  87. The Greens--a couple of questions ...
  88. "made in italy"
  89. Need help with style code
  90. Mini pom pon strap question
  91. Is the GGH coming back soon??
  92. Weight difference between RGGH and RH Velo???
  93. Does this combination exist?
  94. Balenciaga seigle sunday tote.
  95. Giant Hardware is not heavy
  96. Have the dimensions of the city changed recently?
  97. Weight Difference Giant vs Regular RH Day
  98. Anthracite vs Ardoise
  99. Does the silky texture of a bag usually seen more often on glossy and thinner leather
  100. NEED help on TAG!!
  101. BLACK CHERRY Owners- need your help!
  102. Change in tag
  103. Is there a close Balenciaga colour match to this?
  104. Need to know about Anthracite 2011. Anyone who has it please stop by this thread:)
  105. Which of these GH bbags has the longest handles - PT, Work, Brief
  106. ENVELOPE CLUTCH: Leather Tag Stitching
  107. When did the Giant Brief come out?
  108. Does 2006 "Olive Brown" go by another name?
  109. Question - is Nuage more purple or blue?
  110. How is Bal leather in 2008?
  111. Bouton d'or
  112. Does anyone know why some BBags come with metal tags and some with leather tags?
  113. grenadine?
  114. Question about Nuage City...
  115. BDR in RGH, did they make it in "Day"?
  116. Owners of balenciaga raisin bags. How do u find the leather of 2009 raisin? Any fadin
  117. How Ardoise compare to Ciel?
  118. Dimensions of City on Barneys.com
  119. Authenticity Quiz: Can you spot the Balenciaga vs. Super Fake?
  120. Can someone pls tell me which year is the raisin from?
  121. Are Twiggys still being made?
  122. When is bal going to release another red city
  123. ISO woven bbag - did they make a work or pt?
  124. Need help on Pale Magenta 08
  125. Is the 2011 S/S Black/Noir similar to 2011 F/W Black???
  126. 2005 Dolma Green
  127. Does anyone have a pourpre rh work? I need your help!
  128. Difference between Anthracite and Charcoal?
  129. Whats the difference between a balenciaga bag from 2007 and 2010?
  130. Balenciaga size comparison thread
  131. ggh and ssg with rh style number???
  132. 2009 Galet Silver Giant City have metal feet??
  133. Cross Perforation City - colours?
  134. Cannage Arena City Information
  135. do some styles have more tassels?
  136. Colors similar to 2005 Bordeaux?
  137. Quick 2010 Olive Question...
  138. gold hardware discontinued in the UK?
  139. RGGH Colors
  140. Leather difference question
  141. Please help me - tag question
  142. Weekender - hardware and weight
  143. Is 2006 when Bal began leather lining the exterior front pocket?
  144. Looks like the First, but size of the City?
  145. Owners of Covered giant hardware
  146. Strap extension for my pt...
  147. Tomate vs Coral Vermillion - pics??
  148. 08 Coral Vermillion / 09 Mandarin comparison?
  149. Chocolate 2002 vs. Chocolate 2005
  150. Can a Balenciaga HIP fit more items than a Chanel WOC?
  151. Velo - crossbody strap
  152. Pom Pom is it too heavy??? Please advice!
  153. season colors
  154. Possible for 3 groups of serial number to be exactly the same?
  155. Which bags come with tassels?
  156. Question abt bdr!
  157. So tell me about this bag and quilting
  158. 2010 Olive vs Militaire
  159. 06 Olive vs 2010 Light Olive
  160. 04 rivet quick question please!
  161. Murrier RGGH.. help on colour code?
  162. Bal Flats Owner Please Help!!
  163. Coral vs Sang
  164. GGH discontinued?
  165. The "blackest" black?
  166. is RGGH here to stay? or is it limited edition?
  167. Are 2010 leathers drier?
  168. Day - inside pockets?
  169. Balenciaga weigh difference facts
  170. bal flap
  171. Measurements in CM(europe)?
  172. Please post comparison pics of 2010 Canard SGH and 2010 F/W Anthracite RGGH
  173. Light Olive owners, I need your help
  174. True colour of pommier?
  175. Is Blouette a Balenciaga color?
  176. What is the difference between SS10 and FW10 Anthracite?
  177. any idea if 09 automne is similar to 06 cognac?
  178. what comes with your B bag?
  179. Has anyone ever seen an 07 Cafe GGH City?
  180. '07 Vert D'eau VS '10 Vert D'eau
  181. Bal Wallet Comparisons- Lady, Money, Lg & Sm Compagnon
  182. question regarding BDR
  183. Broken in pictures of pom pon?
  184. Have anyone knew anything about...
  185. About the limited lime green las vegas balenciaga
  186. Rose Gold Hardware, here to stay?
  187. Opinions.. Blue le roi is the new marine 08??
  188. What is the different btw SS 10 and FW 10 black?
  189. Leather name acronym dictionary?
  190. Need Your Advice on Pourpre's shade
  191. triple tour bracelet sizing
  192. Colour Argile
  193. Red + Black Cherry Comparison pictures, please!
  194. help needed about velo
  195. Envelope Clutch Color and Hardware Combination
  196. is Fer light pink?
  197. help please white white
  198. Comparation/modeling pics the velo & maxy twiggy
  199. Help with colour comparisons??
  200. Can someone explain to me what the difference between a bbag that's "veiny" and...
  201. I just bought a black work and it has no feet?
  202. Do older Bal. First bags have longer handles than the current First style?
  203. Handle drop of Sunday Small vs. Sunday Med
  204. ATTN: Dolma owners past and present or anyone familiar with this lovely color...
  205. Does 2010 light olive day exist?
  206. Anthracite 2009 S/S vs 2009 F/W
  207. blue roi vs. officier and/or marine
  208. 2010 Anthracite
  209. Confused....does Marine 08 have green or violet undertones?
  210. Are Bal Sizes a Given?
  211. Are Chataigne and Castagne the same colours?
  212. F/W 2010 zippers and studs - unmatched?
  213. Giant Hardware Question
  214. Does RH ever come in gold ?
  215. Is there a vert d'eau weekender in ggh?
  216. What is the difference between First and Giant First?
  217. PT owners...has the strap gotten shorter?
  218. Comparison pics of Charbon vs Chataigne pls?
  219. Can someone advise which recent colour is closest to Amethyst & Magenta?
  220. What color is closest to Plomb ?
  221. Have they stop producing Twiggy?
  222. Anyone got a traveler? How big is it?
  223. What is the deepest purple color Bal ever released?
  224. City, Work or PT? can hold A4 documents
  225. moutarde vs. jaune - anyone can send comparison pics?
  226. Question about Pomegranate
  227. The Reds and the Browns
  228. Looking for a good TRUFFLE description...
  229. New-style Bal rivets - 4 notches?
  230. When will they have Lilac again?
  231. A Question of the color -claret
  232. Did Balenciaga ever have a....
  233. RTT, what is the story of it?
  234. Mini Compagnon - Discontinued?
  235. Question on Bal Bag Hardware
  236. Town vs. City
  237. Part time - Green
  238. stupid question
  239. Cyclade lovers/owners please help!!
  240. just a question: B. BRIEF is still in commerce??
  241. Twisted twine on handle of GSH Day
  242. Was this bag misrepresented?
  243. Does the Galet GGH Day combination exist?
  244. How to Double-Loop strap of Town?
  245. Is that the accurate color of anthracite 2010 ggh?
  246. Gch pt
  247. Velo capacity
  248. similar to the brief
  249. Dimensions don't match?
  250. BALENCIAGA Oversize square-frame metal sunglasses