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  1. Kooba Dylan vs Linda
  2. Beautiful day in the neighborhood and ELISHA IS OUT!! **Pics**
  3. My Meredith is bulging
  4. Ok..I HAVE to get an Elisha...but which colour?
  5. Pewter Roni - Fake or Real?
  6. 1st time Kooba owner-is it real?
  7. Well Bless My Stars!! Another Green Patent Natasha!
  8. Jacinda Review
  9. The Fake Kooba Seller
  10. Kooba on Sale
  11. Blue Elisha?
  12. Roni Update
  13. Opinions on getting a white talia
  14. Why do dark spots randomly appear on my Elisha?
  15. Would you take "Elisha" to the airport?
  16. Is Bluefly selling fake Koobas?
  17. Should I wait to get a Mattie or get it now ??????
  18. Anns Fabulous Finds: Sienna!
  19. Buff Roni--WOW!
  20. Kooba Leather Jackets: Reduced 70%, No Tax, No Shipping!
  21. Most underrated Kooba that you love?
  22. Sending 3 Koobas back to Bluefly
  23. Should I keep this Meredith? IRL pics
  24. My new Kooba Devin in Yellow!!!
  25. Has anyone purchased the purple python Gracie?
  26. Has anyone ever dyed there kooba bag?
  27. Kooba Jaylin
  28. Anybody like the Gemma?
  29. Brighton's version of the Elisha and the Bonnie
  30. Did anyone score at the kooba sample sale today?
  31. Cognac Chiara...what's it worth?
  32. Did anyone go to the kooba sale today?
  33. Kooba Black Meredith
  34. Weight of Kooba bag?
  35. My new "old" Kooba
  36. Blonde color - am I being too picky? check my pics
  37. Need help,please
  38. ideeli.com Sienna sale
  39. Kooba Linings - Secured or Loose?
  40. Blue Elisha issue
  41. Kooba Newbie ANNOYED- Opinions wanted...
  42. Paige Owners - A Question
  43. When is the next (non SSS) Kooba sample sale (the company itself)?
  44. Tips on the kooba sample sale
  45. Kooba Elisha in Suede
  46. Tod's produces the perfect Blue Elisha Shoe!
  47. Kooba ready-to-wear
  48. Kooba Care?
  49. Kooba Carly info needed..!
  50. Kooba me sad.
  51. Purchased my first Kooba...and returned it a week later!
  52. Dear Kooba Designers,
  53. Tiganello Copying the Sienna......
  54. Pebbled Bourbon Sienna?
  55. Active Endeavors 30% Off New Spring Koobas!
  56. Received Jacinda
  57. Which purse? Elisha, Meredith or Julia?
  58. Sienna in cream
  59. For those of you who own a Blonde Elisha?
  60. My buttery soft, yummy yellow, summery Kooba Elisha!
  61. Kooba website and prices
  62. Kooba Sample Sale Next Week - NYC
  63. Kooba Kelsey
  64. First Kooba - Nervous
  65. Holy Cow - A Fake Jacinda Already???
  66. Mattie with discount ?????
  67. Name this Kooba! :) Can anyone tell me the name of this bag??
  68. Kooba leather
  69. My favorite bag of the season!! PICS~
  70. Callie or Talia?
  71. Question about Gretchen...
  72. Blue Devin
  73. My delicious Kooba Rose Wallet!
  74. Theres Koobas at century 21
  75. Help me pickout out my first Kooba! PLEASE
  76. Bloomingdales 25% off sale!!!!
  77. Identify this Kooba?
  78. Hudson question please!
  79. Bourbon Sienna
  80. Yippeee !!! My First Kooba Has Arrived
  81. My New Yellow Elisha
  82. Blue Nelli arrived :-)
  83. got an hour to make my decision -- Jacinda or patent Jacinda?
  84. Koobas Just Don't Have What it Takes Anymore...
  85. Kooba blue elisha leather problem
  86. Just got my latest Kooba today!
  87. Pink Devin on Ebay?!?! it's beautiful!
  88. Just snagged a blue Elisha on Ebay!
  89. Modeling Pics Anyone - Jacinda, Isabella, Mattie, Jaylin?
  90. Blue Elisha OhMy
  91. Unknown Kooba...nothing but a description!!
  92. 1st Kooba: Roni in Buff - buyer's remorse? Concerned about durability
  93. Violet Lola - seasonal or year-round?
  94. My first Kooba quickly got a sister
  95. Kooba Molly
  96. has anyone been to century 21 latley in NYC
  97. how heavy is Mattie?
  98. Natasha in coated Canvas???
  99. Ada VS. Jillian
  100. Piperlime Now Selling Kooba
  101. I broke down and bought a blonde elisha!!
  102. Kooba in white patent
  103. looking for black patent natasha
  104. Help me authenticate!!
  105. Saw several new Koobas today
  106. What's The Differance Between Jacinda And Mattie?
  107. Come and see the Elisha sisters!! **PICS**
  108. Purchase Dilema (Re Kooba Natasha)
  109. Anyone own a Slate Lena? need some help deciding! rop
  110. Jacinda's going back
  111. When does the new collection come out????
  112. Any violet Lola pix on here?
  113. Silver, Gold, Brass??
  114. See the Isabella Leather....
  115. Just sprayed my blue Elisha with Wilson's
  116. Jacinda Leather? Who has one?
  117. Blue & Yellow Elishas on ebay
  118. Green....Callie vs Talia
  119. Elisha Style Bow Wallet in ROSE @ 25% Off!
  120. OMG! Now There's 25% Off Jacinda, Isabella, Talia!!!
  121. Considering an Olivia...is it good for nights out?
  122. New Spring 08 Kooba at Bag Borrow or Steal
  123. Daisy Fuentes and Kooba Look-A-Likes....
  124. BLUE Elisha -- And 25% Off!!!
  125. '08 collection teals - Gracie or Keri?
  126. Jacinda modeling pics anyone?
  127. Jacinda and Molly....on sale anywhere yet?
  128. Question about Kooba Natasha
  129. Please help me choose: Brown or Blonde Elisha?
  130. Nice Auburn Annie
  131. Kooba Jacinda - A Review
  132. Older KOOBA bags
  133. Any one up for a swap? I have a bark lena
  134. Need an older style and help, please!!!
  135. My Blue Elisha is here and she is TDF--pics :)
  136. My First Kooba- A Black DEVIN!
  137. Wondering About Kooba Hudson Strap???
  138. HOw heavy is the Jacinda compared to Elisha?
  139. kooba 75% off
  140. Thoughts on the Avery?
  141. Lavender Jacinda??? What are they thinking?
  142. If you could only have one!
  143. Great deal on spring 2008 Elishas at Revolve!
  144. First Kooba Talia in Hot Pink
  145. The inside bottom of the sloane
  146. Got my blue elisha today!
  147. I just bought my first KOOBA
  148. Kooba Mattie dimensions?
  149. Kooba Leather Jackets/Vest 1/2 Off + Additional 20% Off
  150. Spring '08 page added to Kooba's website...!!! *pics*
  151. help! Where can I buy the Kooba Elisha in blue?
  152. Blue Elisha's Here! :)
  153. Kooba WALLETS at Revolve Clothing!!!
  154. Fall 2008 Kooba
  155. Finally - What 'Stone' looks like
  156. Pink Talia on Ebay
  157. Saw Lots of Koobas @ Bluefly
  158. Is Kooba dead in terms of popularity?
  159. Black Jacinda on Ebay
  160. Anyone? Suggestions for a New "Medium" Sized Kooba for Me?
  161. ebay has this sloane on auction
  162. OMG a YELLOW and BLUE Elisha!!...
  163. bag borrow or steal
  164. Some good deals!
  165. Those looking for a Kooba on Revolve clothing...
  166. Would you buy a Kooba on Ebay??
  167. Just got my first Kooba and she's a beauty!
  168. I'm looking for a sloane in any color...any sellers?
  169. 2 different Kooba Lolas?
  170. Hey Kooba girls, there's a Taupe/Brown Layla at AE
  171. Hey Kooba girls, there's a Taupe/Brown Layla at AE
  172. Stone and slate
  173. What are Kooba bags supposed to smell like?
  174. Kooba Chiara
  175. Kooba Jessie at BlueFly
  176. Talia colours
  177. Spring 08 Bags Beginning to Show Up on Ebay
  178. Is Kooba made out of Italian cowhide or lambskin?
  179. Kooba craze over?
  180. Has anyone authenticated their Kooba bag at NM?
  181. Where is everyone? My Kooba peeps? Are you there? LOL..
  182. Lots of kooba at NM Last Call
  183. Kooba suede eden
  184. My 2 Koobas
  185. NO MORE KOOBAS! How Depressing!
  186. Slate color problems?
  187. my 1/2 a decade old kooba, should i keep it?
  188. Finally scored a Red Elisha!
  189. Kooba Jillian on BlueFly!
  190. Kooba Charlie: is it still available in black?
  191. Where can I find a Sienna in Raisin
  192. what was the last Kooba you bought?
  193. I'm thinking of cheating...
  194. Real Kooba Avery?
  195. Looking for Kooba Avery in Luggage or Black...
  196. Is There Still an Interest in (NWT) Older Style Koobas??
  197. blue elisha..only at NM?
  198. Kooba Gretchen in Slate - keep or return?
  199. Hayden Panettiere with Pewter Elisha!
  200. Wallets
  201. Attn: KOOBA Jennifer Owners! Question....
  202. Ispired By?
  203. For those who use LMB cleaners
  204. Kooba Sloane Backpack??
  205. My New Espresso Sienna
  206. Nice Kooba on sale at Revolve!
  207. Does anyone have a Hudson?
  208. Kiwi Waterproof Spray
  209. Scanned Pics for New 2008 Spring Line
  210. Bourbon Sienna for $375 on bluefly!
  211. where can i get this bag?
  212. My 1st Kooba...Elisha or Devin?
  213. Elisha in Red at AE
  214. Patent Red Natasha at NM
  215. Kooba Natasha
  216. New koobas on JC Madison for pre-order
  217. Torn between black and brown
  218. Yellow Devon!
  219. New 2008 Spring Line
  220. How do I waterproof my Dylan?
  221. keeping white patent leather clean
  222. pink kooba lola
  223. Annie on Project Runway
  224. Non-Kooba forum frequenters: Do you like this bag?
  225. Who will authenticate Koobas?
  226. Kooba Devin Red
  227. Does anyone own a Lucy?
  228. Kooba Jackie
  229. Tassels on Carly
  230. Kooba Natahsa
  231. Elisha in Blue!!
  232. Question for the Kooba Experts!
  233. Has anyone here used Craigslist??
  234. How to spot a fake (Sienna)
  235. New Kooba Bag...OMG-the price!!!
  236. My Kooba Ali Arrived!! :)
  237. Hey All You With Late '07 Kooba'--i Have A Question
  238. Lovinmybags products.......need recs
  239. Handbag on lost
  240. has anyone ever heard of RainUrbana.com?
  241. My New Love~
  242. First-time Kooba buyer in Chicago
  243. Help please with Sienna Handles
  244. Kooba Hilarie
  245. Ebay Koobas
  246. NM Sloane for $290!!
  247. Kooba walked out my cart
  248. Fake Kooba Sienna I returned for a refund is relisted!
  249. Help with a Ginger knot
  250. It's Baaacckk....come on Lexie......